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  1. None for me either. And not for the 1st time. All braids destroyed on first try.
  2. What I think is that all those saying "this was easy" should try to do all three missions solo. And yes, please try Octavia, or smash Arca Titron into the ground until hell freezes over. I am really looking forward to your videos of soloing these missions... Doing this in a squad with experienced players or friends using warframes and weapons they already know (albeit without mods) is a fun challenge. Trying to solo the missions is quite horrible, as is trying to do them with players bringing the "wrong" warframes (or not being experienced enough to use what they bring). There is a logical conclusion to be drawn from this: the REAL challenge is finding three other players that has enough gear and knowledge so that you all four together can turn this into something different and fun. It's the other side of that coin that pisses people off (NOT having a good squad to handle the challenge with). I tried soloing first, for hours, and it sucks big time (only got the excavation done, altogether probably had more fails in one morning than in the last six months). Then I gave up on soloing and tried chat-PUG for the survival, but 2 out of 4 players went on their own special mission from God and ended up dying repeatedly in separate far off corners of the map, before midpoint one had lost all his lives/revives and the other had ragequit. Gave up on that idea, got some good players together and we did both the defense and the survival on the first try. It was tough, challenging and fun all the way, you really had to fight but it was in no way impossible (getting/having energy is the key, since the abilities are fully ranked even though you have no mods to buff them). So there are two things in play here, one is the stripping of extra power (all mods & arcanes) which is not a bad idea as such. The other is DE not saying anything, in practical terms setting a lot of players regardless of level up for failing. Repeatedly. Again and again. Instead of actually telling everyone that you really, really need to team up, both to be successful and to have any fun. And that you will be stripped of all mods and arcanes (and not only on your warframe either). Finally, there is one type of player that naturally steps out of the game universe and reads up on stuff on forums etc. before even trying something. There is another type that try to stay inside the game universe, using skills, tools and experience inside the game (instead of simply copying the experience of others, gotten from forums and the 'tube). This "no mods surprise" that DE pulled punishes the second type, because they have to bash their head against this mission quite a lot of times before they give up and check how others have managed. If there actually was a smart way to do these missions alone, something that everyone just missed, then it would be kind of a joke, (on the players, who didn't figure it out). Instead this is a mission that just is impossible until you give up and step outside the game to read up on it. So while the mission is fine in itself, I do think some of the salt is quite legitimate.
  3. This is very true. Managed the excavation alone, but after 20 or so tries with different warframes and setups I felt it was impossible to solo the defense & survival so we went with a full squad (Trin, Frost, Rhino & Vauban). Even then it was pretty hard, have to admit I seriously doubt players who claimed to have "easily" and/or "boringly" soloed all three missions. The good thing is that you REALLY have to fight TOGETHER, from start to finish, and that all players are created equal regardless of MR (since all mods, arcanes etc. seems to be removed, from everything). With a dedicated squad it was hair-raisingly fun (at one point we all went down, from breaking the g-damn glass), alone it was total horror (followed by fail). I am in two minds about this challenge, if there would be a well-functioning mission-specific lobby that would tell you at least some specifics about the mission (like "don't try this alone" 🙂) and where you could calmly "squad-up" and go, then I would definitely give a thumbs up. But desperately trying different stuff (alone) and having no bloody chance sort of sucked the fun out and pulled the frustration in, before it actually got to be fun (going in with a dedicated squad).
  4. Of course, didn't think.
  5. Well, have tried to solo all the missions with different setups, so far only managed the excavation and that only thanks to Limbo. In a way it's nice being reminded of how important all the mods, arcanes etc. are, but it is quite frustrating not having ANYTHING to fall back on (especially when soloing). Even tried the new kavat, but since it too is without any mods it can't revive me. So, will have to fall back on Nidus, Inaros and/or maybe Wisp. What has surprised me most is that during the 15 or so missions, not once has there been another mission/player joining, or even "in action" on the starmap. It couldn't be that DE actually forces us to create squads through chat, now could it? After allowing "anyone" to randomly join trids, arbis, boss fights etc. etc. that would be a total and unexplainable suck. The other reason could of course be that the missions are so hard/horrible that no-one even tries to join up randomly...
