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  1. DroopingPuppy

    Limbo causing players stress

    The trap that want to catch us and hampers our advance, you mean? IF we can saw this we are able to avoid this, but usually that trap is created on the middle of the passage we need to pass, and we are either need to slow down the advance and avoid this or accidently step on it and have to roll and out of the rift. Else, sometimes it is impossible to move around the trap and we have to rush through this as well. If he rolls near of us, especially bottom of us, we are usually step on the trap when dodging the enemy attacks as well, and we don't have the eyes on our back of the head, you know. That's the main reason why I have to roll too much times when I have a Limbo 'buddy'. It gets worse when he intended to try to trap me into the rift. And, you need to aware that why the people blames Limbo - because its very existence, and every single step on him are interrupt us. 'hurts the other players' is already enough reason to argue, actually, unless 'the other players' are enemy. But if you view the other players as the enemy, why you are playing co-op missions at the first place? What you need to go is the Conclave. Well, I don't think that prevent him to rush through the rift easily, so roll to enter the rift have really no problem. It just need to not making the trap any longer, and Limbo will not distrub us more than now. Although his reputation is couldn't be much worse already.
  2. DroopingPuppy

    Limbo causing players stress

    Limbo's problem is its design, not the players. Because Limbo is designed to protect the enemy and prevents Tenno to attack them, its very existence is a bane to us. Although some of us do use his advantage and try to not distrub us, but simply popping his ability is usually helps the enemy, not us. The point is, he protects the enemy whatever the player is the intended troll or not, which obviously prove that its very design is the root of the problem. And his awful reputation already proves that it is hard to not become the enemy of Tenno when picks Limbo. I don't say that it is impossible to become a 'good' Limbo, as I actually have seen many 'good' Limbos during the game experience, but as you know such Limbos are the absolute minority, or why he has such a bad reputation second to none at the first place? Unless he has a full rework, I don't think that we can solve anything. And we need to know that DE has the responsibility for all the disaster caused by him, not who picks Limbo. Man, we don't have the time to slander each other. Just get the root of the problem and we will have the better result, rather than point out each other and simply waste the time and ruin the community. Anyway, isn't the thread better suited on the feedback forum?
  3. The other boards are fine but when I go into Feedback-Warframe forum it requires sign in to do anything. And if I click that it says I am already log in. And do you know where to ask for the technical issues on the warframe forum site? edit: It seems that you can reply or vote each posts but you are not considered as login on the forum's thread lists so you can't make a new thread. I don't want to post anything right now, and just saw the issue.
  4. DroopingPuppy

    Can we get an ember rework already?

    After DE remove her from the game, since about 10 months ago, my Ember Prime is still on a deep slumber because she simply lost the reason of existence. Anyway, I need to explain WHY, what OP didn't. World on Fire World on Fire is a close range damage dealing skill. But, Ember lacks a way to survive in the close range. Also, it is too short and only provides melee range level of distance(only 7.5m by default, and with Stretch it increased by 10.875m). Because it is a damage dealing main(and even for procs ability strength also affects strength!!) you can't put Overextended to cut down the strength. And, its delayed blast and limited number of burst in a time forces her to within the area of melee range - without any kit for the survival, of course - results using World on Fire no more than sucidial attempts. So, WoF either cause really no damage or your Ember is likely to be killed if you try to cause any damage by WoF. Even if you need for the close area DD, make a spin attack with a whip would be much better, for it will strike faster than WoF and stall the enemy faster than it as well, but what's the point on WoF in the first place? Why you are bothered to pick Ember for you can have the better one by pick a whip, and also able to enjoy the other abilities of the other warframe? Not to mention that its increased energy consumption drains the energy to cast Accelerant, and Ember already needs heavy investment for the personal durability on the mod slots to run even on the era of 21.75m WoF range so you can't have much spaces left to make up the problem. Fireball It's a good skill on the paper, for it leaves a DOT area that only need ability strength to increase both damage and area when fully charged. The problem is, its charge rate is horrible even with Natural Talent, make it unable to charge it, dodge the enemy attacks while also shoot the bullets. So, why don't you have a launcher type weapon and blast the enemy and why you are bothered to stick with Ember and forfeit the other good ability? --------------- So, my conclusion is, other than your personal taste, picking Ember is just pointless, for she is competitive with weapons, NOT warframes. And we can pick one warframe and also pick up to three weapons(primary, secondary, melee). So, if you need something what Ember can, you can just pick the weapons that does as much as Ember does(or even better than her), and ALSO able to enjoy the other warframe's ability. And, even if you need for the ability to kill the enemy, you can do this by Banshee, Equinox, Saryn or Octavia. Equinox and Octavia are simply better at fire and forget style of area damage aura styled warframe as well. And even Volt, Frost and Oberon can damaging a bunch of enemy in the large area, making them superior to Ember. Just for clearing low level extermination missions these warframes are simply better than Ember, and they are even better on the high tier missions as well. Then, is there any reason to play Ember beside your personal taste? I don't think so.
  5. DroopingPuppy

    Cross platform please

    Although it is not so problematic to allow console gamers and PC gamers in a same server, for this is PvE game, not PvP main, but there are many reasons to block this. First, various consoles have their own company and requires their own terms of the contract. It may prevents to transfer the account across the diffrent platform as well, although I don't know about detailed information(it is just a guess). Second. It would be pain to match all the flatform's versions of the program. PC have almost no boundary beside the laws of the country where DE is, but each consoles will requires deliberation for the recent version before it is actually applied, and as you know, that's why the updates of the consoles are always delayed while the updates of PC is always faster. So, sadly it seems that we can't.
  6. DroopingPuppy

