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  1. The idea is inspired by another run for Nidus Prime Chassis For what is it done the Fissure Divide by Eras? I suggest a next things: Remove the dividing by Eras for Fissures Let ability to taking any relics on fissures Chosen relics should affecting at time for Corrupted Buff and Void Traces buff After this change, we can use in all Disruption missions (Opening Lith or Meso on Olympus (Mars), because we don't have Disruption Meso's Era), or use Lith Relics on Hepit (Void) and get Lith Relics for mission, not opening Neo and get Lith for Capture mission.
  2. Violence (Acolyte) make inability to use ESC Menu with help Silence ability on Steel Path. Dead can fix that issue UPD. It can happen, if turn into Opetator on Violence's Silence
  3. Dear DE. Can make that Relic Drops from other mobs (example Demos on Disruption Missions) as Hemocyte? This can desecrate the Grind of Relics I remember, that idea was be on someone Devstream. Please!
  4. What you say about average melee weapons (War, etc..)? I sure, they'll weaken. They will very weaken. Arcanes and invigoration unlikely will give a good buff for melee. Not all melee need to nerf. Example: My War. I need 6-10 strikes for kill a Demolosher in Disruption mission with Faction mods in build at level 270. After update my War will weaken, because you nerfed 3 mods, which i use in my War build.
  5. Это называется Снаряжение. Над варфреймом в арсенале и кнопочка справа, когда находишься на карте. До 6 разных конфигураций в оружии во внешнем виде можно заделать.
  6. Кроссплатформы не будет из-за двух причин: 1. У ДЕ не всегда получается выпускать обновления одновременно на все платформы 2. Нет компромисса у ДЕ с Сони, Нинтендо, Майкрософтом. Вроде как Сони прогнулись под кроссплатформу, но вроде как за кросс придется платить разрабам игр (Сони боится потерять копейки от кроссплатформы). Может чего то да появится
  7. 1. Need to get any value of combo counter. Require Naramon School and Power Spike ability 2. Crit chance on Reaper Prime: 90-100% of red crits while 12x combo 3. Need to activate your Exalted Weapon and make the Heavy Attack to enemies Blood Rush buff is gone for Reaper Prime At the moment, this will fix by reducing the combo counter of 1x (12x -> 11x) minimum
  8. Nope. Because Hildryn have 0 energy point, but still you can restore the Energy in 10 meters regards itself to another players
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