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  1. Same, just did the challenge, received the points but it still doesn't count in the Nightwave menu.
  2. Passed it on my Inaros, the only thing I did note that I had to use a good bit more bulletjumps/aimglides than usual. Enemies are paper-thin anyways if you bring a decent loadout, and Naramon waybounds help with movement. Overall easier than MR26 one, IMO.
  3. As with many other things, best stuff is earned through pure RNG nowadays, and very little real effort. Take this screen, for example. Did it take any effort? Yes, some, because it was tedious as hell. What did I get for it? A bunch of junk. Not even a single Arbitration mod. Does that mean I lack the means to get the good stuff? Nope, it's just bad luck. I'm as likely to get an Ephemera in a single rotation C with nil effort one day. Because well, RNG.
  4. Везет. У меня ушло 54 или 56 заходов на 8 волну, мне падали сплошные чертежи систем. После того, как выбил еще и Вандалы перестал ходить на ESO совсем, перегнули товарищи разрабы палку с гриндом.
  5. On that regard... @[DE]Rebecca, any chance you could implement a trade-in option? Like, trading equally-valued (in case of Exploiter, Shock and Freezing Step) Ephemeras (or Ephemera BPs) for one another? I'd love to trade my redundant Freezing Steps (which I have a bunch of) for a Shock Ephemera. Let's say, an unwanted Freezing Step Ephemera +10 Vitus Essence = 1x Shock Ephemera (or BP)? Pretty please? ^_^
  6. You're not casual, you're just ignorant. Warframe is all about picking the right tools for any given task. It's strange that you failed to notice that in over 1000 hours of playing. Too much Hydron/chilling in relays, maybe? Taking down a huge multi-phase boss with significant incoming damage is all about being able to either mitigate said damage or facetank it. Even more so with how Orb Mothers with a current sample size of two lean hugely on tanky frames doing the job much better than squishy ones. One of the best warframes for Exploiter is Nezha, since his Firewalker adds much needed movement speed for phase two and his Halo gives you survivability. Inaros works very well, if you have access to Arcane Grace, so does Rhino, Chroma and pretty much every sturdy frame out there. Gara is a good pick, too since her damage reduction is more than decent, not to mention her Vitrify is one of the very few abilities useful against raknoids. Bring guns that are ammo efficient and hit hard, and mod them for either Electricity or Radiation, bring Ammo Restores too, while you're at it... It's not hard at all. A bit too long, maybe, with all the dialogue and whatnot, but definitely more newbie-accessible than her sister Orb, Profit Taker.
  7. Bump. Got stuck between the doors in phase 1 -> 2 transition like 3 times tonight.
  8. I bought the last year's digital pack, and unless they decide to change it (unlikely, I guess) it's only for the duration of the event. On a side note, we need a feature I saw in an old game once (Phantasy Star Online 2 iirc). They have "relays" too and those have huge in-game TV screens that are showing stuff like commercials, live streams and whatnot. We sure could use those too...
  9. A good bit too long to my liking. My very first attempt (learning how it works) took me 50(!!!) minutes. No indication that you need to use the condenser or WHERE it is. No indication to thermia spawn points (although diegetic progress bars till next canister are a neat touch). Placeholder instructions (shoot the canister?..) Very confusing phase2, since the overheat bar was doing its own thing most of the time, not really letting me know if my actions were contributing to the fight in any way at all. Up and down like a seesaw, no small thanks to raknoids spawning Hek knows where at times Also, absolutely ZERO challenge stat-wise. None of the mechanics in that fight made me feel I'm at risk or fighting a huge "gonna destroy your city" boss monster. Yeah, maybe a MR27 with too many mods and arcanes is not the target audience, but still, it felt TOO MUCH like a waiting game. Couple squad runs later (and FOUR Neuroptics in a row) I'm not a happy Tenno at all. I'll farm out the warframe and probably skip out on the Ephemera entirely until this gets fixed/tweaked/redone. P.S.: Voice lines are nice though, in a disturbingly creepy kind of way.
  10. Please reconsider. Being unable to perform standing bullet jumps w/o losing Prowl really cripples the frame. Also, patch notes are incorrect, since they state that Whereas in reality, it had NOTHING to do with host/solo, it required you to be standing completely still before a bullet jump which was difficult as a Client.
  11. Well, both Radial Blind and Inaros' 1st ability do the trick (I'm guessing Fatal Teleport doesm too), so I guess only ground finishers don't count.
  12. Except, Limbo is an awful choice for Orb Valis. Nearly a third of enemies there don't give a pobber's arse about Rift and Stasis (Hyenas and most Raknids), some stuff, like reinforcements beacons become indestructible in the rift... Just bring a Frost.
  13. Which reminds me... Blocking was one of the ways to avoid Ancient and Scorpion harpoons. Are we now completely immune or completely exposed to those?
  14. Which takes roughly 15 minutes, because fractures are excruciatingly slow. And to get 100 points you need 14 full runs of 15 minutes each and another 2 points on top. That is, slightly over 3.5 HOURS worth of slow, boring and otherwise fruitless "glorified Mobile Defense" out on Valis, all while running around ongoing lava eruptions to make your eyes hurt. For an inferior sidegrade to a gimmicky gun. Ahem. Sorry to sound so salty, but at which stage of designing this atrocity did it look like a good idea?..
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