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  1. Just had this happen twice on Sortie 1. My Kuva Ogris is modded for Toxin and both times I got myself downed when a rocket detonated close by. Support ID #2546775 has my EE.log from the mission.
  2. Skip cinematic? OK Skip cinematic? OK Skip cinematic? OK Skip cinematic? OK... Will this ever be fixed for clients?
  3. Just had this bug appear on a Plains Of Eidolon bounty, so it's not restricted to Orb Vallis. I was in Public mode as a host with three other random players. I believe this insta-failure was the final stage: the previous stage was a drone escort from the northeast corner of the map to the rock outcrop seen on the right side of the screenshot. I had used Switch Teleport on the drone several times during that stage to speed up the progression. After this insta-failure, the four of us then killed the 100 enemies required and even attained the bonus objective, but nothing happened afterwards. We then extracted to Cetus. Support ID #2505674 has my EE.log for the mission.
  4. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Railjack's Forward Artillery became unusable/inaccessible VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Not known EXPECTED RESULT: Forward Artillery seat should be accessible when not occupied. OBSERVED RESULT: I started the normal (non-fissure) mission on Flexa, Veil Proxima as host, in Public mode. I was in my clan's dojo when I selected the mission, and I selected it via my Railjack's nav console. A random player joined me during the mission and accessed the Forward Artillery seat, but they soon remarked that the seat was bugged. They exited the seat, and shortly afterwards I attempted to use the Forward Artillery myself: however, there was no prompt for me to even access the seat. The two of us completed the mission (we destroyed the crewships by entering them and destroying their reactors), and we returned to drydock after completing the mission. The other person left and I began another Flexa mission (also from my Railjack's nav console in our clan's drydock), but immediately found that the Forward Artillery seat was again unusable/inaccessible. I completed the mission the same way as before, and returned to drydock once again. REPRODUCTION RATE: Only encountered once. Support ID #2488768 has my EE.log for the second mission. The above screenshot was taken from the second mission.
  5. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Unable to swap polarities on Sevagoth's Shadow VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Polarize Sevagoth's Shadow, then attempt to swap polarities on it. EXPECTED RESULT: Polarities should swap without issue. OBSERVED RESULT: I get the above message when attempting to swap polarities on Sevagoth's Shadow. REPRODUCTION RATE: The message occurs constantly.
  6. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Running a Neptune Proxima railjack void fissure mission as a client, in Public mode. VISUAL: None REPRODUCTION: Not known EXPECTED RESULT: After completing the primary mission objectives and entering the Corpus Pillar, our squad encountered a "friendship" door, which requires panels on either side of the door to be activated simultaneously. I pressed 'x' to activate the panel on one side, and I could hear the activation sound by a squadmate at the panel on the other side. The door should have then opened. OBSERVED RESULT: The door remained locked for all 3 of us clients. Unusually, the host could not even reach the friendship door: they remarked that they were stuck at a locked door in the prior room of the Corpus Pillar. This is a mission-breaking glitch, and the host had no choice but to abort mission. REPRODUCTION RATE: Unknown.
  7. I would suggest that you already did that with Devstream 152, whereby an Umbra Forma blueprint could be obtained.
  8. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Locked green door in the Pulse Turbine. Been an issue for months and it still hasn't been fixed. VISUAL: None REPRODUCTION: May occur when the mission was selected after completing a railjack mission previously. EXPECTED RESULT: The door to the radar array in the Pulse Turbine should not be locked. OBSERVED RESULT: The door is locked, despite appearing green. REPRODUCTION RATE: Unknown. Still a very frustrating mission-breaking glitch, made doubly so by the months and months that have gone by with it remaining unfixed.
  9. Sorry Toady Prime, there's no "Deimos Mitosid Eximus" codex entry. Better luck next time, but keep up with the stream of edited placeholder posts in Update topics! 😒
  10. First one is probably Axio Engineer, second one is Comet Shard (got my scans on Enkidu Ice Drifts, Neptune Proxima), third is probably Orm Basilisk, fourth is probably Orm Engineer, fifth is probably Orm Harpi, sixth is probably Orm Weaver, seventh is probably Orm Engineer. Of those, I only have scans for Comet Shard at this time: they're launched from a point of interest and will be announced by the Corpus guy.
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