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  1. 1 hour ago, White_Matter said:

    I rarely find squads for Lich nodes nowadays. People either got everything they wanted, or they stay simply don't bother playing them.

    I know what went wrong with Liches has been discussed in broad strokes, but if we were to go into details,  what do you think are the top 3 things that has to change for Lich gameplay to liven up again ?

    It's a limited reward high level farm with not a lot of long term repeat value spread across all nodes, every one of those things is going to make make finding consistent groups a challenge. If you really want more seamless and consistent matchmaking though the node aspect is probably the harshest factor, spreading potential playing points to like 150+ areas is naturally going to make finding other people grouped together vastly more difficult because that makes it so those people could be over 150 other places. Making smaller more localized batch of nodes where liches occur, or making liches compatible with the base starchart missions would immediately improve matchmaking potential, but then of course you have to ask how reasonable it is to thrust a higher level system on random players who aren't seeking that particular task, or why if its a higher level system other players shouldn't be expected to be able to handle the challenge themselves at a bare minimum and company being just added convenience. Like we have to be real, this game hasn't been very caring for co-op in a long time, nukes by themselves are just prominent displays of a dismissal of co-op care/prioritization, the expectation is really no longer how can I find other people to have fun with but whether they're necessary or not to be efficient, and in that regard it falls into the previous concept of what difficultly is being aimed for with liches and how forgiving it is meant to be in regards to people who want to be aren't yet prepared to tackle the system individually, and then how to compensate for such. (to be clear i'd prefer if this game went back to its more co-op promoting roots myself, but i just don't think the effort to get there is anything de is willing to bear through with this playerbases current stances on rebalancing)

  2. On 2020-07-29 at 4:16 PM, Felsagger said:


    The problem was reasoned this way. There are big wales that has exaggerated amount of platinum. We have to cut off their growth this way. There should be a boundary. 

    This is how they solved the problem partially. However penalizing good players for their work leaves a bad soar and a bad reputation. This is a case by case specifics but the way DE handling it is not the best way. 


    Where was this reasoning provided and what does it have to do with farming an in-game resource heavily divorced from most plat related benefits excluding a single booster with a very defined and set benefit? Having money influences this resource very little, you can buy one relatively cheap booster that is easily acquirable to anyone to increase its acquisition but the majority of the work is gameplay based, how efficiently you are killing enemies, how long you can remain within a mission, and node choice, whaling is distinctly not an option here to even begin to try and counter. 

  3. 6 minutes ago, Felsagger said:

    I agree with what you wrote but a question in general, should we accept getting trade chat banned for playing the game and being good in it? So we are penalized for being good profitable players, DE?!!!


    Hold it, This seems to be the first red flag. DE you should tell us the rules of the game so we know what is going on and how to behave instead of getting penalties. 

    I mean to our awareness this ban isn't intentional so nobody is particularly accepting of it, de included, it's just the situation we're in until de can figure out how to resolve the issue. they did a fix a week or two ago that they believed remedied the issue, seems it didn't take to the fullest effect, now you can only either wait out the next fix, wait out the ban, or contact support, and that has nothing to do with supporting the instance, its just recognizing the limited range of power available for treating the issue as it is. 

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  4. 12 minutes ago, LSG501 said:

    Irony being that the (current) rework for Saryn was done by Pablo (iirc) and is now the one being referenced as saying it's OP.....even though the rework was praised as being a really good rework on release....

    to be fair she was like his first rework so he was coming from a pretty narrow field of experience back then. also i'm not sure about her rework getting praised for being good more so than being ridiculous since she came out stronger initially than she was even now and everyone had a riot about that. 

  5. 29 minutes ago, (XB1)YoungGunn82 said:

    Yes this is the problem.  Nerfing Warfames into the ground won't make enemies less dead or challenging. Enemies will still lemming each other and run past you, have terrible pathing, bewildering tactics, and dated reaction time. Enemies have never had a meaningful AI update. We need an enemy rework 2.0 before they finish the weapon rework and/or nerf another frame. 

