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  1. I hope Mod drop chance boosters do not affect avionics drops, but I could see how they may count as a modified (?) Mod drop internally. Could a DE staff please provide some insight to whether Mod drop chance boosters affect Avionics?
  2. I am still having this issue although I have found an annoying workaround. Had to spam public missions on popular 'larvling nodes' until I ran into a host which didn't have an active lich, then race ahead and nab the larvling before the host gets to it first. I kinda hate doing this to random people but it's the only way I can get a lich atm. I hope this gets fixed soon.
  3. I am also having this problem. Most of my friends got spawns on 1st try but for some reason i don't even get the transmission or lights flickering since hotfix 26.0.5 after killing my 2nd lich. Been trying different missions and loadouts since yesterday, even tried getting one of my friends to host.
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