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  1. So it took you merely several hours to fill the intrinsics requirement from just below halfway mark to max. Drop the boosters, and you'll still be done in a day or two. By Warframe standards it's... Pretty casual, to be perfectly honest, considering we're talking about maxing out an ENTIRE system of skills. My point is, while exponential cost growth may seem scary, especially when you're looking at those rank 10 costs, they really aren't, especially if we look back at whatever we had to grind in the past. There are things in Warframe that are far, FAR worse. For example, at a base rate of 100 cryotic per 100 seconds, or 1 cryotic per second, you're looking at 8.3 hours of digging just to build a single Sibear (30,000 Cryotic). Another 9000 (or 2.5 hours) if you ever try to build a Trinity Prime. Then there's the notorious Hema research cost. And Vauban Prime's Nitain requirements. There are Kuva Liches. Braton Vandal parts. And more. So if you're going full completionist, farming all that gear will take several orders of magnitude longer than completing your Intrinsics grind. You also happen to need somewhere in the area of 52 mil Focus points to max THAT system out. With Focus caps (unless you're an avid Tridolon hunter) you're looking at MONTHS to finish that one. And you won't be doing much except for mind-numbing focus farm during these months, too. TL;DR: Intrinsic farm is only scary on paper, by Warframe standards. It's not THAT bad.
  2. Unless you haven't noticed, pretty much the entirety of Warframe works that way. Either you farm something (Focus, Affinity, specific resources or blueprints etc.) deliberately, maximizing gains per minute by using specific mission types, gear and/or approach, or you can chip at it bit by bit for ages. How long would it take an average player to 5-forma a weapon in "normal" gameplay, without ESO, Hydron, or stealth clears? Mind you I'm not a fan of it, but it's been like that for ages - most things cannot be passively farmed, or at least, farmed efficiently. Not entirely true. You need a grand total of 4092 points to max out everything. Even at a rate of 4 Intrinsics per mission, that's just one thousand missions, not "thousands" and we're gaining significantly more than that after Update 27.4.
  3. Well, the male one (on the left) looks ugly as Hek. Literally. It's something Vay Hek would wear. The female one (on the right) is downright gorgeous. My operator happens to be male and I'm now a very unhappy panda :/ Stream screenshot:
  4. Europa and Eris are outright terribad. It's like they've been designed with just the aesthetics in mind, paying no heed to how comfortable they are to play. I'm actually surprised Lua is so well received, personally I hate the broken down/debris filled tiles with a passion. Kuva Fortress is also a mess gameplay-wise - too many things to stumble into, fall into or get stuck in, another "looks over functionality" one which I tend to avoid unless absolutely necessary. Also, Sentient Ship tileset is missing - which deserves some love for both gorgeous Giger-esque visuals and is quite nice navigation-wise.
  5. Why are you in such a rush to max them all? Aside from Tactical 10 they're not worth maxing, as in, at all. If anything, seeing your Intrinsics grow (albeit at a snail's pace) kept me playing Railjack. Now that I'm sitting at 10/10/10/10 I wish I ran fewer of Scarlet Spear space runs or Galleon stealth clears, because I don't have a single reason to play RJ right now, or at least until Corpus RJ missions get added, or Command tree, whatever it's going to be. Compared to maxing out all Focus schools, Intrinsic leveling is a very insignificant grind, at worst. Just keep at it, you'll get there eventually. IMO, they need to rework the bonuses and actually make r10 worth striving towards, not make it even MORE casual-friendly. Warframe is dead-casual as it is.
  6. Unless the team composition is ideal for your needs (you get a Saryn doing your work for you when you're leveling weapons OR you get a support frame and no other nukers than yourself when you're leveling a nuke frame, OR your Kavat double-sneezes an Affinity bonus during the last seconds of wave 5, there's hardly any point in staying longer in Public Hydron non-fissure runs. The time to exit and re-enter is negligible, at best.
  7. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  8. Ну да, 4 столбца ненужных модов - почти 200к Эндо. Прочистить всю свалку - лям наберешь :) И ведь что самое печальное, с тех времен, как упразднили ядра такие свалки - у каждого второго, т.к. народ банально ленится\забывает их плавить.
  9. Ну собственно, вот тебе и ответ, почему у тебя с эндо траблы. Если ты несколько ЛЕТ копил дубликаты нафиг ненужных модов, то это ж сотни тысяч эндо. Однозначно в переплавку!
