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  1. Glad I farmed when the update released. Upset its breaking like this, what a weird thing to prompt a mechanic to shut down. It's also VERY common for this to happen.
  2. What's not very clear to me if it's just top 1000 and above players that will have to send an email or should all the 200k people send one? I placed 1370~ but I received all the other Tennocon rewards (statue, staff skin and Athodai, still no Hydroid tho).
  3. Reading comprehension at its finest.
  4. I don't think anyone even read the original thread comment, jesus. He wasn't in Region chat, he wasn't talking to someone else in a public setting, his "jokes" weren't directed at the guy who reported him either. I don't think you'll get a ban for this, OP. If you do, you have 2 friends + chat log to corroborate your claim, and then the accuser would then get banned (suspended rather) for false accusation. Don't worry about this, keep having fun with your friends and stop using this forum. People here are MR 0 in reading comprehension.
  5. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  6. Conseguir o Velox vai ser minha morte... Mas em geral, ótimo update. A melhor parte pra mim é a trilha sonora do novo tileset.
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