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  1. After getting to Level 30, I am Just glad it's over and I never plan to do that again. I just wanted to complete it once. There was nothing that was worth it. It felt like a distraction from anything really useful and a chore. Now I can get back to collecting the Prime stuff and have a chance to explore the new plains update! I still look through the challenges and will try to complete any that I can while doing other missions, just for fun - not because I care about any tier or nightwave rewards. As far as the Wolf, why can't there be beacon rewards for the Wolf, like the other special enemies, available for purchase with the Wolf Creds. That way you can get a group together to go after the Wolf. Because, it's way too RNG to care about as is.
  2. What I would like to see with Nightwave: First of all, as a long time player, I enjoy having an extra challenge that you can run while doing normal missions, such as get X headshots or kill X enemies, or get X kills with a certain damage type. It's fun having a challenge to complete normal missions with certain types of weapons. I would like to see more of these type of challenges on a regular basis. For most of the alerts, even though I had long obtained most of what was offered, I would still run them sometimes only because it was a way of easily getting a group together to run certain mission types that I preferred, while I was leveling up a new weapon or frame. You could guarantee running with a full squad on an alert. For regular missions, there you can't always find a full squad. With the old alerts, it always seemed as though there was something going on. With the way the NIghwave released the new challenges at the start of the week, and then dailies, it just does not have the same engaging feel anymore. It seems quieter.now. Also, I don't see how anyone that starts Nightwave late could ever hope to reach level 30. What was the point of having a 10 week limit? That does not fit in with the Warframe style of gameplay and needs to be modified. I liked the idea of working towards rewards and reducing the randomness of the old Alerts rewards, but with the current Nightwave system, after you have completed. the 5k and 3k weekly rewards there is no need to log back in. I would like to see more challenge options that change more often, like daily for even every other day. There could be daily and weekly caps. Perhaps you can only choose one 5k, 3 3k, and 5 1k rewards daily. There are ways to offer daily options. I would also like to see the challenges more engaging than just complete x number of specific mission types. How about using a new resource (Night Wave pickups like on syndicate missions ) that will will result in a 1k, 3k or 5k reward when x number or collected during the week. The locations can be changed to different mission types on a daily basis. Or they can be redeemed for Nightwave standing. Daily caps could be set, but it could be a way for players to catch up for the week or even for the season. These Nighwave pickups should carry over between seasons. So if you come in too late to make level 30 in the season, you can save them up for the next season. Another idea is to make some of the challenges with tiered rewards. So for example kill X number of Corpus could reward 1k at 150, 3K at 500, 5k at 1500. Also, nightwave is a great opportunity to offer another route to resources that are locked behind only one path. If you don't like hunting, or fishing, Archwing, mining, racing, killing the Profit Hunter or Eidolon or some other task, this could be way of allowing players to work towards those gate locked resources. Frankly, I would like to see the 10 week season eliminated and just use a tiered reward system, like with syndicates, Plains and Fortuna. The rewards can change on a weekly basis. The previous play style was where you could grind as much or a little as you wanted. It appealed to casual and daily players. If you are after nightwave rewards, especially the higher tier rewards, then you have to either jump on at the start of the week and grind out the new challenges, or do what you can and then at the start of the week and catch the daily rewards.
  3. As a long time player, I enjoy causal play as a space ninja. I don't like the grind non combat tasks, such as hunting, fishing and mining. I have already maxed out my Plains and Fortuna standing. The Eidolon and Profit Hunter fights are no longer fun after completing more than a couple of times. I long ago ignored the alerts as they no longer have anything that I need. I tried nightwave for the past 2 weeks, and will largely ignore most of the challenges for the next 8 weeks if changes are not made. What would be useful to me if challenges were more like rivens: + A challenge pool to choose from, but restrict to a number of active challenges selected at any give time. Challenges should based on difficulty with the appropriate reward. This would help fix the issue of challenges that can't be completed by players because they don't have the equipment, or MR. Players can change the challenges challenges that they have selected, but they loose can progress any a current challenge and may loose the opportunity to complete the unselected challenge if it is no longer available. + All challenges offered change daily. There are no daily/weekly challenges. Players can keep challenges until they complete. + For challenges that need a friend or clanmate, only one person needs to have the challenge but everyone meets the criteria will get credit. Credits, however, can not be doubled up for the same challenge selected by more than one person. + Remove time limit from challenges to be completed. This allows players to complete on their schedule + Perhaps a schedule cap could be enforced so that so that players can not get ahead of the schedule, but players have an opportunity to catch up. Players that don't have time to play only the weekend should be able to catch up if they are able to put in the time when they can. Something like each week there is a tier cap for all players. For example: Week 1 = tier 3 unlocked Week 2 = Tier 6 unlocked That way Tier 30 can't be unlocked until the 10th. That being said, here are my likes an dislikes about nightwave: + I like the concept of being able to work towards rewards instead of being totally random + I like the challenges that can be run with the missions I am running anyway, like the kill 150 enemies with a specific damage type.challenges, or unlock X number of relics. Those are fun and add some extra challenge to running a standard mission. Those I will do, just for the challenge, but not to get nighwave cred. - I am not going to hunt, fish or mine if I don't have to and won't likely do it for Nightwave. So, I ignored the hunting challenge. - Time limit and Stingy rewards: Having to stick to a schedule to unlock 3 tiers a week to get the final reward is self defeating. The time limit makes it seem like an unreachable goal to get to the final tier. Most of the rewards are nice to get but not worth the effort. - At my level, there is very little to scan that I have not already scanned. - The time limit of these challenges can also be self defeating. Why try to to complete Cephalon scan objectives if it will most likely be over before I can finish? - Endurance challenges don't have enough of a risk -reward payoff for me. 5k is much too little for the time to invest in the challenge. That is only half a tier for a hour of gameplay. The Risk of having a game crash and losing the investment in that amount of time is much too high for the limited payoff. I have tried endurance challenges back when VOID keys were the only way to get prime parts. Back then you used a Void key instead of relics and could share a Void key and play as long as you wanted. So once your got a group together you would try to stick with it until you got the part you were going for or you could not last any longer. All that went away with the current relic system you have to use a new relic every 5 minutes, but back then you could go as long as you wanted on one key. The endless mission types still have a A,B,C, C rotation reward that does not improve over time. There is no reason to keep going anymore for me, other than to fight against higher level enemies. - At my level most of my friends and clanmates don't play regular any more, so they are not interested in Nightwave anyway. Therefore, I don't have any friends or clanmates that can run most of these (Friend /Clanmate) challenges with me. - I don't need to run any more bounties on plains, so I am not going to do any more bounty challenges just for Nightwave. - So, this week, I completed all the NIghtwave challenges except for the 60 minute endurance challenges just to try it out. For the most part it was too grindy and not fun. - Fugitive capture awards are not worth the effort for 150 points. These are my likes and dislikes. Others may have differences based on their situations.
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