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  1. What i wish knew about RJ early on: - Leveling up your intrinsics are more important than building up your RJ. Get your intrinsics leveled up before you even start building up your RJ. Intrinsics are gained through affinity on RJ missions. You gain mostly my killing things but also through repairing the RJ and completing missions, but just like with affinity, you keep what ever you earned even if you fail the mission. Best way is to recruit for RJ intrinsic farming on the toughest nodes you can access. Try to find someone with a RJ that is also looking to intrinsic farm. Get to Saturn as quickly as you can and then to veil. - Affinity boosters are very helpful. Kavat may also help. - I saw a youtube vid of someone who left the RJ far away from enemies, then flew to a hanger on one of the nodes with one, took out the enemies by doing sneak attacks with an ivara. Once all the enemies were dead, they aborted. - Capturing enemy ships will earn more affinity because of all the enemies that have to be killed first, but it is slower. It could be used to get past the enemies to a hangar to kill more enemies, so you don't have to risk your RJ. - Like someone else said, get Tactics to lvl 4 so you teleport back to the ship. Then get Gunner and Engineer to lvl 4 as well. Level 4 is not that hard. Then Get your Gunner and Eng up to level 7. You only need one up to 7, so I would go with Gunner first. The better you intrinsics, the more useful you are to the team, and easier it will be to get recruited into missions. - Don't bother with building RJ weapons until you can get MKIII ones from the veil. Also, don't build the first ones you get. They have random configurations, so you will want to collect a few first, and then build the best ones. - Amesha AW is currently the only useful one, due to temp invulnerability, well at least in the veil. Anything else is instant death. - Get to Saturn as quickly as possible. You will earn more intrinsics there. - Get your pilot skill up before taking your RJ out for anything beyond earth. that is where I am at. tactics at 4, Gunner and Eng at 7. I have building up MKIII shields, engines and weapons and can do pretty good on earth.
  2. Here are the biggest problems: - The fighters are overpowering for most AW. To be fair, AW combat has never been very popular and has never been truly integrated into the game before now. However, now you have to have good mods and a good frame just to have a chance of AW vs fighter combat. Most players never took the time to fully develop their AW. Most players only put in just enough effort to have a decent frame to make it useful on one of the Open Worlds. However, all AW should be able to be used vs fighter, not just Amesha. . There is still some balancing needed by DE. Perhaps, AW could have buffs added from the Railjack to help with balance? Maybe there should be a minimum AW requirement as well for the different Railjack nodes? Special gear items for railjack missions could also be helpful and add more fun to AW combat. - Intrinsics Tactical Lvl 4 is required to be able to teleport back to the RJ. Without this, getting back safely after destroying a crewship with an underdeveloped AW is extremely difficult, can take a great deal of time (since the RJ can move great distances quickly) and could be a deathtrap. Int Tact level 4 should be the minimum requirement for Saturn, I would say that for Saturn and above, all intrinsics should need to be unlocked to level 4. Other Suggestions: - What about planet nodes without cap ship combat objectives, but only the spaceport/hangar objectives? Cap ships can still come in with fighters, but then players could then have the choice to avoid them and go straight to the spaceport hangar objectives. It adds a little variety and allows underdeveloped RJ to be used in missions. Why not make a node where the side objectives are the main objectives? - Fighting the enemies on the crewships or boarding parties is not fun. It is just a grind. It is not difficult, but just boring. It is an exercise in use an Area of affect ability to capture the enemies and then attack the bullet sponges until they die. What about a Railjack buff to players? Or perhaps some special gear items that can be used on RJ and Crewships to give players specific buffs or negative buffs vs enemies? Or there could be a control panel on the ships that can give players buffs or negative buffs vs enemies when activated.. But keep the boarding party away or it can be used against your team? That could be used on both crewships and RJ. - Why are there no defenses to handle boarding parties on the ship? Why do the crewships not have any defenses either? - Taking out a crewship is boring. It is just bypass the enemies, go straight to the reactor and take it out. Maybe the captain should have the key to reactor shield, and you have to take out the captain to get it? This could make having an ivara sneak aboard the enemy ships very popular strategy. There should be multiple ways of handling the different objectives to make it fun to try different frames. These ideas will make it very useful to have RJ captains recruit teams with specific make ups. (Ivara to sneak aboard cap ships, Area of effect frames to handle the boarding parties. -
  3. Slingshot out of Railjack into empty space and have normal weapons, not AW weapons equipped. Also there are times when I transition from AW into Railjack or space hanger and have AW meelee weapon equiped. It is only once in a while and I can't figure out exactly how to force it to happen.
  4. How about an Unstuck key combo?
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