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[CLAN] [PS4] [Soro Kuran] Clan for solo/PUG players


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Do you hate clan chat spam and want to play warframe at your own speed?

Soro Kuran is a Year One post beta Shadow clan repurposed for PUG/SOLO players.

We have all research except for the Ignis Wraith and some of the newer pigments.


  • Do not post in the clan chat
  • Do not annoy your fellow Tennos
  • Contributions are welcome but not required

There is no mastery rank requirement since we never group up.  This is about how you experience the game.  Basically, it's a way for me and you to solo/pug and share resources when new content is released.  

Reply to this post, or PM me here or on PSN, though PSN will get a faster response.

Tour our dojo

Solo/PUG the Soro Kuran Way - A guide for new Soros

Since Corpus Spy Missions cause headaches for newer players - 

The room with the moving laser walls

Room where you have to drop down through the top with the moving laser grids

Use the Columns!

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