  10. Ты скорее, 7 лет делаешь перерывы, периодически играя. :) Я тут где-то с весны 2014, начал играть, когда в лаунчере "рекламировали" свежевыпущенного Гидроида (не прайм). Не скажу, что прям вот безвылазно сижу в игре (особенно сейчас) пофармить, когда что-нибудь новое выходит могу засесть на пару выходных плотно, а так ограничиваюсь тем, что вылазки делаю. Прайм моды прокачаны, статуи собирают пыль по углам (хотя иногда провожу "весеннюю чистку" и сдаю Мару стеклотару) а Эндо, несмотря на то, что пару раз помогал сокланам с прокачкой прайм модов все копится, копится и копится - причем заметно быстрее, чем тратится. Наверное, если бы я покупал и прокачивал прайм моды на продажу его было бы поменьше, а так как я этим не занимаюсь - Эндо скопилось больше, чем реально потратить спокойно играя. Вот недавно новый прайм мод Баро притаранил - ну так это всего пару раз в год случается. А ананасок за вылазки дают ой как часто, знай звезды успевай выбивать... Плюс не знаю, как ты, а я еще иногда нахожу полезным "распилить" на эндо лишние копии модов. А то иной раз откроешь закладку Моды - а там скажем, 1000+ копий какого-нибудь Vitality. И штук 500 Bane of Corpus. И еще тысячи и тысячи их. Плавишь лишнее на эндо хотя бы раз в год - и уже нехилая прибавка к пенсии. Сортировка по кол-ву дубликатов - вещь!
  11. Because it isn't enough. Any long-term player has more resources than they can realistically spend unless intentionally wasting, leveling a new weapon 0-30 takes as little as 5-10 waves on Hydron if you're in a hurry (or a good Adaro stealth run) and after playing for a while you're typically sitting on so much Endo that people start building statues out of socketed Ayatans. I couldn't care less about hard mode being just about more of the same, it needs to offer something unique, otherwise it's just a button to fast-forward further into endless modes just for the sake of it. It would be better than what we have now, yes, but it wouldn't mean it's remotely good - just that what we have now in terms of challenging content is atrocious.
  12. Кстати а как в этой игре вообще можно упереться в необходимость именно целенаправленно фармить эндо? Ну, кроме случаев, когда новичок проходит Sacrifice и хочет в первый же день отмаксить все пять умбралок. Качать праймовые моды на продажу каждый день, что ли? У меня банально с сорти (вылазок) и арбитража этого добра столько, что девать некуда...
  13. The "I have it and you don't" is one of the most basic and at the same time, the most powerful driving forces of computer gaming. Back when I was playing World of Warcraft, or more specifically, when I just started playing it and barely got the hang of what different item colors meant (uncommon, rare, epic, legendary) I remember stumbling upon an impressively geared player in town. Upon inspecting him I saw rows upon rows of epic gear, a legendary weapon (Thunderfury, if anyone's wondering) and my first reaction was "Wow, I wish I had gear this cool!". I then looked up where such gear came from. I learned about 40-man raids, endgame PvE, about how ridiculous of an effort it took to get your hands on Thunderfury... I think I sat for good three hours reading guides on taking down raid bosses I myself was nowhere near encountering, much less defeating, dreaming of one day getting there... I ended up spending nearly five years playing World of Warcraft, raiding and all and never regretted a moment of it. If anything I regretted that Burning Crusade expansion released and we never got to raid classic Naxxramas, but that's another story altogether. If you want something - you work for it.It would be a breath of fresh air for Warframe, where every single "want" can be satisfied by throwing money at the computer screen, i.e. buying plat. If anything, it would be a welcome, long overdue change. Then we can only hope DE shows some backbone and doesn't nerf anything. If everything in the game is trivial, nothing in the game is worth putting any effort into. It's not a good idea for game longevity. We sorely NEED something that will make people go 'Oh wow, how the hell do I get myself one of THOSE" and NOT finding it in the Market for plat.
  14. About as many as there are players running Sorties and Arbitrations unmodded just for lulz. Hint: Not many at all. Hard modes, or rather, challenging content in any game exists because you either get more bang for your buck, i.e. your effort is rewarded, or you get achievements/badges/cosmetics to reinforce your bragging rights. It's pointless and a waste of effort otherwise. You can handicap and cripple yourself for free at any point in time. Just remove mods and arcanes, disable Focus passives, empty your gear wheel - there you go, now everything is difficult. Problem is, this is meaningless and frankly, is something only extremely bored people would do. I really, really hope they have more common sense than you.
  15. Also, while we're at Primary Kitgun revisions - can we give Gaze chamber some chain capacity, like Atomos/Kuva Nukor have? It would make that primary viable, at least...
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