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  1. Although it is full of ridiculous comedy, but it is the best part. Me: Yes it can't be helped that we can't use full of already existed resource or we will simply end it outright. You: You don't get it, for you insist that you want to use full of already existed resource and simply end it outright. Seriously, do you even read the post before make a reply?
  2. Yes, literally. What DE have done for past four years are; - Making the Plains of Eidolon -- Full of exclusive resource, that is although acceptable, but too heavily rely on fishing and mining and force us to do that or bust. It was the prelude for the disaster, I think. Yes, you will not want to see us to put the trucks of alloy plates and salvages gathered for years already to complete everything at once on a day 1 and I understand it - actually no one will expects this for it is too cheap. But wasn't it too much? -- Gara requires too much on mining and also some on fishing. Fishing costs you about a hour at most so it wasn't a great deal consider more difficult ones, but mining was a diaster - and although the better mining of nowdays(strictly speaking, after the release of Orb Vallies) makes it quite doable, but still it requires you to spend considerable time for mining. -- Same with Zaws - we must fishing and mining in order to gain them? Yes it can be a hobby but is it a must? -- You need the amps only for the hunt for the eidolons, and you have to fight against them in order to upgrade your amp. What the hell is going on here? Well, at least they give us Mote Amp by default, and that's a not a bad news at least. - Making the Orb Vallies -- Still requires you to farming and mining to make the items. -- Vox Solaris faction is exclusive for max ranked Solaris United. --Yareli, who is recently introduced Warframe, requires K-Drive to complete the quest for her. -Railjack -- Generally annoying mechanism. At least before had some upgrades your best option is simply put your railjack far, far behind of the line and ride your archwing and infiltrate through the enemy crewships. -- On introduce it, DE removes hitscans on Archwing guns and makes it even harder to use. Remember that Archwing missions are already very annoying missions and they simply make it even worse. - Cambion Drift --The pinnacle of annoyance, even makes plains of eidolon and orb vallies shame. At least those two doesn't requires much for fishing/mining/capture to increase the rank, and you may pay for some plats if you don't like to play those much. But, it is a must on necralisk. It was, litearlly disgusting, to capture five common avichaea for the tags, and I swear that I will not touch the standing of Entatri after I get Helminth Upgrade while I did the hunt for the birds. -Kuva Lick -- You know it needs very long time, only for the hunt for the lich, right? -- And you needs a railjack showdown fight. Yes you are right - they made the game harder and even harder. The only one section or each annoyance may not that bad and can be tolerated. But I have seen the whole combination for four years.
  3. You know, the game is only got worse and worse, and got twisted and complicated that only results annoyance. It is not fun - just an additional forced labor. Yes I don't think that every single things are need to be that easy. There would be a quest that requires a K-Drive to complete, sure, for example. If we did not already suffered for years of forced labor since the plains. If we did not. Also, beside how ridiculous the meaningless showdown on railjack mission, Kuva Lich run was already very time consuming job. And they made it even more complicated than it was. Man, thanks for the updates of last some years, I learned not to do something. If you got some complicated thing, you will try to overcome it. But if it is getting worse and worse and there is no descend, you will end up with forget about it at some point. It was a gain, at least - a hollow one, actually.
  4. For the new war, I can still use my archwings. For the other contents, I will simply do not bother - as I ignore any current railjack related contents.
  5. Because of forced labor handed on us for years, I am even planned to sell all the remaining railjack components and wonder that it will make me unable to enter railjack again, although I have nothing noticeable or valuable for I didn't played it much either so I fear that it doesn't makes much difference.
  6. It is the most disgusting part; I can't get it, but it still steals my property.
  7. Although I see it on the forum and I have checked the in-game announcement, but I don't think that it's more. Especially since nightwave itself doesn't shows its due date despite all the others on the game does on in game.
  8. My lich is still stuck in saturn, and I have no plan for the endgame because it's on railjack. Seriously, WHY we need for a railjack, since it's lich versus tenno, NOT fleet to fleet battle? It's nothing but disgusting and annoying. Aren't Kuva Lich already boring and time consuming job? Why make it even worse and hard(actually, IMPOSSIBLE) to access?
  9. 1: For years I don't formaed non-primed warframes. 2: More importantly, since I don't(or can't) play Granum Void, she is literally unobtainable. And you can't play warframe you didn't get already.
  10. I mean they shouldn't playing against and trapping us.
  11. You don't consider that many players are can be confused(and also deceived) by the next week's due date, which always point out the end of sunday.
  12. Yeah. It seems a 'gotcha' but it shouldn't. We don't play a board game with DE and against them, after all.
  13. When it actually ends is a really important factor, consider the topic. Else didn't you read it?
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