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  1. Well, at least NIghtwave is far better than toxic alert system. I doubt there are anything better than alert, though.
  2. And no one can do something for you. Only support does.
  3. Something that is not useful or usable on the real games is not meaningfull at all, sir. Especially when it requires very heavy setup and equipment to actually do so while the others are do the same far easier than that.
  4. And the worst part of Limbo is he become the enemy of Tenno even if his player don't want it to be. Trolls, which is intended malefactor, are anywhere. But he hampers the teammate all the times unless his player have the correct settings as well as always care for the other players. He is the warframe that his very existence makes the player an unintended malefactor, because of his flawed mechanism that specialized at protect the enemy and interrupt the teammate. That's why I don't blame individual Limbo players. It is DE who have the responsibility for it.
  5. Well said. Although Mag is not that good warframe and she was one of the bad warframe before the update a year ago, but anyway she have her uses and at least she do have her own place. Not like the trash such as current Ember. And most part of Mag's bad reputation is raised because she is a starting warframe. She is not that good warframe but she is actually quite playable on endgame. However, she is a lackluster frame for the starters(or, she is simply inferior to Excalibur and Volt for them) so it is nothing wrong that beginners are hate her, which only makes her reputation even worse than her actual power level. Although, I bet that Mesa and Saryn would be even worse than Mag if they are the starting warframe instead of Mag.
  6. Well, we have to concur that armor is not the only problem of Ember. It is the problem of ridiculous armor scaling. Many other abilities that concentrates on the damage are ineffective against high level grineers as well.
  7. Honestly, before the ridiculous nerf removes her from the game, I was use Ember by soft CC frame on the high level missions. Fire proc prevents the enemy to backstab her, gives enough time to shoot the stationary target, and also helps to trigger Condition Overload. WoF doesn't prevents you to shoot stuffs either. And fire proc and WoF's raw damage can cause some damage to Corpus and Infested, which is not great but quite serviceable. WoF can't kill high level grineers, but so what? You have the guns for a reason, and at least WoF stalls the enemy and let you shoot them easily. But, no more. I don't get it why she was nerfed because she is low level exterminator. Equinox does it much better already. And because low level enemies will die whatever you throw against it, so even Ember with Overextended still works against them, so the 'nerf' only removes the possibility to use Ember on high level and do nothing else.
  8. The other warframes are do no harm to the others even if its teammates are fully understand its ability and what it can. Well, Mag seldom interfere the others by Magnetize, and Frost do by Snow Globe(you know, if it is not on the correct place it only blocks our bullets, not the enemy), but they are not terrible like Limbo. But, Limbo is diffrent. He forces the others to must follow his way or can't do anything else, and he requires the others to fully understand what he can. It is possible that play Limbo to not hampering the others. But it requires you to make the specialized settings and also requires to follow the strict code. Otherwise, he end up with protect the enemy, not the teammate. And only the teammates suffers the price of failure, not Limbo player, which is even worse. I don't said that Limbo is simply useless - actually, he is an auto-win button on Mobile Defense. But, his mechanism can prevents the teammates to shoot stuffs, means usually his very presence already makes the others annoying because he forces to prevent it. Hell, on recent a half of a year, I have a habit that constantly rolling on the game, just because of Limbo - rolling makes you out of the lift if you are trapped by the hole created by Limbo's roll or Banish. I can see some Limbos constantly trap me on the lift by Banish so I have to have the habit.... Understand how he does helps nothing on the problem.
  9. Limbo's problem is he always forces the others to follow his playstyle, and he requires the others to fully know his mechanism. I know his mechanism, but isn't it an arrogance that requires the others to know well on your ability, NOT their own ability? The funny thing is, even if the others are understand the mechanism of Limbo, usually Limbo players are make the game annoying because of Limbo's flawed mechanism and the others are not able to have much solution against it. Well it is better than the past that Limbo can simply blow off the game unless Limbo have the strict code that do no harm to the teammates, though, but it doesn't means Limbo is fine now. An another fun fact: I am actually in defense of Limbo's usefulness, rather than simply deny its existence. At least I am agreed on that Limbo is useful on some situations. But it can't be helped that Limbo is usually nothing but the enemy of Tenno and also occupy the precious one Tenno slot or more.