    It arguably would since the most effective means of making enemies dead is overtuned Warframe abilities, not being able to nuke a tristate area with a Saryn will definitely make enemies less dead in generalized context, which in turns means more direct engagements with enemies which then translates to some level of enhanced difficulty even if it is a very bare level of it. Nerfing frames won't completely redefine the games combat no, but it does shift how our combat encounters pan out all the same. Dial this game back a couple years of power creep and just on frame and weapon balance values alone this game used to have a far less corrosive and divisive community views on the games difficulty and combat structure.  

    As for reworking enemies before reworking us, that sounds like a not great plan when player power is more or less the base of this games combat, it's the center stone for influencing what kind of enemy design would be necessary to combat us, if you work on enemies first the redefine the entire power structure of players they're just going to have to go back and revise enemies again to match the new structure anywho. It's more important to set the base range of player performance first and then modify enemies to match our new boundaries which smoothens out the process immensely. 

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  6. On 2020-05-21 at 3:34 PM, IEtherI said:

    So again another set of augments released and we still do not have one for wisp. I understand wisp has a strong kit but can someone please explain the logic behind why wisp is being ignored for an augment?

    I imagine augment creation isn't as simple as just wanting one for x-frame, you actually have to have an idea for the augments first and then make it, I imagine this happened for Wisp since the alternative makes no sense aka they just for some reason dislike and what to ignore their own products. 

  7. 5 hours ago, R.O.G.U.E. said:

    More challenging AI is still a whole lot better than stupid AI, no matter which way ya slice it.

    If enemies were made to live long enough to be able to utilize said ai, sure, but that would require either notable buffs to near all enemy factions, or notable nerfs to the highest power scales of our own arsenal. good or bad ai means nothing when enemies can be removed from play before they are even granted the opportunity to utilize said ai. 

  8. 11 hours ago, (PS4)zeratul____12 said:

    The detail I mean is that whenever the narrator talks about a Warframe he uses interesting pronouns to describe them. He always talks about them as individuals and not as though they are assembly made, for example instead of saying "and the Ash did not move" he says "Ash did not move". This seems to indicate that warframe designs may not be mass produced but rather each warframe is unique. 


    Anyone else have some thoughts on this?

    Keep in mind these stories are coming from an outsiders perspective, an unreliable narrator who is just coloring between the lines of an experience as they see it, so while to this person in particular frames might seem to be individuals that doesn't make a confirmed canon that they are truly individuals. Just like Hunhow called Alad a Orokin because they appear to be the same species, it isn't an entirely true or accurate world statement, to Hunhow he is Orokin because Hunhow doesn't see the class separation that made Orokin different from the rest of the human species, but to alternate observers who are aware of the class divides and perceive Orokin by that nature that is a wholly untrue statement to call him Orokin. 

    To an off observer who has maybe only encounter one of a particular frame series it's easy to believe that frame is an individual of one unique kind, and given we don't know if there was a way to make a distinction between any two frames outside having them both actively standing in the same scene with each other, it's easy to conflate all instances of that frame appearing as this singular entity, even if each appearance may have been a separate frame system wide.

    Canonically we don't know how many frames there are, or if there are duplicates, and what inklings we get are just that, inklings, like when Lotus referred to an Excalibur as "this Excalibur" during an official comic, it's an odd word choice to use as well for a frame if it's the only of its identifier but ultimately not a bold enough statement either to cast aside other possibilities, likewise to this, the narration just isn't reliable or explicit enough. 

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  9. 1 minute ago, (PS4)Kakurine2 said:

    There is something behind the curtain we don't know at present.  Thats for sure.

    If lotus ends up being a boss and we find out she was tricked or brainwashed by something.  I for one will still kill her if we are given the choice.

    I would hate for that to wind up a choice based decision honestly, live die or otherwise they need to commit to one outcome for the Lotus and go with it, Warframe isn't a game that can support divergent story telling and leaving a major story character like Lotus' fate to the players basically necessitates it if the story beat is to be done well. 

