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  1. Quick melee. It is the reason why I am abandoned the melee weapons for two years - no quick melee and forced to change the weapon to melee makes too much annoyance to overall gameplay and I have to drop the melee weapon at all ever since. It is sad to see my Primed weapons I was desperately want to be Primed, only make it 30 lv without a swing and throw away at Orbiter and don't look back again. When a 'melee weapon only' restriction is on the mission, I pick Saryn, change the weapon to Scanner and only kill the enemy by the ability and do not make a melee attack because I am very angry for re
  2. Do not play Limbo unless set the team to singleplay or it's mobile defense(not void fissure of course), for hiss whole abilities are easily distrubs the other teammates. Non-void fissure mobile defense is an exception to this, for he is basically an auto win button on Mobile Defense and the mission does not requires to kill something(that is what Limbo prevents). Also, if you have to play Limbo with the other teammates, never rolls on the surface for Limbo's roll creates a trap for your teammate to fell them to the lift. Aside various intended/unintended annoyance caused by Limbo just because
  3. As long as DE don't force us to play fishing and mining, it is fine. But they do force us to also play such things. Also, since Warframe is basically about killing stuff, it is not something for normal fishing and mining game.
  4. As title said. I have removed the skins on my own account by call for a help on Support, but after that I found that the problem is on market that the package does not include Caustacyst. Was it intended?
  5. It seems I have to buy the new stuffs. The problem is, I can't sell it. Anyway I will deal with the support. Thanks for confirm it.
  6. You have to deal with the support. You are just waste the time on here, for there is no one to do anything with this. If you want to find someone to do anything, go support. Also as above, it seems you didn't follow the policy of channel properly.
  7. I did join Warframe for PvE. I don't think that PvP should be removed from the game, but I don't have any interest for it either. Lunaro seems interesting, but I have no chance to ever play it.
  8. It is actually a good change, if it was intended. Magnetize was blocking all teammate's bullet as well so it is annoying as a little Cataclysm. That's why I never use it on non-solo missions - I don't want to disturb the teammates.
  9. As title says. I have also checked Firestorm&Primed but it is not able to stack.
  10. This topic never dies. Don't get me wrong; I want the grenade as well. The problem is there is no hint that DE have any idea to actually allow us to do so.
  11. It is also possible that they are technically dead already. Also, since Necralisk is a 'city' attached to an open world, like as Cetus and Fortuna, I don't think that only one Tenno was welcomed. Each of us are the only person to play the first quest, perhaps, but the others are allowed to enter the city somehow.
  12. I suspect that they are not the part of the various atrocity Orokin Empire have committed, thus they are not in our list in the first place. Not all Orokin are evil bastards, as you know. Our mother, who was murdered by foul Orokins, is an Orokin as well.
  13. At least it is happy that I am not alone. It sucks, seriously. And it also occurs on foundry or relics as well, not only the end mission UI.
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