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  1. You are looking at it the wrong way. You should look at it from a warframe perspective, and see that warframe as a whole. The Helminth is about combining abilities for a better "whole" build. It wasn't meant as a "I can put his ability on everything"-thing, and it is also not about buffing existing abilities by allowing double effects. So, pick a warframe, then look at the approx 50 abilities you can now use to make that warframe better for you to play. That's the Helminth, in a nutshell. And "better" doesn't mean "youtube-better", but explicitly better for how you personally like to play
  2. When there is nothing meaningful left to grind for. Or in other words, when you have "everything". For some "everything" is really EVERYTHING, all mastery, all mods, all maxed arcanes etc. For others "everything" means only "the stuff they want". One important thing is that when you reach this point, all existing grind is meaningless, which makes the game meaningless. Which makes you wish for more stuff to grind/farm, in order to re-inject some meaning into the game. And when you are out of content, some even starts regretting buying or rushing stuff at an earlier stage... The
  3. Which order is that? Getting Vaporize to work consistently (while cloaked) is no problem, but I've never figured out how to get the actual equipped sentinel weapon to shoot. The new ninja moa was killing enemies left and right while cloaked though (which was pretty funny, having an invisible Bruce Lee as mission companion).
  4. It would be nice to be able to do even "a riven a week", but that stops when you max out on riven slots. Your option then is to destroy a riven you like/have rolled into something good in order to be able to make a new random one. So, yeah, some of us have years worth of "once a week" riven slivers, and even so it would be senseless to even use them...
  5. One could argue that the real problem is not the operator, it is the squad members running all over the map trying to get... ...well, something. If you have a pre-made team knowing what to do, handling the operator/def obj is not all that problematic. It is a bit like being four sheepdogs with a sheep flock of one, bring the "not so bright" sheep to a safe place and keep it there for it's own protection (ahem, for your loot result...).
  6. 👍 The main difference between Dakra Prime and Broken War is if you like/dislike the Impact proc (Broken War) and your luck with the roll(s) of the respective rivens. In my opinion both weapons are (significantly) better than "commonly believed", especially for all-round use (the melee weapon that for some reason just stays equipped because there is no reason to change it).
  7. As several have already pointed out, the 1.3 sec "full immunity from everything" kicking in only after shields have fully recharged doesn't make shields more relevant. What it does is make small shields more relevant than large shields, so if the idea is to buff shields and make them more relevant one could even say it is a stupid solution. There is also no logic reason for a 1.3 sec "shield gate extra total immunity". Our enemies have a 0.1 sec shield gate "damage reduction" with a 5% damage bleed-through. An easy and logical fix would be to: allow the same amount of damage bl
  8. I've just spent over an hour trying to figure out some way I could use melee heavy attacks in the "free-flowing" way Warframe is aiming for, and I can't get it to work. There seems to be no keybind setting/combination that will allow me to go from melee'ing to shooting and back to a melee heavy attack. Instead (when I press the "heavy attack" button) my warframe stops and just stands there like an idiot. This is further accentuated by the occasional "auto-switching" to secondary when picking up carry objects and/or aim-gliding, so currently the fighting goes from [meleeing with heavy
  9. I agree that the original intention was a bit "unclear" (though that was by "surprise!"-design): "There comes a new way to obtain power - finish the War Within to receive your first entry." While one shouldn't draw too many conclusions from the single line (on release with U19.0 "The War Within"), it does describe rivens as a way to obtain "power", not as a way to obtain "plat". Disposition was added in a hotfix a week after release. There has been an ongoing discussion ever since (nov 2016), about rivens and how they destroy or enhance the game. And what DE's intention actuall
  10. I don't agree, or rather, I partly agree from a riven trading viewpoint. I am also a bit surprised at the slightly "über"-aspect of your comment, deciding what is good for other players. Maybe we should all let everyone decide for themselves? I am not convinced Tenno need (or even like) someone deciding what is good for them... "Hoarding" rivens has no impact on the game, apart from trading. "Saturation" of rivens is also a trader view, since "saturating" your own riven pool seems like a strange concept in itself, and this could (and maybe even should) be addressed with a max number of ri
  11. Dear DE! Could you please change the riven slot system so that it syncs with what the rivens are used for, namely weapons. More specifically, instead of arbitrary increases in the max number of slots please implement a system where the maximum number of rivens are linked to the number of mastered weapons. Or in other words, we automatically get an additional riven slot for every mastered weapon. The price for unlocking that slot for use can stay the same (20 plat). This would allow us to (theoretically) have a riven for each and every weapon, which is as it should be. It is also
  12. I actually prefer using Zephyr, with maxed loot radar and Efficiency/Duration + Tail Wind. You can also use Preparation + Primed Flow to not have to think about energy at all. And add normal movement speed if you feel like it. To me Zephyr is a lot less clunky to use than than "arch-winging", and you get better radar coverage. Zephyr's speed and increased "air glide" makes up for not having an additional Primed Animal Instinct on Venari, since you quickly learn to spot the wisps from the air. The key to efficiency is doing one of the route options at night, with a Smeeta and a b
  13. There are lots of sources, too many to list. Check the wiki, you'll get the drift. McCloud's advice is a good one, there are other "good mods" dropping from the same containers... The easiest way is probably to put a "Can someone donate a [Vital Sense] to a new player?"-message (or something along those lines) in the chat, long-time players have a lot of copies.
  14. An active playstyle + Magnetize. Three Mag spheres is a lot of protection (step into one = safe from enemy fire) and of killing power. Select primary & secondary for Mag sphere usage, that is how you will do your killing. The rest is flavor (and there are lots of flavoring you can use). I use Crush mostly as a situation reset (short CC), since keeping overshields active takes too much energy (when we are talking "high level enemies"). An Augur set mod (or two) + shield gate is better, since you will be casting +/- continuously. Using Crush with the augment as an armor stripper mechan
  15. Then you haven't modded your Sevagoth right. And of course it depends a bit on the mission type as well, but Gloom sure does feel like one of the OP'est abilities currently in the game. It's the Kuva Nukor-equivalent of abilities, in sheer OP effectiveness (and "combinations"). But maybe we needed something new to compete with stuff like invis, Cataclysm etc. ... I actually think it is another case of the community pushing the boundaries in "non-expected" directions. Which actually is one of the really fun things to do in the Warframe sandbox (and we should all be eternally grateful
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