    I'd save her myself because she has potential as a character and it'd be a waste to throw that out, but I would eagerly hope some kind of shift in the status quo would follow apart from things returning to normal (in the broadest sense) and her just going back to her Lotus form and playing the concept of an ideal mother. The Lotus' entire past is just some lowkey story of woe and lost identity so it'd be nice for her to move past that after all these years, the tenno got their coming of age and I guess it's high time she got hers.

  10. 1 hour ago, ILOHARTA said:

    there is a moment, during the Erra cinematic, in which Ballas turns around his face while making what I consider a "creepy grin", as if he knows more than what the viewer is thinking he does. There is a chance that he let himself be captured for.... Void only knows the answer

    The more foreboding thing was how the entire scene closed out, the grin was just to get the mental ball rolling about his presentation up to now possibly not being sincere, but the closing of the scene after where he was allowed to stand tall, leash no longer being held, mirroring Era in every way. 

  11. 14 hours ago, (PS4)Kakurine2 said:

    Space mom isn't missing she is a sentient spy traitor.  She is our enemy in the new war.

    I do admit though that the era cinematics seem to imply something is off. Balas, lotus, and era.  Thier talks and body language all imply more then we know atm. 

    The tenno are beings of the void if they master their powers nothing can beat them.

    It's been pretty express since the start something isn't right with the presentation of the Lotus post kidnapping, her abrupt flip in demeanor when Ballas did his energy wave thing, when she droned on about her family and origin like some propaganda filter, the way her helmet (her essence in a way to us the viewers) seems to continually reach out to us, her recently revealed memory lapses, everything edging her out to be against us is constantly filled with this level of dubiousness that just shouts we're being mislead. Then the most recent development almost consolidates that theory entirely by showing us there seems to be an entirely hidden plot going on beneath what we've been told and that we've more or less been following an entirely fabricated path, even the matter with the paracesis has a whole other level of implication if ballas wasn't actually a vindictive captive at that time but a puppeteer trying to pull our strings. 

  12. 1 hour ago, SocialFox said:

    My biggest concern with Hard mode, if they add rewards that are "Exclusive" to hard/ultra mode, then I can Guarantee people will *@##$ about it, even if it's not inherently exclusive to those modes, if it makes it easier to get specific things, then people are going to moan. I just hope DE sticks to their guns and make this harder content more rewarding, otherwise, it'll flop, as nobody would have any reason to do it aside from bragging rights.

    I think it's more important at this stage to actually consolidate a way to make the mode deliver on its aims of difficulty before we worry about rewards, if the mode doesn't manage to implement a trade off for it's enhanced rewards (more challenge for more rewards) then it'll just result in creating more express imbalances in the games overall progression structure, which is something DE already struggles with year by year as it is. Just hiking up levels most people should know isn't really an increase in difficulty for game with our kind of power curves, we outscale enemies to the nines and even enemies in the thousands of digits can't prompt a proper opposition to us, so just hiking up levels on their own isn't going to initiate some upper level difficulty for any of the playerbase actively out of difficulty to face already, there needs to be more, what more can be a range of things from more layered enemy units to altered mission objectives to actively finishing what Scott said about bringing in our highest power factors, but there needs to be a more because just level adjustments won't cut it and that balancing factor is essential to then balancing out rewards in kind. 

  13. I don't care especially for the Ash deluxe (a little too bland a design for me, feels like an npc just fell out of elder scrolls into warframe) but I'm excited for Garuda and Khora's works, a gothic marionette doll and geisha(?) literally built with florals and cacti are very neat concepts to see explored. I know some people have concerns about awkward proportions with the later skin (though i have to ask all the people calling her pregnant to actually look up what a pregnant woman's stomach looks like) but honestly looking at anything beyond the primary unfaltering example in circulation with a bad angle I'm not too concerned, besides if y'all want to hound awkward body proportions go after her base skin with the toothpick waist. 

