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  1. I just finished a frustrating Sortie 3 as a client in Public mode. It's a Defense mission with Assault Rifle Only as the mission condition: I used Mesa Prime and Kuva Quartakk. My ping hovered around 100ms, but I quickly found myself unable to use either weapons or abilities (including Operator). Typing /unstuck did nothing, jumping in the central pit did nothing, and using the Esc menu did nothing: the only thing that fixed it was getting killed. A few waves later, it happened again. My character is holding nothing in its arms, and the Quartakk is holstered. Support ID # 2019435.
  2. There are still locked green doors for clients inside the missile battery: they connect to the central room at the top.
  3. OK, just finished a mission as a client in a friend's Railjack: No HUD No Tactical Menu No markers (friendly or enemy) while in the turret No markers (friendly or enemy) while in archwing No enemy health bars No mini map, so I can't see where the hull ruptures/electrical shorts/fires are on the ship When shooting at boarders, every shot causes rapid nauseating zooming in & out. Interact button (x) doesn't work 90% of the time Gear wheel disabled while on foot. Thanks DE!
  4. And how about a fix for being unable to stealth kill Grineer, even when under the effect of Ivara's sleep arrow?
  5. How about a fix for Operators being frozen in place, looking like an idiot with one leg raised? Even getting the brat 'killed' doesn't fix it.
  6. This happened to me on Nsu Grid, but I was host.
  7. Why have one crewship in the dojo when you can have two? 🙃
  8. As someone who would otherwise never use Titania, today's Sortie 3 gave me a reason to dust her off.
  9. I went on a few missions in my clanmates' railjack. After returning to Drydock, he then left squad. I checked the mod loadout for my own railjack, then went to Nsu Grid on Veil Proxima. Suddenly I'm stuck with a railjack that seemingly has no mods installed, and base weapons. Hull breach and failed mission in seemingly record time: thanks DE!
  10. Crewships really shouldn't be following us back to our dojos. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1159201-soa-crew-ship-killed-me/?do=findComment&comment=11297707
  11. Happened to me again. Again, it spawned on the floor above, a long way from the Drydock.
  12. A crewship also followed me back to the dojo once, but it appeared on the floor above.
  13. Got the locked green door AGAIN, and I was host AGAIN, and it was on a Pulse Turbine, AGAIN. This time it was on Nsu Grid, Veil Proxima. Also in Public mode, with 2 randoms. Frustrating!
  14. Locked green door in the Pulse Turbine on Kasio's Rest, Saturn Proxima. I was host, so I had to abort. This is a mission-critical glitch, DE...
  15. I've crashed twice within the past hour, both as host in Public mode. The first time I was alone, the second I was in a full squad. Very frustrating.
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