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Hidden combos?


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I just noticed, after 4 years of playing, when doing random sh*t with Tempo Royal, that if you do hit - hit - pause - S or Block - hit - hit -hit it will do a different combo ending with a slam.

I've never seen that, & I've never seen anyone mentioning this. Please don't tell me this was in the game since the beginning, I feel dumb already by myself ><

& Why is this hidden & not in the combo list?

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going by the wiki, it's the Resplendant Calma Combo, and it should be second on the list. a lot of the stances have a combo that you more or less have to either practice or goof off to actually get that combo going. DE don't add new attacks to stances, a Stance is a Stance, so I'm gonna have to be the one to tell you it's been around a while. I don't tend to use this combo a lot myself I prefer the August Mesto combo for moving forward while attacking.

don't worry, with Melee 3.0 each stance will only have a few combos to learn, and they'll be much easier to pull off.

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