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  1. Pros: + Using the new mod system does improve better integration into the rest of the game. + AI crew does help defend the ship when off exploring. + smaller ship does make it easier to get around the RJ + top and bottom guns does feel better. + Addition of Corpus faction is very nice. + Mech integration Overall a great overhaul and huge step in the right direction. Cons: - Intrinsics still too hard to acquire from running missions. Should not have to have intrinsic farming missions in order to max out the RJ. - Still don't like t
  2. Anyone have an ideas why there are so few major Warframe events , like the one for Railjack (Scarlet Spear), the one for the mechs (Orphix Venum) and then there was the one for on POE (Operation Plague Star?). These major events have their own rewards where you earn some sort of points that can be used to purchase from the custom reward center. It's been a over a year since the last Plague Star (Jan 2020) and until Orphix Venum, there was a major hiatus in major events as the previous was Scarlet Spear that ended in April 2020. Maybe is was a side effect of COVID-19 work restrictions?
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