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  14. Let's be honest, if the only changes to the game to make this mode difficult are mildly inflated levels it is going to fail at any remote semblance of actually creating difficulty, we've been able to deal with enemies into the thousands of digits for years now, effortlessly, the only difficulty fighting high level enemies has posed in this game for a long while is the time it takes to reach them and then waiting out when those levels break the mode and that's about it. You can pop open youtube right now and find half a dozen videos with ease of players manhandling enemies up to 10000 solo, that's how insignificant levels are in Warframe at the supposed endgame level. Scaling itself is just a meaningless system in Warframe past the beginning and if DE plan to rely on it solely to generate difficulty in the current state of the games balance it's going to achieve nothing. They'd be better off just tripling enemy spawns or something, it'd at least have the potential to keep people more active which they might conflate with difficulty, as opposed to arbitrary spreadsheet values that won't impact gameplay.

    Scott talked about trimming some of the highest capabilities of our tools during his recent interview, at the least maybe they should consider finishing that before trying to create and balance a new difficulty mode which will inevitably be heavily impacted by that situation. 


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    On 2020-05-09 at 1:29 AM, (PS4)Silverback73 said:

    I need to see proof of the “imminent pet update”.  Kubrows were a huge part of my earlier WF days.  

    But if this isn’t just runaway speculation based on a blurb about “goals”, I want to see it.


    Note this was brought up before DE had to reshuffle their deck so to speak because of work from home so we don't really know the state of the rework now, the changes were initially slated for March but that clearly didn't work out, and the only update we've had since was last home time I believe with Sheldon only commenting on having people working on stasis removal, which in turn I would assume suggests the other changes may have been sidelined for the moment, likely so they could pickup the slack in other areas of the game that have been set adrift due to restructuring.


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  16. 8 minutes ago, Xenox_Ilz-ot said:

    idk, the whole text says it, "seems too much - seems like press 4 to win - fighters might as well not exist"

    Everything in this post is asking for a nerf

    but does it actually ask anywhere for a nerf? or is that just your own conclusion based on how the ability is presented that you are just projecting onto the op? 

  17. 1 minute ago, Wearbe said:

    Tonight I started to NOT build Dome Charges. I leave it empty at the Dojo so there are none at the start of the mission and with no resources, we can't build any.  I shoot out the 3 engines on Crew Ships and then leave them there. My crewmates figure out pretty fast that boarding is what I'm asking them to do.  While they do that and the Large Ground Objectives (if there are any), I'm not wasting time sitting in static position waiting for the Dome shots... I farm, take out fighters, disable Crew Ships (and remove force fields if they have them), and hit exhaust thingies on the exteriors of the Large Ground Objectives when they pop out.  By the time they finish the Crew Ships, the map is mostly farmed, the fighters are gone and we can start a new mission. It is still very fast and everyone is busy. I don't get boarded any more, I have Engineering 10 so I can repair from my seat (which is hardly ever needed anymore, either) and side gunners are not really all that helpful, so this works.

    Also, ever since the "easy patch" nobody uses the sling-shot anymore.  Tonight, I had several people use it once they saw the dome charges were empty.

    Not sure what message you are trying to present here, that full part play can still happen, or if its so bad that you have to self sabotage to provide value to other roles, but I do have to ask why did nobody just craft dome charges throughout the mission? Did they just unanimously decide they want everyone to have a good time / things to do, because that would be quite the rare gem. 

  18. I played it for fun on and off before the rework, not sure what there is to do now though, far less opportunities for engagement since a single person can nuke through a majority of the mode solo and tasks for managing the ship has been heavily reduced. I appreciated the railjack for the spread of gameplay opportunities it had while being able to contribute to content and while I also appreciate the lower end of gameplay had some pacing/progression issues they sort of just took down all ends of gameplay and in turn watered down a lot of the afforementioned gameplay opportunities, engineering, boarding, and side turrets are all far less relevant/active roles now (first two may not be relevant at all anymore) and if your mission doesn't wind up with group objectives half the team honestly can wind up with nothing to do most of the mission, and one of the two with a job only having to fire six shots the full mission. The mode is less active now which is a shame, the one thing I always wanted back for this game was a more cohesive co-op play, but now even Railjack is heading towards the one many carry while the rest watch style of design. Guess it's nice this one at least doesn't mess with spawns should you play solo so it's not as bad, still a shame though, the mode went from wanting a co-op presence to not caring about the co-op experience at all.   

