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  1. Still getting the Railjack bug where the Shipkiller laser fires continuously after the platform is supposedly offline, as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1189066-railjack-revisited-part-1-bug-report-megathread-read-first-post/?do=findComment&comment=11548083
  2. Encountered the glitch on Apollo mid-mission once again. I was the host this time, same melee (Orthos Prime). Attacks while on the ground would be glitched/halted, but mid-air attacks worked as usual.
  3. Works for me as well, both as host and as client.
  4. Please fix excavators' health/shields/power stats missing on the HUD, as per https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1199220-the-deadlock-protocol-bug-report-megathread-read-first-post/?do=findComment&comment=11635429. I've noticed this occurring consistently as a client on Void Fissure excavation missions. Please also fix the Klebrik scaffold's 'homing' beam not homing at all, as per
  5. Yep, Klebrik isn't homing in on enemies for me either, and it looks like it's been an issue since at least the beginning of May. Hopefully it gets fixed soon...
  6. Identify Announce (@player stop leeching) Screenshot Wait for response If they continue, screenshot some more Extract and screenshot final mission results Ignore Report Move on.
  7. Happened on Apollo, Lua once again. I was a client, and my melee was Orthos Prime. Typing /unstuck did not work, Esc menu did not work, and jumping into a pit did not work. My warframe could perform melee attacks while in mid-air, but not while on the ground. It would be really nice to get this glitch fixed, DE...
  8. My Wukong Prime got its first Umbra Forma. Looking forward to applying a second one in another...six months? 😕
  9. I mod for Viral instead of Radiation. Also, if you have an Arcane Velocity set, I would drop Anemic Agility and use a Primed Expel mod instead.
  10. Had the loss of synchronization with Metronome again just now, and again there was a Protea in the squad.
  11. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: I've run multiple excavation missions as a client: some are regular excavations, others are Void Fissure missions. The status of some excavators (health, power, time left) did not appear on the HUD: the host reported that they could see its status, but at least one other client squad member reported that they also could not see its status. VISUAL: In this photo, excavator D is in the foreground, and excavator C is across the room. However, only the status of C appears on the HUD. Same location, later in the mission. Excavator A does not show on the HUD, but excavator B does. REPRODUCTION: Appears to occur when you are a Client on excavation missions. EXPECTED RESULT: The status for all active excavators should be visible in the mission HUD. OBSERVED RESULT: The status for some active excavators is not visible in the mission HUD. REPRODUCTION RATE: I've experienced this bug in two separate Void Fissure excavation missions on Everest, Earth, and the bug occurred multiple times during each mission. I also experienced it three times in one Void Fissure excavation mission on Valefor, Europa. All times I was a client, not the host. I then ran Hieracon, Pluto (not a Fissure mission) as a client, but I did not experience the glitch with any of the 12 excavations during that mission. Most recently, I encountered the bug twice in one mission on Augustus, Mars as a client: this was not a Void Fissure mission.
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