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  1. Don't use Zephyr on this, unless you have played Zephyr extensively and can handle the frame in your sleep. Otherwise Zephyr makes this harder, due to the halved fall rate (takes longer). Instead mod any frame you know well (= your favourite) for speed and bullet jump. But not too much, if you are not an accomplished parkourer you risk jumping too far (stopping in mid air isn't an easy trick). In many MR tests you can start moving before Lotus stops speaking. It's just a couple of seconds, but it might be all that is needed to get on top of nerves and the adrenalin. Don't remember if it is doable in this one, though. While it may be possible, I do not believe that the training and the actual mission would have a different setup for movement & mouse. I've played a huge amount of computer games, and these MR tests still get my pulse going and my nerves zinging. It's the old school approach, fail and there actually is consequences (a 24 hr wait). I've hated some of them, but I have a HUGE respect for them, and they really all are doable. Depending on how you play and what frame you use, some are easier and some are harder. Just keep playing (the affinity stacks up anyway) and take a daily crack at it. Stop and think, maybe another frame, build or weapon might work better? I have my own rule, always have do to manage successful and controlled consecutive training runs before trying the actual test.
  2. Hi I would use the following general build: the new Sharpshooter mod on a silenced crit sniper rifle modded for speed (fire rate & reload, you don't need extreme damage on a normal mission). Energize & Momentum as wf arcanes, a semi-perma-invis build for Ivara, Zenistar for protecting the def object from rushers or closing down one approach (= guaranteed to heal your pet), Zenurik focus w. full Lightning Dash & the new Lockdown operator arcane = insta-CC + damage. If you can play as operator, Zenurik has some other nifty tricks as well. A kavat/kubrow built around Hunter Recovery/Pack Leader (Zenistar heals your pet, your pet heals you in case you take damage, which you shouldn't). Another alternative is using Djinn with Regen/Reawaken, which might save the day depending on the tileset/enemy (infested gas/poison can drop you even while invisible). The exact build of Ivara & your sniper of choice is up to you. With a maxed perma-invis build you have 700+ energy and can easily stay cloaked for around 10 minutes using only the pool (maxed efficiency = 0.25 energy/sec when not moving), but since you get 15 energy from every headshot you can trim that down quite a bit. And using Zenurik you can add energy between the waves w Energizing Dash. How to play such a build/setup? If you don't get that, it is wasted anyway 🙂. Ivara is one of the best frames in the game, and can do stuff no other frame can (like Limbo, for instance). Her main problem is that her brand of playstyle does not synergize very well (or at all) w the usual "headless chicken running around attacking everything you see". But in solo deliberate, tactical play she is glorious... Addendum: if Empowered Quiver is not on your radar, check it out. 100% crit damage + most enemies can't reach you (neither can infested gas if you are high enough) and they can't shoot at you since you are invisible...
  3. I concur. Put in an automatic riven disposition system that changes riven disposition once a month (max 1 step up or down per month), and this based straight on relative usage and kill stats during the last three months (only). It is quite stupid that riven disposition is now what mostly defines the worth of a weapon (in battle), instead of it being the weapon first and the weapon variant allowed/made possible by a riven second.
  4. Me too. Mutalist Osprey shots drops excavators quick, not sure if the Tar (goo) also does damage. Is this change documented anywhere? Would like to know if it is a bug or a designed change... - - - Short update: I have no definite proof, but it seems that some rifts work as before (excavators take no damage), while other don't, possibly player dependent issue (host issue?).
  5. Graavarg

    2FA is broken

    I submitted a ticket on december 11th that I do not receive 2FA emails (and no, they are not in the junk folder either). The reason was that the IPhone app for weeks had claimed to send verification emails, which I never received (of course it didn't work without the supposed codes). When I clicked on the 2FA link on my account page, it also claimed that it sent a verification email, which I also never received. DE responded today with the information that my 2FA has now been activated manually, since it wasn't activated (a bit strange since the "unactivated" 2FA had been quite active, just didn't send the verification emails it claimed). The end result is that I am now COMPLETELY UNABLE TO PLAY at all, since after normal login I get a popup asking for a security code that was supposedly sent, but which of course ALSO NEVER ARRIVES. I have boosters going and friends waiting online, and I am now forced out of Warframe altogether for an undetermined period of time. I have responded to "ticket solved", but I am afraid that it again will take 20+ days for support to respond and fix this and during this time I will simply be locked out, for no other reason than that the system doesn't work. 2FA is basically a good thing, but this is completely HORRIBLE. I am sitting here wishing I never activated it (or tried to activate it, because it is clearly not working). [EDIT >>>] **** 1 hour later **** Problem fixed! Once again DE shines, and now I feel abit awkward about being so negative and irritated (above). Support contacted me immediately after my reply, and after going back-and-forth checking a few things the problem was fixed. Having a fairly substantial experience of all kinds of help desks and support, I would say this is WAY above excellent. I am also very happy, being able to play again. And my 2FA is on (as it should be).
