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  1. I was going to say something about being shocked that no one replied "In the kitchen?" and then I remember this isn't 9GAG.
  2. It would be really neat...and as to the source... It's me. I'm trolling. But let's face it, Saryn's Molt would be pretty awesome for Blake's powerset. I mean, you can literally reskin warframe for a RWBY Single Player game, just mix and match powers...it'd be an awesome co op couch player.
  3. For a true change of pace... XCOM series reboot Valkyria Chronicles Shadowrun series (PC) These are all extremely well done turn based squad combat games. The last XCOM offering was the pinnacle of that series...it pretty much did everything that game genre should do and I'll probably pre order or play when new the next one they come out with and I'm a "wait and play it later" kinda guy.
  4. Sooo, back on topic.... Ash is not a stealth frame Ash is a Rogue frame and the only frame that can say "But....ninja!" more than Excal Loki is a stand in the corner and giggle "tee hee hee" frame- he also has the best invisibility to movement ratio that doesn't involve anything other than casting. Ivara is the patient hunter Octavia is...sometimes hilariously overpowered. They are not all "invisibility frames. But they all employ invisibility. Frames are like tools. Sure, you can can use a screwdriver as a hammer, but a hammer works best when you're....hammering
  5. I'd replace the lead singer in this video with Wisp and you might not even notice the difference That sway...I can't get that song out of my mind anytime I play her. Which brings back memories of a confusing time in my life...as a teenager picking up a copy of Poison's "Look What the Cat Dragged In," looking at the cover and thinking, "wow those chicks are hot," only to realize they aren't chicks. And then....confusion.
  6. Just replying to add The ignis wraith is available from Baro now, so if nothing else, you can get it at tennocon. From the wiki The Ignis Wraith can also be purchased unranked from the Void Trader Baro Ki'Teer for ‍250,000 and ‍550. Note however that Baro Ki'Teer's stock changes with each appearance, and may not have this item available at every time.
  7. Yes submit a ticket if it doesn't appear in your inventory.
  8. A couple of things; Archwings are great for getting around the Plains of Eidelon and Orb Vallis. So you should level at least one for that reason alone and you want to run a speed (hyperion Thrusters) build...it's just for transport. Railjack is coming and it may require a decent amount of archwing content. DE recently released archgun rivens. Since we don't know how that's going to play out...might as well go ham on archwing now rather than play catch up later. Good news...you can level everything but the melee weapons without running archwing missions. You can run bounties on Cetus and Fortuna...takes longer, but it's less annoying. And this means you have to open up the entire Fortuna arc to get the archgun deployer. But it's the only way to do it outside of running mind numbingly boring archwing missions.
  9. A Clan tailor made for the introverted and anti social. We are a ghost clan with 100% research and zero requirements. It's basically "my dojo" that I like to make available to others. There are only two rules. Don't post in the clan chat Don't annoy your fellow Soros That's it. No MR or participation requirements other than an auto kick after 21 days of being idle. You have access to all the research and can even start research should new research become available and I'm not around to kick it off. This is NOT a mentor clan. If you want to play the game at your own pace and prefer to play alone or in PUGs, this may be the clan for you. One spot is open. Message me here or on PSN for invite.
  10. Anyone else heard about this? I mean, makes sense, just warframe with a new skin...4 players, 4 characters per team...just add lipsync, cutscenes and storyline. But I highly distrust my source and I haven't seen it anywhere else on the web...anyone?
  11. This...you have a 50/50 shot at a smeeta. Imprints are a time saver...kinda...farm 10 genetic codes from the derelict vs finding a seller haggling then making the trade. But it's still 50/50. Synoid Hammer anyone?
  12. This is all super accurate, one thing though...weapons are MR fodder if nothing else. So if you are a player who cares about your MR and all the things that go with it...the weapons are also essential. Plan accordingly.
  13. It's his plat, he can do what he wants with it. From an avoid the painful farm vs most useful perspective...Ivara. All day.
  14. I wonder...if you use a classic oberon skin, like immortal...or toggle off the prime stuff in the appearance menu if it changes the visual to vanilla. I have both and use them both, but I can't remember my set up on my prime.
  15. Because I like visuals...and love the sound of my own voice. No really. I want a radio show.
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