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Speed Holster


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This video is almost 2 years old now.

This issue is way older than that but DE don't want us to have nice things. RIP Simulacrum Spawn Limit Bug.

At this point I've given up on DE because it's clear they're never going to stop relying on bandaids instead of addressing the root problem. They've made at least two more holster speed mods since then anyway (Streamlined Form and now Vigorous Swap from elite alerts).

In spite of all that Speed Holster is still my go-to aura and has been for a long time now. It might be a years old bandaid but it's not like I'm missing out on a great deal by using it over other '''''''''''''''valuable''''''''''''' auras like Rifle Amp in that video up there.

In fact I'd go so far as to say Speed Holster is the best aura you can use.

If you want radar use enemy sense in exilus.

If you need CP then either have a pre-made squad with 4 or there's no point to using it at all.

Energy siphon is rubbish.

Amp auras with the exception of steel charge for excalibur and umbra meme builds are rubbish

Growing Power is e-peen.

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Or give us weapon exilus slots.

let us choose a utility mod for our weapons without sacrificing damage. Sure, not infinite utility, but one could go a long way. Silencer mod? Swap speed? Reduced recoil? Projectile speed? Zoom?

thats five mods I never see on builds. Yes, if we are just given infinite mod slots it'd be (infinite) power creep. But providing a single mod slot with limitations? That will encourage more variety and choice, rather than sacrificing damage/efficiency for a minor utility. 

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