  6. "- You can get Requiem Relics from KUVA FLOOD SIPHON MISSIONS, guaranteed" We just did the Kuva Flood Siphon Mission (all 4 braids), none of us got a Requiem Relic.
  7. Well, I think we have about 4-5 hours to go. Happy before it drops, happy when it drops, probably really happy after it has dropped. Zen rulez.
  8. You can also do it with high duration Loki and max enemy radar, running and hiding and then coming out again invisible to kill. The same goes for Ash, but Loki has longer base duration. Killing "indirectly" from far away makes it easier, so an area-affecting weapon that you like will make it easier (Torid, Tonkor, Penta, Ogris with Nightwatch Napalm, Ferrox, Phantasma, Mutalist Cernos, Sancti Castanas etc. etc.). No pet/Moa, and no gun for you sentinel if you use one. And patience... Ivara is the king... sorry, the über-goddess... for these kind of missions. *** If it is actually "finishers" you mean, forget the part about weapons...
  9. First of all, this being in tears and screaming about something no-one has even tried yet is somewhat ridiculous. As always. And secondly, if you are afraid that the Kuva lich will take half your rubedo, just do missions somewhere else. From the little info DE has shown, it's not like the lich is all over the map (rather the opposite). And it moves around, so you can get whatever it is you want a bit later, just wait until it has moved on. As for being a good or bad "game mechanic", that is something that will be decided over time. And, luckily, not on the forum either. My guess is that this will be good, simply from the viewpoint that there now will be something active on the starchart that hasn't been there before. The Kuva lich is both something to avoid and something to hunt. It adds to game, regardless of how you feel about it. And it is not THAT different from Acolytes, now is it. And if you are afraid the Kuva lich will be too "hard", just remember the Wolf. We finally got an enemy without gimmicks that we couldn't kill in two swipes, and this generated immense crying and hair-pulling on the forum, with the end result of DE giving in and completely emasculating the Wolf, turning him from a threat into a nuisance. What a shame. Just hope he stays away until he grows some hair on his chest again, turning him from a fabled enemy and a lurking threat into just another loot drop was a mistake (and I hold all the teary complainers responsible).
  10. Yes it is, I think all more or less agree on that. It is a nerf. But a nerf is just a nerf, just like a buff is just a buff. Numbers go down or up, there is no inherent value-based connection to "good" or "bad", between buffs being better than nerfs or vice versa. What obviously IS in dispute is if this "nerfing" is a bad thing or a good thing, and if it will help Warframe (and the playerbase as a whole) or "destroy" it. My conclusion is that it will help Warframe quite a lot (even though my gear WILL get nerfed), and that it actually is what Warframe has needed for quite some time. I would like to end by repeating the title of the thread: "This game is amazing!"
  11. Yes and no. What I call the meta philosophy is ONLY doing things ONLY the most effective way, which actually covers only a smaller part of game and even less consider all the things you leave behind and throw away having done them once. Being efficient is interesting and fun, being only most efficient all the time is severely limiting and will destroy your mind. This also feeds into the screaming for "more high-level content", which often explicitly is content for meta-builds and god-setups. Part of this condition is being totally blind to the option of NOT always using super-duper meta setups (with an op-overkill factor of 100X). However, all that is needed is making a small adjustment in the mindset and removing some mental constraints, and instead of only doing "the most efficient of all" all the time instead start playing around with doing the most efficient of each and every weapon, warframe and companion (and their combinations). After all, this is a much easier way of introducing challenge in one's gameplay, as there are quite a lot of stuff to chose from. Especially compared to meta-level god-content. And no need to be afraid of not "making it", almost any weapon & warframe correctly modded will be able to do all content. The next adjustment, doing stuff because something is fun (an integral part of gaming, maybe?), is a bit harder. But by opening one's mind also this is within everyone's reach. And compare the locked-in, frustrated and boring meta-gaming with having EVERY weapon, warframe and companion in use, using the more cryptic mods for strange (and fun) builds and actually HAVING FUN all the time. This would never be achievable even with high-level content, but is perfectly achievable using what is already in the game. And DE is kindly helping us along by doing their utmost to remove the blinders and locks the game has put on us. Considering the state of the world you might be right to being "most efficient" all the time is a human condition. But so is having fun, and I would be willing to go out on a limb and claim that the world might actually be a better place if more humans focused a bit more on having fun and a bit less on being efficient. That might be the case with the really real world, but it is most certainly true concerning the Warframe universe.