  6. I have been seriously impressed with the whole Fortuna thing, including update 2. For a 5 year-old game that is free to play, this is overwhelmingly amazing. Yesterday I was seriuosly miffed at the cut-scenes/droprate-combination, but I would never have imagined that 24 hours later all this is balanced and fixed. I have been running the Profit-Maker missions for a couple of hours, and sure, it is repetitive farming. Bu that is part of the game, the resources actually drop () and the best thing of all is that there has been a lot of high-MR players doing the missions together, doing what Tennos do best. Which is finding ways to farm things as quickly and effectively as possible, while laconically chatting with each other. What felt horrible yesterday is fun today. Go figure . I do not know what to say. Thank you, DE. Really. And may your Xmas be as white and (bloody) cold as the one we have over here on the other side of the globe. And btw, who needs Santa and presents when we have Warframe...
  7. I disagree. It is right, honorable and smart taking a stand against the current get a quick-fix, cuddly, adapt-everything-to-any-stupid-player's-level, feel good (for one minute) way of doing things. Becoming any MR after 16 (when all content is unlocked) should actually mean something, and when you encounter a MR20+ player you should be sure that he/she actually knows their sh*t, and haven't just plunked down daddy's plastic and bought their level. And you have it wrong concerning new players, the psychological profile of players needing constant gratification is such that you simply cannot feed it enough to have them stay, especially so in a game that prides itself (with reason) for being available for free. If they can't take the grind they will leave, if you make everything easier they will leave (when they have everything that came easily). Yes, fast-pace, short-cycle throw-away is part of the current world we live in, including the gaming industry, but it is not inherently very smart (also called the Red Queen effect: you have to run to stay in the same place). It is the idiots that keep on grinding (like myself) that break a game away from the "use and throw-away"-category. Just check all the hot games that came out the same year as Warframe, and focused on giving players as much instant gratification and help (like auto-adjusting difficulty levels) as possible. How many are still around and doing well? DOTA 2 and...? Planetside 2, which came out some months earlier in 2012 and has the same kind of insane old-school slow-leveling is still up and running (but is now going for the quick-fix route with a new version with shorter, drop-in battles, which will probably kill it off). In addition to this, DE has managed to create a sort of a dialogue with players (all considering themselves the ultimate example of the "fanbase" 🙂), and especially with experienced long-term players, that has consistently improved the game. DE actually do listen, and they also (luckily) use their collective brains. I could bet one month's salary that the cut-scene/dialogue-thingy (with the new P-T missions) will be fixed/improved, as will the acquisition of the new materials needed for Vox Solaris standing and the new weaponry (either increased drop-rates or/and other ways of acquiring them). This is not because of the amount of "noise" the current implementation has generated, but because behind all that noise exists a sort of mutual trust between DE & the fanbase, and some changes would be "fair". That is quite rare in the gaming world these days, and valuable as hell, both for the developer and players.
  8. Wanted to achieve at least get one new rank with Vox Solaris, and if it would take a little grinding, well, this is Warframe after all. But after several hours yielding a total of one 3xGyromag drop I am switching to Mesa, Akjagara & Redeemer relics. If I were allowed to do the new Raknoid bounty runs as fast as I can things might be different, but my frustration with being unable to skip the (otherwise excellent) cut-scenes and dialogues is currently at dangerously high levels. 3xGyromags should drop during all four phases with a 25% chance = approx. one drop every four bounty missions = approx. 20 new bounty missions to get the second Vox Solaris rank. However, Baruuk is then locked behind the following Vox Solaris rank, probably needing 15 Atmo Systems (drop chance 5.5%) meaning a total of approx. 100 new bounty missions. I didn't time the different cut-scenes and dialogue for the different stages, but 100 missions has to translate into a total of several hours (3-5 hours) of being forced to watching/hearing the same cut-scenes & dialogue over and over. Even if this doesn't formally constitute torture, you lose the same amount of actual "playing the game"-time, and THAT really hurts... And then we have the Repeller systems with a drop rate of 1%, I don't even dare to calculate how many bounties it will take to get 15 Repeller systems, it can't be around 500 Raknoid bounty missions, can it? Can it? ... Now, I am very impressed with DE and with the Fortuna update. I can also fully dig that it would be sheer insanity to allow a horde of players to unlock all new content within hours, and then start screaming for "MORE!!!", once again. I get that. Farming has a role to play. I am down with that. But allowing me to select any of the four new missions in any order after having completed the (excellent) story-line progression from beginning to end, but STILL having to endure a forced game-blocking cut-scene/dialogue every single time and eating up minutes and minutes of game-time, adding up to hours, now that does NOT make sense.
