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  1. I joined today's Sortie 3 as a client in Public mode (assassinate Councilor Vay Hek on Oro, Earth), and when I loaded in, my camera was set in the air above the dam in the opening tile. I couldn't see my warframe, my sentinel was moving spastically around above where my warframe should be, I couldn't move, I couldn't use any abilities (or use Transference), and /unstuck didn't work. I could rotate the camera around, I could use the chat function, and I could access the Esc menu, but nothing else. I eventually aborted the mission. This is...a bad glitch. Support ID ##2440019 has my EE.
  2. This just happened to me in an Orb Vallis bounty. I was host, running in Public mode, and 3 randoms joined during the progression of the first stage, which was 'protect the excavators'. Our squad completed this stage successfully, but once the second stage of 'eliminate enemy units' started, we immediately got the "bounty failed" screen. After that, the enemies-killed counter and the timer were still on the HUD and worked normally, but nothing happened once the required number of enemies were killed. Our squad then returned to Fortuna. Frustrating. Support ID #2428101 has my EE.log f
  3. An impassible bit of terrain while running Ukko, Void. Support ID #2423801.
  4. 3 Day Affinity Booster is once again absent from Baro's inventory, meaning the drought will extend to at least 238 days: the previous longest drought was 196 days. And yes, I do buy boosters from the market with platinum when the Baro-bought boosters run out, but it's frustrating when a big ducat sink is absent for this long.
  5. Aaand it happened again just now. I was a client this time, but I left squad just seconds into the bounty: even so, it was impossible to interact with the vault console.
  6. I played Warframe briefly, earlier today: why is the launcher now downloading a 9.5GB update?
  7. I have more total upvotes than you, with less than half the posts. Now I feel better. 🙄🥴
  8. Isn't crit chance mostly useless on a Nukor riven? And aren't rivens pretty much useless for Kuva Nukor in general due to its crap disposition?
  9. Happened again just now. Again, this occurred while repeating an existing bounty from within Orb Vallis. Please fix this glitch, DE!
  10. ...and it will be at least another 14 before he does again. DE, please include this in his inventory soon.
  11. This has been a bug for pretty much as long as Fortuna has been out. It's not mission-breaking or anything, but it would be nice for it to be fixed at some point.
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