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  1. This is an annoying bug which happens occasionally on Grineer galleon tilesets, and it's been around for a while. Just had it happen to me again: A Kuva Siphon will often spawn in this room. You can see the prompt to use Transference, and the opening transmission from Worm. The starting room is visible in the map overlay, at the bottom right corner. . Here is the Kuva Siphon, located in the spawn room: the braids don't drop until you reach the room where the Siphon is supposed to be. Map overlay is present again. Support ID # 1466193 from October 27, 2018; Support ID # 1873322 from today. Hope this can get fixed soon.
  2. Happened to me as well in a Public squad, also on the Plains. It was Free Roam but I think we were doing Bounty 5 as well. How many more years until this glitch is finally fixed...
  3. If this glitch truly has been fixed with today's hotfix, then 0:24 is how I feel right now 😃
  4. Yessss! The glitch which has periodically afflicted me for the past 14 months has (hopefully) finally been fixed! Thanks Megan! Thanks unnamed glitch fixer(s)!
  5. 14 months later, still NO fix for and NO acknowledgement of
  6. Aaand it happened to me once again. Kril froze up once or twice while he and the Kuva Guardians were attacking Octavia's Mallet, but he refused to freeze up again, and I had no choice but to abort the mission. Support ID # 1854888. My guess is that the Mallet was putting out enough damage to surpass some sort of threshold he has, because I've had this same bug happen before when Guardians attack the Mallet.
  7. Just completed 10 waves of Seimeni Arbitration defense, but no prompt to continue or extract was given, so I had to abort. Thanks DE!
  8. I was in a group of randoms doing Infested defense, and the operative was suddenly dead a few waves into round 2. Got this message from the deathlog: 21:43:14 - <Arbiters of Hexis Operative> took 15,235 damage at 6,835 health from a CHARGER using a CrpShotgun Since when does a Charger dish out 15K damage at a time? And what the hell is a "CrpShotgun"? Exergis? This is ridiculous.
  9. Just completed a mission on Hieracon as host where I couldn't heal allies or the excavators with Sancti Magistar. Frustrating.
  10. Happened to me twice in a row on Bounty 5 (Operational Intelligence).
  11. Got the bug again today, also on Sortie 2. Support ID # 1811365 has my EE.log from the mission.
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