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  1. So before the hotfix people were getting the wrong victory payout -- I myself participated in two waves, got to tier 3, and got only 2k credits at the end both times -- and after the hotfix, there are no victory payouts at all? Honestly astonishing how much of a catastrophe this whole roll-out has been.
  2. Extremely naive. Most of the bugs in Scarlet Spear are not even related to performance at all. I have 1 gb/s download and a top of the line PC, yet half of the Flotilla instances I go into are bugged and empty. If I do get into a proper Flotilla instance, it is NEVER, and I mean literally NEVER, the instance I actually tried to join: as in, I select instance 42 and it puts me into 56. I am missing over 16k total event credits because of end-of-wave reward bugs. Those are all some of the most common and intrusive bugs that have been reported. Again, none of those bugs are related to performance or internet connection quality. They are a product of poor quality assurance -- honestly, at this point, I'm not sure there is a quality assurance department at DE. It really feels like it's just the PC playerbase.
  3. Don't do it, I wanna be a special snowflake with negative rep!
  4. I doubt DE will nerf the rewards of the Murexes. I tried the Condrix stuff and that is truly absurd - in a random squad of PUGS it took 10 minutes to get a whopping 90 credits for like 3 or 4 caps. If they change the rewards at all they're probably going to buff the rewards of capping Condrixes.
  5. A holdover from the times when you could "downvote" posts. Apparently I accrued a bunch of downvotes as a foolish youth, like, 7 years ago.
  6. The entire event is very imbalanced and it's going to suck even more when people realize it...space teams I get into right now are 15-20 minutes and take practically 0 effort for 2.2k credits. But they're only that simple and efficient because so many people are on the ground that you get killcodes instantly. Once more people realize how much faster doing 5 murexes as a 4man space team is, there's gonna be too many cooks in the kitchen, I guarantee it.
  7. Disappointing to see people defending the same old practices from DE. It's always been like this, they've always used FOMO to entice people into absurd grinds. I just hopped on and decided to play a space mission since apparently they give more operation credits. In 30 minutes we got 2 Murex's (all four oplinks used both times,) then our satellite bugged out so we quit. We got 345 credits. For 30 minutes of gameplay. At that pace, the Basmu blueprint alone would take around TWENTY-TWO HOURS to acquire. That's straight-up absurd. I think it's quite clear that DE does not have any respect for their players' time. You would think they'd have learned after Old Blood and Empyrean, but apparently not.
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