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500 Free Platinum For Iphone/ipad Users


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There's a promotion right now where iPhone/iPad users can get a free voucher for 20GBP worth of platinum (not region restricted, from what I've seen) just for getting a PC Gamer UK trial issue. Basically, here's what you need to do.


1. Go to the App Store on your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad.

2. Search for "PC Gamer UK" (Not the USA version - both are available in the USA App Store)

3. Download the app

4. Select "free trial," and allow Apple to send your information to PC Gamer

5. Download the issue of the magazine (optional)

6. Go back to the App Store, scroll to the bottom of the "Featured" tab, and click your Apple ID, and tap "View Account"

7. Under "Subscriptions" tap "manage."

8. Under "PC Gamer Subscription," turn "Auto-Renewal" off.

9. Between now and September 6th, you will receive your voucher code via email. Enjoy!


As a side note, definitely consider keeping the PC Gamer UK subscription if you're at all into gaming. They have some great articles, and often include $20+ of free games and free content every month!

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he didnt post any links. .so what virus?

PC Gamer is a legit magazine Oo




What’s more, readers will get £20 of free Warframe in-game currency. The issue is available now, via the App Store, Google Play, or Zinio. Alternatively, you can subscribe to get each issue delivered to your door




Problem is.... its UK only Or hard magazine.

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People seriously think PC Gamer is trying to give them a virus? Wow.

I was able to get it through the US App Store on iOS.


People are stupid.


No. People is just not sure that app really belongs to PC Gamer. That's a different thing. Maybe it's real, maybe it's not, but if it is, it means PC Gamer is ready to pay way more money than the real cost of the magazine just on a marketing strategy. That's the weird part that makes me feel uncomfortable.

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Seems legit. Now all I have to do is get am iPhone :)



Google play wont work here.

I have no iphone.

Cant try it :/




£2.49 with

30 day free trial


You can also buy the issue from Zinio for $5 - basically just making it a 75% off platinum coupon. Or you could get a friend/family member to let you borrow their iPhone/iPod/iPad for 5 minutes.

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