    Programming language

    C and its successor languages are the most popular language on games because it can access for the loot of the system, therefore it is easier to use the most possible resource the personal computer can afford. That's the feat of the language that able to access for the deep side of the system, which is hard to mimic by interpreter language such as Java. It is indeed dangerous, though. C is the most 'primitive' and basic among them but it is the most efficient one, and C++ and C# are not that efficient than C but are much more easier to build and manage so most game company are stick with C++ and C#. Although C++ and C# are not that efficient than C, but that's only compared by C and the diffrent is not too much(and the dev teams of later languages are also try optimize the compiler as well), and more importantly, hardware's evolution leads the programmers to much concentrated on the development and management process. That's why C++ and C# are more popular choices than C for now. Not only optimization is the problem of the programming, and management is also an important part of the program so easy to use and maintain is a hugh benefit actually. Even if your program is fully optimized, a random game-breaking bug can ruin all the project and put your effort for the optimization to shame. But anyway, because C++ and C# are delivered from C, you will need to start with C first. It will help you to also learn C++ and C# as well. It is no secret that many language shares similar structure and command codes, especially for such 'family group' languages.
  7. DroopingPuppy

    Venari Bodyguard feedback

    Perhaps, allow Khora to instant revive Venari again with the augment, but also give the cooldown that Venari dies instead of her master(and show the cooldown on the buff/debuff pointer) seems an option, if lacking Venari seems too punitive for Khora's playstyle.
  8. DroopingPuppy

    Nova Augment: Molecular Fission - Missed opertunity

    Augment mods are always sucks because it needs a precious slot of the warframe and is not an Exilus mod. Every single one shares the problem, not just it.
  9. DroopingPuppy

    Let's make better enemies

    Well, I think that the ideas are not so bad, but too many gimmicks on the mundane enemy seems not a good idea either. But, maybe some kind of mini-boss styled enemy can wield such distinct traits, and place such enemy on the middle of the extermination or mid-unlimited missions seems not so bad either. Not too powerful as Juggernaut, but maybe have seen only one to three on the tier 2 to 4 missions seems fun to have.
  10. DroopingPuppy

    Despoil Sucks (At Least For Camping) : Here Is Why

    Double post.
  11. DroopingPuppy

    Despoil Sucks (At Least For Camping) : Here Is Why

    You are totally wrong. And I wonder why you ever think like that because you should know that Desecrate makes a ton of health orbs around the battlefield if you ever play Nekros and have used Desecrate at least once, or at least have a random Nekros buddy on the mission with random matching. And there are energy leech/parasitic eximus that burns out your energy and without Despoil you can't keep it work, and you can save the energy for casting Shadows of the Dead as well. It is an essential mod to play Nekros, and it actually helps to survive him and his comrade much longer and better. It goes even better if you add Health Conversion, and Shield of Shadows, but Despoil itself already helps him to survive, rather than halts them. It is true that losing health is a risk if you don't use Health Conversion, but the reward is much better and make the party more reliable so it is always better to have the mod.
  12. DroopingPuppy

    Map Clearing Frames in PUBs

    I don't understand why blame someone who just contribute to the mission objective. If you want to blame it, it is you that actually need to go solo, because it is a co-op game and the mission objective is the most important thing on the game, and affinity&item follows it. Objective is the most important because you are also lose much other things if you failed, and many missions are not good at farming, although the topic is aim for unlimited missions mostly. Again, if you want to blame area dd ability, feedback forum regarding the warframe ability is where you have to argue about that. Don't waste your time if you really want anything, for the problem should be balancing issue, not the intent of the player. Also, because it only proceed the objective, it is not the problem of the players at all. At least Limbo prevents to proceed the mission, but what they did is no more than do their job. You don't need to thank them, but you can't have the right to blame them at all - no one could. Well, it is worth noting that DE already want to do something against these, but if you say something for it then it may affect DE to hasten the process.
  13. DroopingPuppy

    Is it true that DE doesn't like money?

    I am half believe that they owns a secret gold mine or holds the money given by the founders and run the game by either golds or profit from interest. /conspiracy That said, it seems that they do making money by Prime Access and Tennogen. And platinum itself can attract us to buy it as well. Because it is the settlement currency on player to player trade, and there are something that only handle by platinum(as you know, the only way to buy the slot is either buy the slot itself or buy the item and slot), you can expect that some of the plats are go away without used for the further trade. So, if plats on the market is low, its rate of exchange should be raised, give you more profit if you buy the plat until there are enough plats on the market. Also, even for someone that doesn't pay anything to DE would need for plats so they will want for it by trade as well. The system will be dry out if we can't get much newbies, but because it is a FtP game they will have much newcomers. Also, it is worth noting that they prove themselves as a good company that want to live with their customers, rather than act like as leechers and only want to gain the profit to us - that's why we like them.
  14. DroopingPuppy

    Map Clearing Frames in PUBs

    Because it is a fast way to clear the mission if they can, of course. Also, since it helps to proceed the mission, rather than hampers or even prevents to do it, there is really no problem to do that - not even a single glitch. And, because of the annoying reliance to Convergence orbs when farming focus, it is even better to kill a bunch of enemy in the limited period of time. With full of benefits, and no harm, why we are bothered to argue about this? I don't gone so far that they are required, but even of such players are exists it doesn't cause any harm for what they do is just contribute to proceed the mission. And as long as the player contribute to proceed the mission(and not delay or prevent to do it), and for missions to farm affinity, as long as they are not prevent the others to gain much affinity, there is no problem at all. If there is a problem, then it should be a balancing issue, but that's not the matter of the players - that's the matter of DE.
  15. DroopingPuppy

    The point of secondaries

    Yeah, early game secondaries are sucks. It may a reason for the doubt on them. Perhaps save for thrown daggers? Becase it has automatic trigger so at least it is easy to use. Also Furis is at least serviceable - not that good, though.