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  • Will there be private hubs (Fortuna/Cetus) for players queueing as 'Solo' in the future?
  • Is there a set date for Melee 3.0 yet?
  • Regarding Arbitrations:
    • Is there a possiblity we might get filled Ayatans instead of the empty ones, as it's quite an issue trying to farm for Stars (especially Ambers)?
    • Do you have any plans to keep the Arbiter vendor supplied with new items; possibly even rotation based, as is the case with baro Ki'teer? The current items can be obtained very quickly and there will soon be no reason to play the gamemode other than endo farm (which we are appretiative of, but I don't think that's all it should be).
    • Are there any changes regarding Defense/Survival slated for the near future, as the current 10 minutes/10 waves system drags on for far too long (especially the case in Defense). Currently the only Arbitrations worth doing are Interception and Excavation. Survival is the 3rd in the line, but with the spawn rates/drops being disfunctional, it's often a pain to do.
  • Are there any plans to add more Operator voices/VA's? In a lot of player's opinions, we have >1< that sounds appropriate enough for a Void enhanced human teenager (the female one; it's name eludes me at the time).
  • Are there plans to involve the Helminth table in the future? Players have been speculating we would be able to enhance our Warframes with different parts, thus altering their appearance AND functionality. The prime example of this would be the introduction of Sentient Arm Cannons which you've showcased many moons ago. I believe it would be lore-friendly and a definite step forward in terms of personalized death machine-human creations we call Warframes.


That's it from me. I apologize for any typos, I'm way too tired to spell-check due to 3 days of working/university from 6am to 9pm. D:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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