  12. Yes, well, I would really like to see some of these facts: I have no idea about the content creators, do you mean youtubers? I think calling them "content creators" (from the current viewpoint, which is the upcoming changes to the actual game) is quite a stretch (what game content do they actually create?). Also, quite a lot of them push the meta philosophy (without any further insights), so, well, thanks for all the fish and so on... Player base diminishing is misleading, as it is dependent upon the timeframe. There are no real numbers (DE won't tell), but DE has officially stated that 2018 was a record year (with approx 12 million new players in 2018 alone, and a total number unique players across all platforms in excess of 50 million). If you check Steam stats (Warframe @ Steam), which measure numbers of players online (through Steam), it doesn't look too sloppy either. You can clearly see the effect of "happenings" on daily/weekly play, but put the numbers into a statistical package and the trend is quite clear. That it is currently in a slump is meaningless, what will be interesting is checking the numbers in a few weeks time. If you are correct they should be even lower (after this upcoming "horrible change"), my guess is they will go up by quite a lot. So, my conclusion based on what little data is available is that this "leaving"-argument is made-up, meant to buff the "conclusion" that things are so seriously wrong with Warframe that whatever the writer is suggesting should be done "to save the game". Until proven otherwise, this can be considered unadulterated BS 🙂 . DE is definitely going the "nerf" route, and definitely not upholding the current narrow meta-structure. I fail to see how this is wrong, as it is pretty much the same conclusion I came to both regarding the game and my own playing. Minmax meta is quite interesting until you achieve total invincibility and complete overkill capacity, after that it is extremely boring (unless you have a fervent need to stroke your ego by bringing meta gear to normal PUG play). You can do stuff with your OP gear like hunt trids until you have a double set of all arcanes (that's a reason, isn't it), and do boss fights to get all the drops, or do crazy stuff like pushing multi-hour Taveuni etc. But seriously, were those the reasons you got hooked on Warframe in the first place? Even doing stuff like that for trading for plat becomes mind-numbing. To keep Warframe fun and interesting you have to use the possibilities in the game, which basically means using most of the equipment. To keep new players from falling into the meta trap and to broaden the game the current narrow meta has to be "removed" ("nerfed"), and the collective mindset changed. Of course this will affect all of us sitting on meta-builds and god rivens, but for the game it is a (very) good thing. That is my opinion, after spending last year using close to 300 different riven builds mainly on non-meta weapons, putting hundreds of formas into all warframes, companions and weapons and generally having a blast (and finding new favourites as well). The only thing that has really pissed me off is my forma need, building one a day since I don't even remember and farming Plague Star etc. is simply not enough for this, especially now that Aura forma is available. As to your last argument, I think the real neglect happened way back when DE introduced rivens and did not stop meta from running amok. They could easily have stopped that insanity, but didn't (fixed max price for trades, a working, continuously updated and aggressively anti-meta disposition system, locking rivens to weapons etc. etc.). But they do it now. I also think you overestimate the number of meta players refusing to play in any other way and the effect it would have on Warframe if they quit. Finally, the argument that because someone has enjoyed a free-to-play game a lot they should have more say in what happens to it is based on... what exactly? I can't see how anyone should get any extra rights from that. What you do get from thousands of hours is a deep knowledge of the game and the players, but if the conclusion is that Warframe mostly needs more high-level content for meta-players I would seriously question that. I agree that there is a lack of high-level content, but anything DE puts in (after spending real money and time to create it) gets done in a matter of days or a couple of weeks, and then it is the same rant again. We are insatiable, and going that way is clearly a losing strategy for DE, especially since the need to put real money into the game (not counting fashion) sort of disappears when you get to a certain point. Everyone wants more content, me included. But looking at it from a distance more high-level stuff isn't and shouldn't be priority one for DE. Especially if we are talking about "5 trids a night" or "3 hour Taveuni" or "lvl 500 enemies"-stuff. They need to address those needs as well at some point, but I think fixing things from the bottom up makes much more sense.
