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  1. To clarify, Grand Master Founders would need 2998 mastery to reach MR30, Master Founders need 5998, Hunter Founders need 8998, and Disciple Founders need the same as non-Founders (14998).
  2. Wait, what??? Oh, Gift Of The Lotus. I was worried it was a special gift for Guides Of The Lotus. I hate obscure acronyms.
  3. A day later and it happened again. Had to leave squad to get my warframe back. Please fix your game, DE!
  4. Well, I've encountered what is probably the most infuriating glitch as of yet. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Sometime during or shortly after fighting enemy Necramechs in the second Isolation Vault bounty with three other random players, as a client. Occurred between the 25 & 30 minute mark of the mission. VISUAL: None REPRODUCTION: Probably has something to do with the Necramechs disabling abilities. EXPECTED RESULT: I was in Operator mode and I should have been able to return to my warframe when pressing the enter/exit-Operator-mode key. OBSERVED RESULT:
  5. Never encountered this one before: I was running the Isolation Vault bounty in Cambion Drift as a client with three other random players, and my audio cut out completely during the second bounty. It never returned, not even when returning to Necralisk after finishing the third stage, nor when exiting from there to the Orbiter. My audio worked fine from viewing clips on Youtube, so it's not an issue with the speakers. Support ID ##2298053 has my EE.log from the mission.
  6. Can't access the Nightwave menu from the Esc menu either. Restarting did not fix the problem.
  7. There should be a 'Hide Owned' button for the Grandmother's Oddities menu.
  8. All abilities disabled when next to a Necramech that got killed during a Vault bounty. Had to die for them to work again. Thanks DE!
  9. The suddenly-dead feature of fighting Nechramechs in the vault is bullS#&$.
  10. If you drop the bait in the Isolation Vault bounty, it turns into a power cell and you can't throw it at the door, rendering the bounty impossible to complete. C'mon, DE! Edit: appears to be fixed now. Thanks!
  11. Just had this crap happen again. I joined a random squad from the Orbiter, did some fishing for Nora, another random picked a bounty, and two host transfers later the bounty is active (despite 3/4 of us initially rejecting it). Another random started the bounty by going to the location of the first stage, which we completed (liberate the camp: I was finished fishing by then). Second stage was Supply Sabotage, and once again the second beacon wouldn't appear. Screenshot below. 55/30 enemies eliminated with 1 second remaining, but the second beacon won't drop. Thanks DE!
  12. I've had plenty of missions with dud Golden Hand Tribute consoles on Adrastea.
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