  10. You only prove that Limbo is bad that much, because Limbo's very mechanism itself is flawed and easily makes the player the enemy of Tenno. The other warframes are usually fine with most players, but Limbo requires strict code and situation or he end up with protect the enemy and also interrupt the Tenno. Yes, Bad players and bad frames are not the same thing. And Limbo doesn't requires a bad players to be the enemy of Tenno. It means only one thing - Limbo is a bad frame, per your logic.
  11. Because of some reasons: First, there are many superior choices. Octavia does all she does(that have a damage dealing aura), have larger range, and also buffs herself and the others. Equinox can do better than Ember as well, and she also have nova(by expend Maim) and the other stuffs that buffs or debuffs the enemy. Only for the trait that have the damage dealing aura, they are simply better for they have much larger area and doesn't needs stupid restrictions. Not to mention about the other many warframes with area DD abilities. Also, there are some warframes that stalls nearby enemy automatically, such as Octavia and Equinox as above, and Banshee. And I bet that you know Ember is not even a good warframe on the low level extermination as well, opposite with the bias against her. Although she can does something, but the problem lies on WoF makes her not so good at it as well. You need Overextended for the stuff for now too. Yes, we don't always required to choose the best possible option, for this is PvE game and we can play the game with some inferior stuffs. But, is she fun enough to pick? I don't think so. Her playstyle is also annoying as well. Passive... well, passives on almost all warframes are sucks and you better forget about it, so pass. Although it is a flaw of her, but she is not the only frame that suffers the same problem either. Fireball is good on the paper, but that's all. Actually its effect is quite good, but the problem is its ridiculously slow charge time that prevents to use it on the real games. Even with Natural Talent its charge time is too slow, but it requires to fully charged to be usable. It is very hard to use it, move and also shoot in the same time. Accelerant is always good, but only if there are usable abilities to support. Since the other abilities on her are unusable, I don't think that Accelerant can turn the tide by its own. Fire Blast... hell, that is no more than a joke. Not a damage dealing ability, and it gives a negligible buff. World on Fire is unusable for now, really. If you really want to use it, you end up with either of situations: -If you let the enemy within its short about 10m range, Ember is easily bleeded. -If you prevent the situation above and keep recast it on each 6 to 8 seconds, you can't do anything but move and recast WoF so you better pick the other warframes and simply cast area DD abilities and get the better result and it is far easier. You know, Ember is a squish frame. Her defensive stat is terrible. But she needs to be stay near of the enemy. But, before the nerf at least she have good chances to use it, for the range around 20m means she can cause fire on the enemy first and have some time to shoot it or make the melee attack while the enemy is stalled. However, the range is cut to a half for now, and its delayed blast mechanism is still unchanged, so the enemy will attack first before you set the enemy fire at least once. Don't get me wrong - it is natural that put the full defensive mods when use Ember. But even for that, it is not enough to save her life on the real games. If World on Fire is on Rhino or Inaros, they will make use of it well. But not Ember. She lacks the kit for the survival at all. All she can have is some petty crowd controls, but it is nothing special on warframes. Anyway, I think that Ember is only competitive with weapons, not warframes. You can mimic Fireball by use a primary weapon. Melee Spin Attack have similar range with World on Fire, and it is much faster than the delayed blast. And if you pick the other warframe you can enjoy its ability. Then, why we are bothered to use Ember, apart the personal taste? I don't think we have any reason to do.
  12. It means you are must be the host, isn't? It means you can't play the mission when join the game, for you will start near of the teammate that is already on the game.
  13. You can't farm Nitain by alert well, because it was released 4 per a day, means you are likely lose two or three of them on the most times, and in the many times you end up with no alert for Nitain at all. Although current economy of Nightwave is bad, I bet Wolf Cred would be far better, easier and faster than Alert if you want to farm Nitains. Again, it does not means current mechaism is good - the old Nitain Alert was sucks that much.
  14. Although I have some active clan members, I don't want to do it because it is annoying - it requires you to ask to the other clan member that do the boring job with him. I will accept if the other clan member ask it, but I don't want to ask it to the others first.
  15. This. Although archwing missons are sucks, archwing itself is a very good transport and utility tool on the plain/valley. On archwing missions you are constantly struck by the obstacle and you will quickly wonder why you are fly in the first place. But in plains and valley you CAN fly with it.
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