  13. Yes, but: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" a'la Voltaire (but actually by Beatrice Evelyn Hall). Respecting the right to have (and present) an opinion is not the same as respecting the opinion, or the factors underpinning that opinion.
  14. But what actually is the problem? Killing enemies effectively? Totally overkilling enemies with superduper meta-gear because it feels better than just killing them? Needing enemies that actually match up to super-duper meta-gear? Or just achieving an absolute maximum meta-build? Well, killing enemies is no real problem, with or without meta-gear. And the design and costs involved in special stuff and enemies for super-duper meta-gear makes no sense (as that is wanted/needed by maybe 0.01% of the player base). To me it is pretty clear that someone only interested in the ultimate meta-build will lose interest after achieving that, and overkilling hordes of enemies presenting no challenge gets boring quickly. At the same time, the game has 40+ warframes and a multitude of weapons, as well as an intricate sandbox damage model and the possibility of all kinds of combinations. The question then becomes how much of that is actually used by the part of the player base having problems with their motivation (and complaining about it). Because logically, there is much, much more content in the width of the game than at the meta-point. But a mindset that dismisses 99% of the content as inferior MR-fodder cannot see that, so it really needs a mindset change. If you can't have fun with all that is there, and you have had your fun maxing things out, well, then the game is over for you. The idea that DE should be able to continuously raise the meta (so you would have something to aim for) or continuously introduce new content to keep you satisfied is basically flawed (it is actually beyond idiotic, looking at it through the real-world lens). Currently the game allows the meta-philosophy to rule too much, dragging players into meta-insanity and away from another type of gaming. DE has rightly identified that this is a fundamental problem, if too many players see Warframe as just the race towards a meta-level, skipping and discarding other content on the way, then there will be trouble. So, meta has to be nerfed and diluted, and width of the game brought more into focus. If players can leave their meta-fixation behind and accept this (= change their mindset), they will have a lot of nice gaming ahead of them. If not, they will be angry about the "nerfing" and many will probably even leave. But for the game as a whole this change is very, very necessary.
  15. Your idea that so-called White Knights are killing the game. Their opposite would be "Black Knights", wouldn't it? All those not agreeing with DE, thinking they know better and have the better solutions (mostly from a deeply flawed personal viewpoint, of course) and complaining and criticizing all the time. Those who feel the need to label their opposites (that for one reason or another agree with what DE is doing) as "White Knights". That is what I am on about. Most of the toxicity and irrationality seems to be coming from that direction, the White Knights have a more fluffy and trusting starting point. Btw, the "community" is larger than many countries and spread all over the world, and as I understand it most players are still active on the starmap, and one of the most important groups for Warframes future is the players that have left (and could come back), so generally speaking not that many of the suggestions that pop up in the forum seem very relevant. Most seems to come from players pushing his/her personal viewpoints and gains, not from what would actually be best for "the community".
  16. As far as I know the only two things affecting Vitus drops is the drop booster (doubling the number per drop) and Kavat Charm (occasionally doubling, rarely double-doubling). Drop Chance booster has no effect, neither has warframe abilities. However, what affects the number you get is the map and the behaviour of the squad as well as the number of players. Or put another way, the kill rate and spawn rate also affect the number of drops (of course). As do finding the bloody things, since not everyone marks them (or know where they dropped). Worst case scenario is a squad that spreads out and where one or more players doesn't effectively kill enemies (all the time). Best case scenario is a squad that sticks together on a smaller map and kills enemies like there is no tomorrow. For these reasons I currently prefer defense missions to survivals, the spawn amount per wave is fixed and the maps are usually smaller. Effectiveness per time is dependent on the Arbitrations cycle of 60 minutes (not mission time), and I generally get more Vitus from doing 60 minutes of defense than from doing 60 minutes of survival. That is if the squad is big enough to spawn the max number of enemies per wave and has enough skills and power to protect the def objective for 60 minutes. For solo play (or PUG squads where you can expect the others to extract earlier) survival is the better option.
