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3 minutes ago, WolfMaster233 said:

hey how could i help with these codes any clues?


do you live in New York City? near 5th/81st, 2nd/79th, or the east end of Hoyt Ave S? if yes, grab your phone and go to one of those 3, if not, then nope

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hey what if we take all the ads locations from west to east and idk like take all the tempitures and put them together put them to google see what location we get and put them into google and see from there



this might be stupid sry i just want to help

and i live in lithuania


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    Hidden behind images:
    40.75397,-73.98301             <= NYC                     
    37.74023,-122.40061            <= San Francisco                         F (Or English M) CONFIRMED *DE CONFIRMED*

    from nowere sourced (IRL Hunters):
    34.0838639,-118.3588854        <= 7753 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, USA     R CONFIRMED *DE CONFIRMED*
    40.7735795,-73.957883        <= NYC 78th and 3rd Avenue                P CONFIRMED *DE CONFIRMED*
    40.7739197,-73.9550544        <= NYC 80th and 2nd Ave phone booth        L CONFIRMED *DE CONFIRMED*
    From meta-data:
    39.95201,-75.17349          <= Philidelphia                            T  (Or English I) CONFIRMED *DE CONFIRMED*
    40.77052,-73.91834          <= NYC (Tax office)                        #sign on maps: "the  business" "turnaround king" "the profit", last line un clear#

    From Second File:
    41.859, -87.624             <= 1720 S Michigan Dog Run Chicago
    40.77052, -73.9183             <= 29-20 Hoyt Avenue South NYC
    40.77334, -73.95446         <=301 East 79th Street, Manhattan NYC
    40.7783, -73.96272             <= 2 East 81st Street Manhattan NYC
    found to probably be relevent:
    39.950524, -75.147262          <= Philidelphia 4th and Market            O  CONFIRMED *DE CONFIRMED*
    40.6070603,-124.1126467        <= CA Fortuna 95540                        NO INFO
this is the file rn, any one wanna update?

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vor 1 Minute schrieb MrMroczneMleczko:

Yes we are talking about THAT txt file, you are very late my sir.


misunderstandings everywhere^^ i thought you were late^^ nvm. a few pages back is an petition for creating an firrren k-deck^^

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