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  1. It is something wrong if most feedbacks(not only on the feedback forum, but also the post with the general feelings) are positive, actually, due to the nature of the feedbacks. If you are NOT satisfied the you are willing to argue about that, and you are need to be, but if it is good enough you don't need to do. We are not the side to make the new way by ourselves, and we are the consumers that get the products. So, if you are satisfied you are just need to enjoy it. Perhaps someone shows their positive feelings in the feedback summary of their own but they are the minority. If you are not, it is the time to making some negative posts on the forum. That's the reason why the negatives are always more than the positives. The reply may have the opinion to depend the positive side, but the most of the original post must be negative - or it only prove that DE have mindcontrolled us. /nyx
  2. Physical damage(puncture, slash, impact) mods, for they are simply useless. Even zoom mods will have the place, but physical mods are not.
  3. Well, find out the easter eggs is no more than delve into nonsense. I doubt that it will works, but I value the effort. And who knows, some kind of message is actually within there?
  4. Even the steels can be broken or melt, and we can't restore it in the heat of the battle normally. But you can soak some damage by the shield before actual armor kicks in. Then, why not to add a shield generator If you can afford it? It is even better if health can be regenerated; if you lose both shield and have some damage on the health then regenerates health, shields also regenerates while you restore the health. It is true that shield soaks lesser damage than the health, because armor is only applied to the health. But anyway the presence of the extra health that frequently regenerates is never be an insignificant thing. Remember how deadly no shield nightmare missions are.
  5. Iron Skin is not the best end game protection but still it is a handy one even there. For early to mid range, it makes him nearly invincible too.
  6. It is wonder that point blank shot make it out of an issue, for I have seen most of my point blank shot are simply miss the target....
  7. It is just the belief, rather than the real divinity. Perhaps, Orokins, and Tennos are close to the power of the gods, for mysterious void power may comes from the gods if such thing is actually exists in the origin system. Maybe the man in the wall can be a real god? Is void power a kind of manifest divine essence? But we are not sure about that, and the existence of the divinity is not the topic in the world either - see the quests. D&D is different; there are the real gods, each one have their own domain, they may intevene to the material plane and the mortals live in there and gives the power to their followers. The godhood, the essence of the god is the root of the gods, and the worthy mortals may claim the godhood and ascend to the rank of the gods. The gods and their powers are flow in the world and it is one of the root of the world as well. Players are easily witness the minor miracles by the followers of the gods, may have the revelation from the god itself, or can become the god if the player can prove themselves. In such world the concept of god is 'who have the essence of the god', for it is familiar to the denizens of the world.
  8. Even if something was created by the other, it can be called as a god as long as it meets some conditions, I think. But, we don't know the society of the Sentients for now. Perhaps, some of them can be worshipped by the gods in Sentient comminity? That's the only way to be called as the god to them.
  9. Well said. Archwings already have the similar problems but railjack is just got worse.
  10. Yeah, apart the man in the Wall, Orokins and Tennos are the most mysterious and supernatural being in the world, so I do think that they are close to the 'god'. At least they are far closer than the Sentients.
  11. As I said above, 'is it a real god or not' is not related with the topic. The world of Warframe does not have the concept of the godhood in the first place. Nonetheless, I don't think that Sentients are considered as the gods. Perhaps some entity among them are considered as the gods in their own society, but we can't sure about this for we don't know their society(if exists).
  12. I don't think so. We are talking about the metaphor, NOT the divinity. The world of Warframe doesn't have the concept of the divinty and godhood at all, unlike D&D where the pantheons of gods are actually exists, are participate in the flow of the universe, give the power to the devout followers, and the essence of the god is an actual difference between the god and the mortal. Then why we need to talking about the godhood in here, the origin system? It is just out of the topic. Perhaps, the man in the wall show the hint that the entity can be a real god or something similar, but that's all. At first there is no concept of godhood at all in here.
  13. You don't need to be a real god in order to be called as a god. And the word 'god' in metaphor does not requires it to be a real god either. Why you think about the real god in the first place? It does not needs to be, and it is simply out of point actually. What something needs to called as a god is just the extraordinary ability that normal people think it is nothing but a god, or very wonderous that almost no one can do the same. Either the people just calls it a god by a metaphor(one of the most high expression that the being is how great) or really believes that it is a god, the reason and end result are same. It is an ordinary usage of the word 'god' - it does NOT only means the real god - so I can't understand why you are so strictly insist on the existence of the divinity. Especially on the setting that does not consider the divinity. It is, just irrelevant. I don't think that we should have a catachism about the real religions, do you? What we actually need to consider are metaphor, epic feats and belief, NOT the divinity and the definition of the god. Also some of them may call themselves a god. It is just a self-styled title, but most of these entity will have the reason of their arrogance, at least. Only the most mad or ridiculously powerful creatures(usually both) are crazy enough to calls themselves a god. Are Orokins the gods? Most of us will answer that they are not, but they are actually called as the god by many denizens in the origin system. For them, what Orokins did make them to think Orokins as the gods. It is sad that they can't call us the god killers, because almost all of them are not aware that we Tenno are who bring the justice to foul Orokins, despite they are actually believe that Orokins are the gods.
  14. The thread only proves how dangerous Infested is. They are even able to hack the account of the Tenno and spread their false belief, and even Lotus can't block their IP.
  15. Yes, we know(or at least assumed) that Tennos are not the 'god' described by the real religions. But we may viewed as the gods by the normal people in the origin system. Just as they consider Orokin as the god(they really does in the Warframe world). The point is, the word 'god' does not only means the real god. Something with godlike feature or power for someone can be also called as the god, either a metaphor or a real belief. 'Is it a real god?' is a debatable topic but it is fully depend on the definition of the creator(of the world). If DE says the Tennos are gods, they are the gods, and if DE says they are not, then they are not. But since the word 'god' also used as the metaphor for something with extraordinary power or potential, and it is possible that someone actually believe that it is actually the god after see it perform miracles, it is nothing wrong to say something with immense power the god.
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