  17. Funny. I rather think it is the "Black Knights" that are killing the game, making irrational and unreasonable demands for egoistical and egotistical reasons. Many seems to be active for some deeper psychological reason ("I complain, therefore I exist"?), but the negativity and incessant complaining really affects newer players. All kinds of BS becomes memes that is repeated ad nauseum. Actually the whole "White Knight"-concept is also a mental construct, a psychological need to de-legitimize those who see things in an other light ("they don't understand things, like I do, they are just defending DE"). Just as riven trading should get its own in-game channel (so that it wouldn't smother all other trading), all complainers should get their own forum. Just imagine this forum without all the complains and negativity, and instead rationally and with insight focused on the rich sandbox environment Warframe actually is. You can see the sheer insanity on full display after every DE hotfix, when lots of players immediately complain with long lists of what was not fixed. A bit like surprisingly winning on the lottery but all you can do is complain that you didn't win more 🙂.
  18. I agree with most of your thoughts, but here I think you are wrong. DE can never change the mindset of players missing 90% of the game due to meta-psychosis. The only cure to that is personal enlightenment, and that comes from within. All those still lost in "meta-verse" will ONLY (and desperately) look for a new meta when the update hits, and once again miss all the other opportunities to play and enjoy the game. What they see is not new opportunities and a wider range of weapons (and modding), they see their "lost meta", and boy are they going to complain about that...
  19. Very wise. And very true. And "rational" really is the key word. However, this might have more to do with not wanting other players to get the "exclusive" stuff you already got your hands on, and that is something quite different.
  20. Maybe you need to say it a few more times before it registers, if it ever does. 🙂 To me, the melee do-over is quite logical. DE is trying to broaden the melee part of the game, which translates into making more weapons and more mods viable to use. The ONLY way to do that is to break the existing deadlock of Bloodrush, Condition Overload and Maiming Strike. And the only way to do that is to "nerf" them down to levels where they are not in the "must use" category anymore. The goal (and the hope, presumably) is that this in turn will break the meta deadlock some weapons have on the melee scene, as this deadlock is partly (or mostly) related to Bloodrush, Condition Overload and Maiming Strike. It is also related to the differences of base damage on some weapons, which is ridiculously low on many weapons but will now be fixed. So to me, a lot of the discussion in this thread seems to take place in an alternate universe where Bloodrush, CO and Maiming Strike are still the undisputed kings of melee, just maybe a little bit nerfed. I do not think that is what DE is aiming at, at all. In the really real world, that is. Where the power of these three mods, by simple logic, has to be broken so that other mods and more weapons can flourish. The melee change that is coming is not a "re-balancing fix", it is a tectonic change aimed at breaking the current chains locking down melee combat.
  21. I did not say "fluid" one single time, as it is impossible to evaluate without playing. Personally I care less about the new "fluidity" than fixing (or even just trying to fix) the broken things that have plagued the game for years. Also did not touch on "hate", though it is self-evident from this forum that there are players that already hate this, in part or as a whole. For me it is more about what you do love (than about hate), if you love the game as a whole or love to use the broken things in the game giving you extra power. If it is the first, fixing the broken things within melee just basically is a really good thing. If it is the second, prepare to be disappointed.
  22. No, of course it isn't a true exploit. Maiming Strike (and it didn't mean that mod explicitly) is just an example of how the community "exploited" something (we are quite good at that 🙂), making more with it that was intended but unfortunately skewering the game at the same time. It's one of the things I love about Warframe, the way we players find new ways of using the complex "fight" sandbox. There has been tens if not hundreds of posts over the years suggesting Maiming Strike should be nerfed, simply because it locks the melee game in a single file. Removing damage through walls helped a bit, but didn't touch the underlying problem. Well, DE is on that problem too this time. I agree with you about CO, btw. In my opinion the problem isn't with the mod, but with the limited top options of weapons really empowering the mod.