  9. Had to leave the first line in (it is the most important one). Using an exploit like this is like going into someone's house and taking stuff for yourself, because the door was unlocked (or did not even have a lock). Just because you can do it doesn't mean that it is allowed and/or ok, and if you are a functioning human being you are aware of this. "Unwittingly" is not a word that can be applied to the Khora affinity exploit... . . . With the moral and ethical definition out of the way ("using the Khora exploit was clearly and definitely wrong"), the response and possible clemency/mercy from DE's side is a separate question. And a more complex one, as rules, just as laws, also need to have a preemptive effect. Which basically means scaring people from committing the crimes/exploits by making the punishment harsh enough. From this viewpoint, just getting your character booted back to where it was a couple of weeks ago is clearly not enough. Then there is the general principle of offenders paying the economic consequences of their actions. Lets say DE would decide to be merciful and just put in a monthly ban (or something), but that it takes a DE operative (🙂) a couple of hours to go through a player's data, find the exploit and change stats and generally "fix things" back to normal. This is a lot more complex than it sounds, including focus, MR leveling, buying MR-locked gear, getting drops with your exploit-levelled weapons etc. Should the player then pay this cost? Should paying this cost be required for reinstatement? Should the player be forced to pay this cost, through legal means? After all, a couple of hours of programmers salary + the normal additional costs might easily be more money than the player has put into the game altogether. And what about players that are juvenile, and the complexity of legislation in many countries around the world? Simply banning a player that knowingly breaks the contract he/she accepted is an easy and functional solution, a kind of one size fits all. You also have the option of appealing the decision (and basically asking for mercy). And there is a gray area, because it is possible that a player could trigger this just desperately trying to summon his/her kavat while standing in a place where it is not possible. Then again, repeating this multiple times and claiming "honest mistake" just isn't feasible (especially if you get more stuff to level the same way). I do agree with you that DE could show a little mercy, considering the severity of a permaban against the amount of time & energy some players have put into the game and the deliberate and incredible stupidity of gamers thinking they can use such an exploit and not be caught out. And, to be honest, I could have been that stupid myself, just blindly seeing "the possibilities" combined with the "wow"-feeling of "hyper-leveling" (as I said: deliberate stupidity). But that is not a defense and mercy is up to DE. Who, btw, is not in the wrong here.
  10. Just check which bonds you need total to get to max standing and ALWAYS buy the higher ones from Ticker when available (if you need them). Since two weeks ago Ticker sells more high tier bonds and Ticker's inventory refreshes faster. Medical debt-bonds ONLY drop from Orb Vallis tier 3 bounties (as Eudico's info clearly shows), with drop chances of 20%, 12.5% and 12.5% during the first three stages. The chance of getting at least one bonds drop from the whole bounty mission is around 40% (counting quickly in my head). Check the wiki: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Debt-Bond You also need debt-bonds for gilding Moas and Kit-guns, but (so far) only tier 1 & 2 bonds.
  11. My guess is Thursday (possibly Wednesday) since this would allow DE the possibility of quick-fixing a few potentially "bad" bugs before the über-extensive play-testing that will be performed by millions of Tennos during the weekend. And we are ALL guessing at the moment... There are also some rumours "out there" that DE is keeping the release date & time secret in order to frustrate parties that, for one (rumoured) reason or another might be inclined to launch a DDOS at release. This is rumoured to have happened occasionally... Activating a botnet manually "live" is technically quite possible, but currently both easier to stop/mitigate and much riskier to do than setting a timed activation trigger in advance.
