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  1. It was obvious it had to happen. It was pretty evident when everyone and their grandmothers started mindlessly spamming that noise in all missions with 0 drawback.
  2. Name: Homunculus Passive - “Spare parts”: Killing enemies with a melee weapon grants a stacking armor bonus, stacks last for x seconds. Ammo pickups also heal health. Ability 1 - “Seize”: Homunculus detaches his arm, launching it and latching itself on a targeted enemy. Enemy is affected by an Impact damage over time with high status chance. Activate the ability again to teleport yourself to the enemy. Ability 2 - “Short out” (toggle): Homunculus’s shield module fails removing his shields and the ability to regain shields while activated, but grants him a speed buffing aura and an electrical field surrounding him. Speed buff lingers on allies for a duration after leaving the aura. Ability 3 – “Epigenesis”: Homunculus imbues an enemy with a seed of his void essence, paralyzing the target and making it invulnerable. While tethered to the target, Homunculus siphons energy and ammo from the target. If Homunculus dies while Epigenesis is active, he will explode dealing Slash damage in a radius around himself and respawn from the corpse of the affected enemy with 50% health. Any damage dealt to the affected enemy is dealt in full when Homunculus spawns from it. Ability 4 – “Break Down”: Homunculus’s Void energy overloads his systems, scattering his parts (losing his armor stacks) and exposing his void energy. While in this energy state, Homunculus’s abilities are imbued with gas damage and nearby enemies take Gas damage over time. Deals a large gas area of effect damage over time when the ability ends with the radius and damage over time being based on how long the ability was active. Notes: When I first heard of the Broken warframe theme I was immediately inspired by one of my favorite books of all time, Frankenstein (by Mary Shelley). So, I tried to keep a little of that Frankenstein theme but I also threw in some alchemy vibes with the name as well since the thought of creating life is very much in tune with that. Names of the abilities are based on mechanical and biological themes since warframes are arguably a combination of the two. The idea for Gas damage came from one of my clanmates, @Prince_El-Ahrairah, whom expressed an interest for a warframe with gas damage since there aren’t any of those yet, and I thought it would be cool to explore that as well.
  3. Dayum, these augments are looking very interesting.
  4. I'm always impressed at DE's dedication to fixing bugs and improving quality of life of their game, even if they can't always fix everything. You all are one of the best game studios out there in my book. Even during these challenging times with a global crisis on our hands, you all still care about your players and the quality of your game, and that means a lot to me. Thank you for all you do.
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