  23. This really seems like an informed improvement to everything melee. That of course includes changing and even removing some of the "exploits" in the current system, which some will see as "nerfs". A lot of meta-builds and setups will have to change, and a lot of new tricks will have to be learned. The Warframe community excels at this, so all those interested in builds, setups, tricks and stuff can look forward to a really interesting few months. The other thing that has been creeping into Warframe (besides the infamous power creep) is the continuous griping. Sure, it is both part of the human condition and a global phenomenon, this trying to elevate oneself by being critical of everything, as if criticizing stuff somehow would prove the existence of knowledge and insight (a hint: it usually proves the exact opposite). Based on this, my expectation was that these changes would generate a total sh*tstorm of negativity, centered around the "me, me, me, it's all about me"- and "I gripe on forums, therefore I exist"-concepts. Instead the reaction has been quite different, and from my heart I salute all Tennos coming out from the woodwork in support of a very needed change, of the game they love and of DE, the caretaker of Warframe.
  24. If/when you get into the groove again, you will need forma. And extractors extract stuff by themselves, occasionally even orokin cells. You can build forma and handle your extractors with the mobile app with a minimum of fuss. But you need forma blueprints to build forma, so you need to crack relics in-game. But that is all, getting the forma bp's, building forma, re-starting the extractors for totally free loot (that you might not even need 🙂). I've found this to be the cure when the Warframe flame burns less brightly, but I also do not want to quit completely. Logging in every once in a awhile, check the void fissures, crack easy relics (like Lith excavations), building forma continuously and keeping the extractors going. With a sort of "you never know, maybe I will need them"-attitude. Who cares, right?! When you find yourself wanting to do daily sorties again your flame is starting to burn stronger. When you have sh*tloads of forma "in storage" (I had 40+ after last summer) the oddest things become interesting, like forma'ing warframes and weapons you've never really used. When you start checking and maxing out your daily syndicate standings (to buy "free" relics) you are getting into it again. Or when you find yourself "just clearing out the nightwave missions", daily. If you almost let go but stay in touch with the game and that regenerates the drive, now that's a chill no-stress path back. If none of that happens, well, it is a chill way to end it. And if you find your way back, there WILL be a lot to do. If you play daily it might feel like nothing really happens, but take a break for a couple of months and there will be an interesting backlog to clear, there always is.
  25. I got a mod drop chance booster as a sortie reward and bought a couple more from Baro, just to test it out. And of course it "works", the amount of mod drops in some missions are quite staggering (you start to wonder if you can get fined for "littering" 🙂). In a 6 round void fissure defense on Earth I got close to 200 mods. Also did some runs at the Battalysts (on Lua), as there are a couple of mods I still don't have. Didn't get them, but even there you can sort of "feel" the 2X increase, as you get mods more consistently. The same in a few archwing missions (when you check the reward list in the mission conclusion screen). My take (after 3-4 days of testing) is that the mod drop chance booster is an important addition during a player's "starmap phase", as you get a double chance for the rare mods and all the other thousands of extra mods you get can be used for credits or endo (and all players hit the "credit" and the "endo" wall at some point). The thing is that players during this phase have less plat and thus use less plat for boosters. On the other hand, not having to buy as many of the "must have" rare mods might also save you plat, if you play a lot while the booster is active. For higher MRs the mod chance drop booster is fairly irrelevant. If you get a 3-day booster from sortie you might make some extra runs for the mods you still miss. And when DE adds new rare mods (dropping from enemies) it might be worthwhile to plink down som plat and double your chance to get them (and halve the amount of runs needed 🙂). Have to say though, having gamed a lot and being a "looter" at heart it is very, very satisfying seeing the radar map filling up with mod drop indicators as if they were raining down from the sky. Even if most of the mods are commons that you already have thousands of, it feels nice. Maybe not worth paying plat for at this stage, but still very enjoyable.
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