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  1. It is my opinion that the divide between primaries and secondaries is a thing because existing mods and warframe arcanes are already heavily skewed in favor of secondaries. Exceedingly few primaries scale well compared to secondaries because of this. Just compare Arcane Rage (15% on headshot for 180% dmg to primaries) vs. Arcane Precision (100% chance on headshot for 300% dmg to secondaries). On top of that, primaries also have lower multishot potential compared to secondaries, and also less potential crit boosts since Primed critical mods were created for pistols... If one were to lessen the divide between these two categories, it will be necessary to bring current primary mods more in-line with pistol options (and perhaps tone down secondary options as well), regardless of any new arcanes or mods.
  2. Overall I am liking the update, especially the new quest. However, after playing Void Storms for a while and acquiring Sevagoth, I do have some criticisms about the new fissure mode: 1. First and major issue, there is far too much visual noise (or clutter) in the Void Storm missions. So much so that it is hard to see what is happening sometimes. I can't even imagine what it must be like for players who still have camera shake enabled because it was as bad as the visual clutter when the Hydrolyst fight was released. I wonder if anyone has had issues with all the flashes. 2. Second concern, some mission durations are getting doubled in a Void Storm. This might just be a level/scaling issue but a normal Grineer Skirmish in the Veil generally had 6 crewships to destroy and 1 objective to complete while the Void Storm version has 8 crewships and an extra objective, on top of enemies being tankier. I'm all for more challenging content, but personally I dislike long missions which can't be sped up by skill when going after a reward. I don't have any complaints about the drop tables though. 3. Third, Void Sinks. These are the major contributors to the visual clutter and I'm not sure what the point of these are to be honest. If they are there to increase difficulty I think they succeed at that, but they seem like kind of an unfair mechanic. They are constantly spawning right in your face and exploding for a pretty large radius without cooldown, which leaves little counter-play. Sure, you can shoot them, but good luck identifying them among all the particle effects. Thanks for the update, DE. I hope my feedback is helpful.
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