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In Defense of Fashion Frame: Visual Perception Buff


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Fashion Frame opens the eyes just as those eye training games do for reading. 

I just joined a fashion frame contest. After meticulously picking colors and items for the contest theme, I left the contest relay then noticed a more heightened sensory awareness.

While traversing the relay, viewing animations and art something changed. I even noticed a screen in the Liset animations of space that was vivid but instant. Fashion Frame became like a computer refresh rate buff for the mind! 

My yoga teacher says the artists’ energy is in the eyes. This was evident today as more energy flowed through the eyes while fashion framing, which translated into a more detailed art appreciating.

Thank you Thank you, Tennito 

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Anyways fashionframe doesn't really need defending since it's just fun... Like people shouldn't critique it for the same reasons I don't critique endurance runners, or hydron goers. People find different things enjoyable and even if I think it's weird i can fundamentally understand finding something others consider odd to be enjoyable

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