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  1. Can confirm, just happened to me as well. Frustrating as hell, since it was my t3 vault (Cracks in Demos). First stage was a Purifier, which worked fine - but stage 2 is a Polyp Hog Juggernaut every time and it simply sits there in an idle animation.
  2. Just as the title says. I went and tested my new and shiny 3-hour HP buff tonight, only to find out that it's bugged and instead of applying a 25% total max HP modifier, it adds a flat 25% to whatever your mods already added to your warframe's base. This means that in case of a simple maxed bronze-ranked Vitality (440%) we're getting ~5.6% more health, and in case of a full Umbra setup (770%) the True Master bonus amounts to a "whooping" 3.2% more HP. I refuse to believe this insult of a buff was intended. Please tell me it's a bug. Pretty please.
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