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  1. Unless DE drastically changed the Kuva weapon acquisition mechanic, every single Kuva variant is effectively, an MR5 weapon. That MR16 number is (or at least was last time I checked) just for show, since as long as you can get someone to help you with a Lich fight, you can obtain the weapon. the only real requirement being The War Within. That said, I also agree that the Syndicate mod should work with the Kuva Hek. Vaykor Hek was an exception due to an overlapping Justice effect, so unless they coded Kuva weapon elemental damage into the same variable as the Vaykor's innate Justice, it should be compatible.
  2. That one is actually pretty plausible, I did spend an awful lot of time on Inaros doing Survival runs, sometimes for hours on end ^^ Phage, though, is something I actively used when long Akkad runs were still a thing, but not afterwards, as I switched to Sancti Tigris before Tigris Prime was even a thing.
  3. Those stats are anything but precise in the Favorite department. It's been ages since I actively used Phage, and even the hours don't add up nicely.
  4. And now you're claiming to know what I want better than myself. Had I known DE would go back on their "one-time opportunities are retroactive" principle I'd have kept the trash subsumes indefinitely. I have never infused (and probably never will) Ice Wave, Tempest Barrage, Desiccation, Terrify, Resonator, Well of Life, Tesla Nervos and a bunch of other mediocre abilities. I made a beeline to some abilities I wanted to try, maxed my Helminth and kept subsuming just for the Hek of it because I'm a completionist. TL;DR: Yes, long time players have a truckload of everything. I know I do, I've been here since early 2014 or so. But no, we don't like to waste stuff pointlessly - and not accounting for subsumes retroactively is a waste.
  5. I fail to see how this is even related. I'm not disappointed by the fact that I have to wait. I'm disappointed by the fact that one-time, no-refund opportunities got wasted. Reading comprehension, eh?
  6. Warframe's Affinity/XP doesn't work like other MMO's XP systems. All sources of affinity are one-time only - that's why you get to keep any affinity over your current mastery rank after you rank up. Similarly, Subsuming a Warframe can only be done once per account. You cannot build more fodder Oberons or Nyxes to subsume again - once subsumed, that opportunity is gone forever, and the fact that DE decided that it's OK not to count that retroactively is, for a lack of better term, dumb. Yes, we can afford to Invigorate for that missing exp, but being able to afford and being willing to waste because of a bad design decision are vastly different things.
  7. - We need a token system for liches. We really do. Getting a lich to spawn with a desired weapon is a pain. Especially so since unlike Kuva Liches, we cannot just stroll through Cassini and smack a larvaling, we need to complete a Granum Void first, making the whole experience worse. How about we encounter a Candidate as soon as we enter the Granum void and using Mercy on them collapses the void, while leaving them to their fate launches the specters, at least? Also, what's with level 410 Specters spawning in Granum Void (not steel path?). - Why add a Railjack Phase only AFTER we complete the sequence? What's the point? Corpus Railjack is one of my most hated mission types. Jamming Drones, yay. I'm trying to be constructive, but nothing aside from "scrap that and go back to the drawing board" comes to mind. It's drawn out, boring and littered with clucky design choices, like having to "clear priority targets" before engaging the lich. If you're making RJ a part of the Lich system, can we please use it to force a confrontation when we're feeling like it? It's not like we can't do it through gear items anyway. - Sister weapons seem... Meh at best. Envoy is fun on the starchart, but falls off hard on Steel Path or even Grineer side of Veil Proxima. And you're still turning a blind eye to the fact that every Kuva weapon aside from what Glast is selling is available to MR5 players, as if it was intentional. Why do you label them as "MR15" or above? They're all MR5 anyway. - Farming Holokeys is horrible. They need to be a guaranteed Void Storm reward, not a "chance". I've spent hours upon hours in the Veil, and I don't even have 20 keys to show for it. I could've killed several liches in that timeframe. This is NOT ok. I feel like I'm wasting time - and it's not a good feeling when playing a game. It's supposed to be fun, and effort/reward ratio plays a big part here. What we have now isn't fun, it's tedious.
  8. Really, a Legendary Core? I'm about 1 weapon away from L1, and frankly, I have a hard time imagining a more useless gift for something that requires so much investment. I mean, it's literally been years since I needed Endo in amounts that can put a visible dent in my stockpile - and I imagine most players on the verge of L1 are sitting on upwards of 1 mil Endo anyways and somewhere in solid 9-digits Credits-wise. At this point a Legendary core is... Not legendary at all. Max Riven slot expansion, a boost to our Blessings - anything would've been nicer than just Endo.
  9. May I point out that "no special reward" aside, it's REALLY depressing that Space Mom is still just an Ordis-made hologram after all these years?
  10. Uhm, it's Animo Nav Beacons, not Amino. ¬_¬ And to be perfectly honest, it's still one of the most needlessly dragged out boss fight in existence. Ambulas revisited when?
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