  12. Hi. I have gamed continuously since the VIC-20, so the total amount of money I have put into games is staggering. But what a game costs and how much you like to spend time with it (or "in" it) is not that connected. That has more to do with business models and with the general and universal "pay upfront" vs. "try it first, pay later"-approach to business (which is in use everywhere, not just in gaming). However, I would argue that in gaming especially this difference have power. That is because ALL gamers have been "burned" by games that did not live up to the hype or to our expectations, if you "paid first" you have lost that money, if you can "try first" you have the possibility of making a more informed decision. That is why I (after hundreds of games) prefer the "try first, pay later"-model. Some game companies take this is even one step further, by allowing you to play without paying anything at all (play for free). This is something I sincerely and truly respect, since it gives me full control over if and how much money I spend AND it shows that the game developer believe both in their product and in a continuous support and development. So with around 35 years of gaming experience, I like and respect DE. But that is the developer, not the game, even if DE's business model and continuous support of course also reflect back into the game itself. So, discussing the monetary part of games is different than discussing how much you actually like the game itself. Which was the focus of the original "sub-thread". And where the logical conclusion was that the real reasons there is more negative criticism about Destiny from Warframe players than there is about Warframe from Destiny players is that either Destiny players haven't tried Warframe that much, or they have tried and liked it (so they don't gripe about it). And that the negative criticism from Warframe players comes from the fact that they have also tried Destiny, but have a reason or feel the need to compare it unfavourably to Warframe. Since there are so many different kinds of gamers (also just in Warframe), this has very little significance for if anyone will like one game better than another. But what it really does, is that it logically shows that you cannot generalize and claim that Destiny is a "better" game than Warframe. I am not even trying to defend Warframe, just pointing out a logical conclusion... There are things about Warframe that I don't like. While I actually like the riven function (allowing further changing & enhancing weapons), I truly hate the insane plat pseudo-market economy around rivens. To me part of the "current meta"-syndrome compares to the latest "haute couture" on the catwalks in France & Italy (which is, "yeah, well, wtfc") and the sheer insanity of paying huge sums of money for "designer clothes". I thing the "biggest" (or should that be "biglyest" nowadays 🙂) miss many players do in Warframe is thinking that the game is about "progression". It truly isn't, it is about enjoyment, and there is an enormous potential of enjoyment to be had from the interaction between warframes, weapons and mods, both for your own equipment combo and, especially, for a team of four Tennos. There is a lot of fun and effective potential there, coupled with an extensive and functioning damage/weapon system. Much, much more than just blindly striving for the "ultimate meta". Checking most weapons and all warframes out "in depth" also allows you a continuous partial reboot of your progress, and while it is a fact that this WILL cost you real money (in the form of potatoes, forma, all kinds of slots) it is also quite rewarding. Coupled with the devs continuously adding more functional content (and I am referring to gaming consistency, not bugs) and staying true to the "free play"-model Warframe is, IMO, one of the better games out there. And while there is an end-of-life for Warframe somewhere, it is not currently on the map, or even on the radar. The graphics are good enough and the (paying) player base is still growing, so Warframe might be going for on for quite a few years. Compare this to many other games, where you know from the start that you will get 1-3 "expansions". Very few games survive the state of "all possible content already mastered by owner" for long. Whoops, this is what happens when you write a post during an extended coffee break...
  13. That may very well be, though rivalry is the wrong word, there is no "rivalry", only comparison and criticism. But even so, it might mean something other than you think. Let's look at it logically: 1. If few Destiny players would have invested a lot of time in Warframe, there would not be a lot of criticism (in Destiny against Warframe). 2. If a lot of Destiny players had invested a lot of time in Warframe, and didn't like Warframe, there would be a lot of criticism (in Destiny against Warframe). 3. If a lot of Destiny players had invested a lot of time in Warframe, and liked Warframe a lot, there would not be a lot of criticism (in Destiny against Warframe). 4. If few Warframe players would have invested a lot of time in Destiny, there would not be a lot of criticism (in Warframe against Destiny). 5. If a lot of Warframe players had invested a lot of time in Destiny, and didn't like Destiny, there would be a lot of criticism (in Warframe against Destiny). 6. If a lot of Warframe players had invested a lot of time in Destiny, and liked Destiny a lot, there would not be a lot of criticism (in Warframe against Destiny). According to you there is little criticism of Warframe in Destiny and a lot of criticism of Destiny in Warframe. That would mean that either (1) or (3) is true, and that (5) is true. Interesting, is it not? Also an interesting logical conclusion is that this is in the completely wrong thread...
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