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  1. I'm not noticing any increase in spawns for the Wolf and we are already 4/5 parts of the story in, only seen an increase of his fugitive lackeys. For a long-time player, there's nothing we really need or want from the credit offerings thus far. Some members in my clan have yet to even see the Wolf since the start of the season, even though he already has reinforcements and whatnot. I hope his spawn rate increases drastically soon because he's rarer than Shadow Stalker at the moment, and has less chance at dropping any cosmetics or parts. Currently wasting a lot of time just waiting around for the chance of a Wolf spawn for him to drop absolutely nothing. Not very exciting or engaging, to be honest. If there were Wolf 'Beacons' available for Wolf Credits, that might even things out a bit, but the drop rate is still not very reliable. It's kinda frustrating to not be able to even grind/farm for something b/c RNG says you get no spawns.
  2. These changes are very intriguing. One question though, what will become of mods like Guardian Derision? Just curious because some of my builds use that mod.
  3. Gib Vauban deployable, stationary turrets plz.
  4. I still think there should be a grace period after spores ends and the decay begins to allow you to have a chance to infect a new target. Frequent spore interruption was the main problem in the previous update (22.20.5), especially in group play. You are constantly getting that immediate decay penalty without being able to avoid it.
  5. Hmm, this may just work. Will need to test before i can make any conclusions of course.
  6. I will be calling this "Saryn revisited 2.0" as 'Saryn 3.0' for ease. I have been playing with Saryn 3.0 and like her a lot, but I've come up with a few observations: 1. While her abilities work exceptionally well in Onslaught, she does not work as well outside this game mode. Teammate kills (and nukes) break the spore chain more often than they spread it (maximum range Saryn). 2. Her toolkit is not very good on highly mobile missions, only performing best for defense and other room-static gameplay. 3. I do like how interactive spreading the spores is through directed kills, however this leads into the problem in observation 1 with teammates breaking the chain. 4. Saryn does not play well with other Saryns. This is probably for the best to avoid insane game-breaking overpowered squads, but it feels kind of frustrating to compete for kills when you abilities need them to function. 5. I think changing spores' damage to corrosive is a great change, however they feel weaker against shielded enemies (Corpus) without the ability to spread toxin procs. 6. Spore detonation on recast makes large-map play a lot harder, but if it has to stay, i would suggest making it a one-cast action when targeting another enemy (detonate & cast new instance on targeted enemy) to make game play more fluid. Overall, I would be sad to see current Saryn go if only in favor of Onslaught. There will need to be balance in there, but she is not the only meta warframe for this task. Please do not do any drastic changes based on a few youtube footages taken out of context. Saryn's lethality is largely dependant on map geometry at this point.
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