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  19. 1 hour ago, (PS4)CoronelXupomoses said:


    We don't know, it seems to be aimed for the next two weeks potentially but that's just vague approximations, it's best to wait until we hear more and that more likely will come this friday since we have a devstream of sorts. 

  20. 1 hour ago, MysticDragonMage said:

    1. the challenge of warframe is getting to the point where you are now. things have not become easier. you've just progressed.

    we legitimately just witnessed a mass culling of difficulty in railjack not remotely bound to someone's progresse, earlier this year we witnessed as well a mass increase in player safety with armor buffs and shield gating, aslo not tied to ones progress, we witnessed enemy accuracy get reduced and armor scaling get butchered, also not tied to our progress, and effectively the removal of a counter balance mechanic for explosive weapons, not a one of these changes that made the game easier were a result of individual progression, they were blanket system changes that made the game inherently easier as a whole. and that is without delving into power creep as well which is a much more long standing issue in the game that is also not directly tied to self progression but impacts gameplay/difficulty/engagement just as well. 

  21. 2 hours ago, Felsagger said:


    Of course DE can. The question is DE wants it? The ideal horde game, in my opinion, brings in a different bag in every round other than the same games with few Nox in them. The open question remains. Adding different types of enemies that are more strategic and careful in combat, does that throws away the horde game? I'm curious about this question. 

    There are few examples that I commented before but here is a good list of horde mode: 


    On these games you can see the importance of the level design, the aids and the different tiers you see throughout the survival runs. The game play activity on these are satisfying and the 'grind' is pleasant because there is so much going on. ESO and SO are the horde modes available and so the defense modes such as Akkad and Hydron as the most common. I think that Hydron requires a big tune up and a better place making the grinding more entertaining and exiting other than leveling up weapons or frames. 

    Arguably I'd say it would throw away the horde design of the game if they focused more on specialized enemies units and nuanced counter play, merely because there isn't really a way to make such a design work without scaling back enemy density which is inherent to a horde setup. Making enemy encounters highly tactical just by nature goes against a horde bashing design by prompting focused combat on individual units when horde combat is largely about fighting very large groupings, enemies are either largely trivial and just there to be bashed, or they are nuanced and require levels of individual focus to take down and both are very different combat styles, both can deviate slightly into the other but it won't ever have a noticeable impact without fully diving into the other form of play i.e nox units have a slight tactical leaning but its so minor they are still trivialized by standard large scale burst strategies. They're just not very compatible sentiments. That said, I don't know if this game has strengths in either tactical or horde combat at this point in balance, tactics wise most of our power is so overtuned we can brute force our way through all obstacles with very minimal (if any) adaptation or skillful play, bosses are the closest to an exception to that matter and they are highly specialized encounters that are far and few between, and horde wise frequently there is never enough enemies in a mission with a full group to entertain all players like a horde mode should, and playing solo spawns are similarly shifted and you still wind up typically with not enough enemies to entertain, it's a sort of lesser design success on both paths. 

    DE has focused so much on loot acquisition that they've sort of sidelined gameplay for Warframe, it's there but as a very vague after thought. ESO and SO were a good concept for a horde rush mode but the lack of attention to balance in the game has failed it on multiple levels that make it satisfying, if you aren't mind numbingly burning through the mode with a nuke carry then you're struggling to even make it past entry points as anything not nuke oriented, assuming that is even optional since you can't filter what you matchmake with, except with great burden. Defense I was never fond of honestly but it's fallen behind further as our combat pacing has gone to the nines and scaling/endless has been made increasingly irrelevant, while the mode itself has adapted effectively none and been given consideration just as much. To solve either of those matters though is a much large matter of DE deciding how they want to prioritize engagement however, and if the focus is solely on rewards with gameplay as faint mask, or if they really want to pull up gameplay and make it a means of satisfaction on its own. Or maybe deciding is too late and what we have is all we'll ever have as stipulated by Steve somewhat some time ago when asked about intrinsic versus extrinsic rewards. 

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