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  1. Warframe is NOT a game of skill. It's a game of choosing the right tools for the job. For game modes where killing enemies as quickly and efficiently as possible is the goal, Saryn (and other nukers) are the right tool. If you want to be able to shoot/poke every enemy to death individually, you might want to reconsider joining public missions for that. There's always an option to run a premade group Arbitration (or even do it solo), you know. Try to hammer one thing into your self-centered head: People in PUBLIC matches are not there to admire your skill. They're there for a very specific task and letting someone else show off at the expense of their own time is NOT it.
  2. As long as mindlessly nuking wave after wave of Defence/ESO/Interception/whatever is one of the most efficient ways to earn affinity we need frames like Saryn, Equinox, Volt and the like. It's as simple as that. Oh, and nukers are only "godlike" at trivial content, so maybe it's a sign that we actually need some long overdue non-trivial content that doesn't require you to spend an hour in before it becomes remotely challenging? Because your answer seems to nerf and cripple stuff to make trivial content more tedious, since you somehow see it as "challenging" to poke every last Grineer on hydron to death with toothpicks (hint: it's not).
  3. Currently you cannot equip any arcanes in the 2nd (bottom) slot on any warframe. That is, you can equip them - but they get unequipped as soon as you leave the upgrade screen.
  4. Twin r3 Grace makes Inaros pretty much unkillable with Adaptation. You'll get bored sooner than you're in any danger in any mode. That said, I'm running Avenger+Grace most of the time because even getting to the point of actually needing a twin Grace takes too much time to my liking. And Grace in general is only useful on frames with a cubic buttload of HP/eHP anyway, so you hardly need it outside of warcry Valkyr, Inaros, Nidus and (maybe) Atlas. For squishies an Elevate will serve you much better for your healing needs.
  5. Problem is, Eidolon meta is extremely inflexible. Limb breaking, Operator damage boost, Lure keeper/healer, Magnetic proc protection. You NEED those. If you're just "passing by" more often than not you'll end up either duplicating an existing role or bringing a frame that can hardly (if at all) contribute in a meaningful way. Yes, Eidolon fights ARE fun - but the fun in question is derived from that "job well done" feel, and that, unfortunately, means precise prep work. Recruitment is your friend here, unlike most other game modes.
  6. Because of a poorly designed time restrictions (day/night cycle) most people can only attempt a Tridolon run a very limited amount of times per day. And if they want to squeeze that opportunity to the best of their ability you can't really blame them - it's the only source of Arcanes aside from buying them for plat. So yes, tridolon speedruns require dedication, experience, good equipment and a degree of skill. That said, however, if you're not a speedrunner yourself, the solution is extremely simple: Don't join groups that are trying to speedrun it. "H 5x3 LF exp Chroma/Trin"? That's probably NOT your best pick. "Hosting a casual 2x3/3x3" or "Trying to learn a Tridolon fight, looking for more people" sounds more like it. PUG runs are a mixed bunch, they could go either way, so attempt at your own risk. Again, if you don't want to enter the tryhard mode - find/host an appropriate group to avoid frustration.
  7. An entire process of empowering auras (and stances while you're at it) through some tricky and/or costly challenge, of course! Because just getting buffed aura versions is kinda... Meh.Better if we have to work for it. If we had an option, to, say, complete a number of challenges to upgrade an existing aura/stance mod in unique ways, that would be more interesting. Infested Impedance? Complete a solo survival with level 30 or higher Infested enemies AND all four Dragon Keys equipped? Cool, it's now upgraded to Infested Nemesis and increases damage taken by affected Infested by 10% (okay, that may be OP, how about 6%?) on top of its normal effect. Any stance mod? Kill a set number of enemies with Toxin DoT (and only DoT, so weapon strikes themselves don't count)? Your stance mod now adds 25% Toxin damage to any attacks made with weapons that can use that stance, regardless of what other elements are present on it (does not combine). That would of course, take quite some work to design the challenges for all auras/stances, but it would spice em up quite a bit, IMO.
  8. New War is a story quest. Even if you *do* get to crush your Space Mom into miniature dumplings, you only get to do it in a cutscene/story fight - and that means no farmable loot.
  9. Index is your friend, really. Especially so when there's a Double Credit Weekend and/or you've got an active Credit Booster, from login rewards, Baro or Market. 1 mil credits per round (weekend+booster stack) should cover all your credits needs for a while. Just don't try to solo it, get a group in recruitment chat, or better yet, invite a clanmate/friend, assign a dedicated point carrier (Rhino/Revenant) and yo're good.
  10. To be honest unless it's a badly designed task like "Gild a modular item" I complete them more or less automatically. I just drained my syndicate standing for this PA, so I will be doing Syndicate missions anyways. Index is a maybe for when a credit booster drops from Sorties/Login and thankfully, with new prime toys I have something more or less meaningful to spend Forma on, so it's not like I have to go out of my way to do it. And I get some freebies for that, too. Not too bad at the end of the day. What I'd REALLY like to see in Nightwaves is real elite challenges. Not the stuff I can do by headbutting my keyboard or chewing my gamepad, but tricky stuff worth A LOT of standing. Like, beating the Profit Taker solo under 10 minutes with all four Dragon Keys equipped. Or capturing 5 Hydrolysts in one night cycle. You know, stuff you'd have to actually put some effort into?
  11. Если он покупал платину, подключившись через ВНП к региону, где она стоит дешевле, чем в его родном (например, игроки с Украины, недовольные "евро" ценами частенько этим грешат и покупают ее в "русском" стиме) то это мошенничество и есть. Если же он проживая в более дешевом регионе, торговал в более дорогом, то это надо в первую очередь объяснять техподдержке.
  12. It's baffling how stubborn they can be to admit that bad design is indeed BAD and rework some challenges... Ayatan socketing promotes NOT socketing statues (and not getting Endo as a result) because a challenge might pop up. Forma extortion promotes NOT using forma until it's challenge time. Gilding is either the same as above or requires you to waste resources and standing. Grove Specters makes you hoard Apothics, never spending them unless there's a challenge up. Come on guys, those are genuinely badly designed. Get rid of them.
  13. Same here, can I have my Zhuge barrel back, please? Because Ordis decided I didn't choose one. What I got (it defaulted to my own relic instead of what I chose):
  14. My clanmate got his, I still ain't got one. I guess it's the waiting game
  15. Can we please fix the minimum Riven dispo at 1.0? I mean, it literally hurts to see my hard work (yes, farming Kuva is a chore) go down the drain again and again?
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