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With the new patch coming (Soon™) and Good bois and Even Gooder Bois getting a loot-pickup mod, I wanted to share my Goodest Boi with the community.

This is my goodest boi. His name is Rico and he likes long walks in the rain, cuddling with me next to the aquarium while looking at the fishes, bathing in the blood of his enemies and chewing on his Grineer... not sure what that is, but its screaming.
He gets especially excited when Space Mom visits because she always has some tasty treats for him, Ordis does not approve (see below)
Ordis isn't happy because Rico doesn't leave behind presents, he leaves behind missiles that smell like old socks (?).



sorry about image sizes, i suck at forum-ing.
Rico hates:
1) Squirrels (his nemesis)
2) His reflection (the only enemy that he cant eat for some reason)
3) vegetables 
4) People that dont greet him first

Rico likes Kavats, they are useful toothpicks.
Dont touch Blanky.
Dont touch Blanky.
*Guttural growl followed by sound of Opticor charging* Dont touch Blanky.

He also likes cheek rubs.
He also wants to thank Space Mom for the treats. 


If you dont mind, would you share your favourite pet?
Preferably Kubrows or Hellminth chargers, but kavats are welcome too!

(btw look up the hunter mods, have some cool stuff for companions, like bonus crit, force attack on slash proc, your pet can heal you with its attacks etc.)

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They are both beautiful! I got one full formad Adarza and Smeeta (like everybody else) - but my favorite by far and most used companion among beasts is Freya. She's protective and very good at finding critical energy, health and even life support :D She might've costed 5 formas, but that was well worth it. She's a gorgeous gal with beautiful blue eyes!


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GOOFBALL used to be my favourite per, a battle-hardened Huras Kubrow worth her salt for every bit. She was both adorable and useful, very much so (sortie useful really, damage-wise too). But the day came when it was time to put her to stasis and give her the honorary name of GOOFBALLS. Because there can only be one GOOFBALL (per slot) and that slot was about to be filled with a Smeeta Kavat, my new GOOFBALL.

Now every time I go do kuva survival, cryotic or mine on the plains, my GOOFBALL is there to give me untold riches. Which she does. I do miss my old GOOFBALL from time to time but the new GOOFBALL makes up for it with kuva so it's okay, knowing that the old GOOFBALL is seeing sweet goofballery dreams in good stasis.

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