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  1. I don't said that I need one. That's not my point. What I want to say is, Roar is not the sole ability alone. It is the part of the kit we called Rhino. Initially all the other kits are not supposed to use Roar, because it is exclusive for Rhino. And the other abilities on Rhino are consider its presense as well. So, while Rhino's advantages are gives additional health, damage buff for himself and party, and hold the enemy for a while, Volt's advantages are gives the speed buff for a very short duration, make an invulnerable barricade that also adds lightning damage, and cause the
  2. It's better than nothing, for most frames lacks a damage buff in the first place. For example, if an ability buffs +60% damage but its Helminth version cuts by a half(+30%) then it is indeed a serious nerf. But anyway. a frame without any damage buff still gets +30% damage buff by nerfed damage buff, along with its advantageous abilities for lacking a damage buff. And Rhino is built around Roar, but Volt is not built around nerfed Roar already so even if you gives the nerfed version Volt can enjoy Roar much. If Volt can use full Roar then it is fatal to Rhino's position
  3. I expect this already, and that only proves why DE have to do that as well. Additional damage buffing source is always welcome and many warframes are even accept the nerfed one for they didn't have their own already. It is always better than nothing, and that's why DE have to nerf it and why still many players are still pick the nerfed one.
  4. If 99 people say it is too expensive but one person thinks it is fine to be, then most dealer will consider a discount. The dealer don't have to do. Perhaps the cost of goods is too expensive to have a discount. But if that many people says it is too expensive, then I don't think that it is out of nowhere. It is possible that 99s are actually incorrect, but if you say 99s are always wrong then it is you who is actually wrong. Remember, no smoke without fire. The public opinion is far from something absolutely perfect, and we all know blindly follows what the whinners says will resu
  5. Although I did no offense.... Insult is bad, indeed, but stop insulting you does not also makes your ridiculous insistence a reasonable opinion either.
  6. At least the resource required to fulfill bile is ridiculous. I don't think that they have a reason for this.
  7. Requires to capture five, Common Avichaea makes me headache, and it was the main reason why I stopped to go Necraloid. Forced to capture the animals to rank up? Just for acquire rank 2? Are you really lost your mind? Are you really think that it is a sane idea? I don't get it. Although all 'open world' exclusive jobs required to rank up their appripriate syndicates(fishing, mining and capture) are just sucks, but the capture is the worst one. Worse still, Avichaea is very hard to actually capture, even with the lures. I did captures some after buy a lure, but it was hard to actually learn
  8. Some parts needs ridiculous amount of resource to feed it once. Requires 400 for once was just a kidding. I have seen about 25000 resource, that is rare railjack(you don't know what is that, but it was on the game) resource, is required to feed it. Is it a right thing to do? I think not. Also, can't we just switch the ability after injecting it? Everytime I want to change the config, I need to use the resource. It is weird. Can't we just choose to use which configuration will use the ability among the injected abilities freely?
  9. Sure. If it is not able to be sell, then there is no problem as well. It is the most easy solution actually.
  10. Not the same one. OP ask if the FOUNDERS are able to acquire the items that was already bought by their own founder's reward if they sell these by a mistake. For example, if a founder with Excalibur Prime somehow sells it accidentally, isn't it possible to buy the Excalibur Prime on Simaris. That's what OP want to say. I think that the best option is just make it unable to sell just as Umbra does, though.
  11. This. Give us an another way to enjoy game is good. But why we are forced to do all the jobs individually? That's not the 'choice' and it just adds what we have to do.
  12. Can put up to 5 forma is just fine. The problem is, you cannot put the lens until you put all five formas on it. It just sucks.
  13. An another case on Wukong; When using Wukong and use Celestial Twins first then use Resonator later, then I cannot use any weapons, nor scanners or etc. Only after cancel Resonator my weapons are returned. The funny thing is, casting Resonator first then casting Celestial Twins cause no problems at all, although I need to cancel the twins before casting Resonator again.
  14. Same here. Transference makes my warframe to sink through the baseplate and keep falling.
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