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Minor issues with eidolons and eidolon related stuff


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Opticor and Pencha Scaffold, those weapons are unusabel on eidolons for some reason - they do little to no damge compared to what they are capabel in any other content. It might have to do with their thicc beam, but come on, its an old and known issue, fix it already.

Unairu wisp - its visibility is terrible in the part of the game where its most usefull - eidolon hunting, its night and you have explosion chaos around you, granted, it might be toned down a little soon. How am I supposed to see the wisp when even cetus wisps are almost invisible at night? Add a glow effect to Unairu wisp of chosen energy color of the operator.

This might fit more to bugs but its related - fix the random teleports of the eidolon - its annoying and if it happens once, it usualy happens at least once more. Thats enough to slow down 5x3 to 4x3 or even sometimes to 3x3. If a lure is attached to any part of his body, he shouldnt randomly teleport.

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You can oneshot a limb without a Riven using the Opticor. You just have to aim properly


1 minute ago, Xardis said:

Unless RNG on hit detection says no.

Never had any issues. Not even once. There are some 0s but the limb is destroyed anyway

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