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Three small interface improvement suggestions


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1. Defense mission extra timer (time) when some jerk leaves at the last second

On defense missions we have these idiots that sit with their finger on the "leave"-button waiting for the last second to leave, just to mess up the mission for those continuing. Either the team continues surprisingly reduced by one (or more), with no time to react for those brave Tennos who believed everyone would continue, or they additionally experience a host change with the potential to break the entire mission. All this is completely unnecessary, just add 5 extra "red" seconds to the countdown with the following additional rule(s):

  • show the 5 extra seconds of additional "red" countdown ONLY if someone left during the previous 5 seconds (the last 5 seconds of the normal 10 second countdown). This will not add extra time when all players are "staying" in the mission or when someone politely selects "leave" (during countdown's first 5 seconds).
  • during these extra 5 seconds, ONLY players that have already selected "stay" can change that to "leave" (and once only)

This is a small and simple change, it would make the toxic "leave-at-the-last-second-because-I-am-a-jerk"-behaviour moot, since with this is place everybody else would also have time to leave. And it would not really change anything, and not add any extra time for players staying or leaving normally.

Another version would be to add 5 seconds every time someone leaves, but his could then be abused in other ways...


2. Focus School quick select button

Would it be possible to get a "Focus School quick select button" (like just select between the five focus school icons or something equivalent), preferrably in connection with the arsenal menu? For those who have more Focus School functions unlocked and/or are doing eidolon hunts regularly (and switching focus for the hunt, then back again) it is an unnecessary chore to go through the "ESC-Operator-Focus School select-ESC-ESC" every single time, including all the screen changes (and sounds).

A small pop-up menu with just the five icons would not only suffice, it would be perfect. And who knows, maybe it would even generally increase the use of more than one focus school, since now many just won't bother.

This could be complemented with the current selected Focus School icon somewhere on the general interface (so you would actually know what you are currently using 🙂 ).


3. Duplicate mod selector improvement

Regarding mods, a simple selector allowing you set X as in "when I click on a mod in the list just select all but X" would be perfect for quickly selling "most" of your duplicates (for credits or endo). Currently you have to select every single mod, use the interface arrow buttons or manually write the number (including deleting the default "1"), then okey what you just did. If you want to keep one or more of every mod you want to sell duplicates from (for a "just in case" reason, because you are a "collector of things" or because you give mods to your newer clan members) you have a LOT of clicking to do.

If you instead could set this kind of "select all but [any number]" and then select duplicates from mods according to this by just clicking on them (and removing the selection by clicking on them again, like it currently works), it would be super-fast and much easier.

A deluxe version of this would additionally superimpose the number of copies actually selected from each mod on top of the mod picture. Which btw would also be useful when using the normal interface.


Finally, big thanks for the auto-fill Ayatan Sculpture-button (it would have been on this list 🙂). These are all small things, but even small improvements makes everything better.

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13 hours ago, Yuri_Doujinshi said:

One more that I would love to see:

The ability to favorite primary, secondary, and melee weapons like we can do with colors.


I thought about this, but sort of the opposite way: the ability to "hide" the weapons you still want to keep but "never" use (as well as all the "buyable" weapons, most of which you have already mastered and sold). This felt like something "too different" for the current interface, though. Your idea is much better.

The idea of "hiding" some weapons originally came from relics = putting those relics you do not currently want to use safely away somewhere (so that they do not pop up during every single void mission relic selection). Your "favourites" approach would also work very well as a filter for this purpose (just click a "star" icon, and you only see your "favourite" relics for selection...

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