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The new Gear Wheel - Rotation or by tabs?


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Hi, fellow Tenno! After fiddling for a bit with the new 99+ item gear wheel I have come to the conclusion that despite being a lot better than what we had before, it could still be better and less confusing. I mean, sometimes I'm in the heat of battle and I'm searching for something specific and I have to rotate trough the 12+ items to find the one I need, and depending on where I'm "looking at" in the wheel the items can show up in the reverse position in said wheel, confusing the hek out of me at times when I don't have a second to spare.

How about we just have the same wheel, but instead of spinning it to find the item we need we have two hotkeys (the same ones you turn the tiles in the corpus hack minigames, I guess), to switch between different tabs where the items are located? I.e. If his godness Clem is located on gear wheel position 15 we'd press the "next page" hotkey and find it there in the 3rd spot (equivalent to 15th overall) of that tab.This would be a mix of both the old wheel and the new one, and be less confusing.

Here's a graphical description of what I mean:

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Good stuff. Though rather than mix the infinite scrolling (which is yes, a bit confusing) with your idea (which is a lot easier to navigate), we can just go all in with just your idea.

What I have in mind is: We will instead have 8 wheel pages (up to gear 96) with 12 slots each. If you hold your gear key, your movement is pinned as your movement key for left and right can be used to switch between previous and next wheels. You navigate with mouse-hover as usual, letting you finalize your selection by letting go of the gear key.

I realize stopping your movement to allow page-switching between wheels might not sit well with some people, but consider that you can still bind the keys anyway, and if you find yourself having the time to open the wheel and navigate, a few seconds more to switch to other pages shouldn't hurt.

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