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  1. May I point out that "no special reward" aside, it's REALLY depressing that Space Mom is still just an Ordis-made hologram after all these years?
  2. Uhm, it's Animo Nav Beacons, not Amino. ¬_¬ And to be perfectly honest, it's still one of the most needlessly dragged out boss fight in existence. Ambulas revisited when?
  3. Не скажи, Нечжа там тоже оччень частый гость из-за иммунитета к любым статус-эффектам под своей тройкой. Инаросу или хроме хотя бы под магнетик аркан ставить приходится, чтобы экран не шел помехами от каждого чиха. Ревенант по той же причине нет-нет да мелькает. Оберона еще иногда видел, пока активно фармил - застилает все "коврами" и бегает под регеном.
  4. Or you could just subsume-slap that Gloom onto an Inaros, Nezha, Atlas, Valkyr, Nidus or Wukong, and make them slow and drain enemies while being better Warframes at base level. That is, if you have a full Arcane Energize - after the nerf the ability is not sustainable at all otherwise and just barely sustainable with Energize + Rage >_<
  5. Another feature that needs work to be viable for something other than farming two Sevagoth sets. So far, it looks like a one-and-done kind of content. Poor void relic cracking rate compared to normal Relic missions, and the idea of Void Storms makes me wonder, why does this involve Railjack at all? The ship being there does not help me complete the mission, it's just a nuisance, a distraction. Might as well be an Archwing mission outside, at least I won't have to leave someone to defend the ship from Fissure-spawned enemies or run back to revive a downed NPC crewmate every minute, since
  6. What we asked for *initially* was a seamless integration with open-world missions, shield emitters and whatnot. DE never delivered, then scarlet spear turned out to be a relay-hopping mess and the whole thing was shelved. And certainly nobody asked for a costly, glorified LOADING SCREEN minigame with turrets and HP bar - because this is what current railjack is - a minigame you play on a loading screen before a "real" mission begins.
  7. I genuinely hate how old, on-foot missions are now being stuffed in our faces in such absurd amounts. If I wanted to play more Corpus Defense I have the entire star chart for that, thank you very much. And now? I enter a Railjack mission, fully expecting an epic battle with a capital ship, a small army of crewships and a swarm of fighters. Instead, I get to chase Jammer Drones half a kilometer there and back again in a convoluted, borky environment, play Mobile Defense on a Freight-linker or sabotage crewship after crewship from the inside because fighting them from outside i
  8. So far I've only gotten VIdar MK3, it seems to be the "most armor, least HP" of the three. Need stats on the other two before I can get a handle on eHP... What bums me out is that Plating doesn't have any perks at all, unlike all other Components. Lazy move, DE, really lazy.
  9. Corrupted and Nightmare mods were always an exception. Always. Heavy Caliber doesn't block Serration, Vicious Spread has nothing against Point Blank, Vigor does not replace Vitality. This is a bad choice you've made.
  10. Собственно, сейчас будет стена текста сомнительной полезности. С претензией на гайд даже. Сразу оговорюсь - метод ни разу не уникальный, а подход - далеко не единственный. Просто неоднократно проверенный с разными командами, а значит - претендующий на рабочий. Для начала немножно информации от Капитана Очевидность. На Равнинах Эйдолона живут, как ни странно, Эйдолоны. Разноцветные, в количестве трех штук - Тералисты, Гантулисты и собственно, Гидролисты. В дневное время суток их не видать и не слыхать, но ночью они таки появляются. Тут стоит отметить, что на каждых 100 минут
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