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  1. Have to admit there is one thing that bugs me with Nyx, and that is the "total lockdown" you have to enter with her unaugmented 4 (Absorb). And yes, I do understand the idea that Nyx is becoming a sort of damage-collecting, meditating "Mag ball", and can then explode doing a sh*tload of damage. There are even builds/ways to use this (somewhat effectively too). But it really is a really bad ultimate ability, the only thing in her kit that feels like it belongs in an "older" Warframe, because it is so utterly and totally "passive", and situational at that. However, put in the Assimilate-aug
  2. Scourge, range-Limbo (second-half starchart Grineer won't die from Cataclysm and Stasis will keep their nice round heads completely still for you), Zephyr PoE (need to poke a suitable anthill 1st, shoot them when they fire at you, your 3 will keep you safe while up in the sky), Moa & Tractor Beam (extra time in the air, remove it's weapon so it can't kill your targets), Nova + suitable punch-through no-recoil bullet hose (slow 'em and fire through a crowd "at head height", might take a few enemy groups, but you will get your three headshots in one glide), there are lots of ways. If you are
  3. If you take a step back from this discussion and look at all the posts, and then at the actual topic ("Is Nyx really that bad or am I missing something?"), the conclusion can only be "yes" (="missing something"). I also think that all these comments, most of them "quite informed", highlights Nyx's character. She is not for everyone, she can be totally awesome, she is challenging (takes some knowledge to build and to play effectively), she has a lot of possibilities (which also translates into "no clear predefined role" from another viewpoint) and she is definitely not a "press this button
  4. Once a month is over 12 times more than gamers get with most other games, so it is all good.
  5. Or in a good spot, if you want a warframe that can do more than one thing. That can actually be affected by modding (using mods to gain versatility, instead of simply buffing "the one strong thing"). Or to use your words: YOU get to decide what she is. Not every warframe allows that. Not saying you are wrong, only that this isn't something absolute, it is down to personal preference and play style (variance). Some players want every warframe to function the same way, some want every warframe to be different but easily usable as one specific build, but others want to be able to play around
  6. Oh yes, one should force oneself to meet and overcome challenges. It is how you grow as a person (and a Tenno) 🙂. From which follows that if there are no challenges, you cannot grow...
  7. Like a lot of other warframes, Nyx is an acquired taste. There is also no single Nyx "op build", instead you can push Nyx in a lot of different directions. Since none of her abilities is "essential", you can easily push Nyx even further using the Helminth. Nyx's greatest drawback is that very little of what she can do is about rushing through missions and/or buffing other players. In addition, if you play Nyx in PUGs you will get squad members that don't know/understand Nyx, so using some of her abilities generates a Limbo-type response from these ignorants ("wtf is happening!!!? why...???").
  8. I get the irritation, but even if you are not a game designer you can weigh the "hitboxes + irritation" against "no hitboxes - meh difficulty". Especially since both are present in the game. Personally I can get irritated at hitboxes when I am "speeding" something or when I've brought the wrong gear (like accepting a 3rd sortie Vay Hek without checking first...), but the exact same mission (hitboxes) can be totally non-irritating when chill-playing (or having the right gear 🙂). I do think you are correct in that invisible parts of the models can interfere with the invisible hitbox. I also
  9. If you just remove the specific hitboxes the overall difficulty goes down, so since I assume you just don't want everything to be even easier, what would be the alternative (to specific hitboxes)? In my opinion the problem is not the hitboxes themselves, but the somewhat disjointed and erratic "movement" of the enemies involved. I consider the "challenge" of having to hit an enemy in a specific spot to be 100% ok, even if that spot is on the back, arm or the second toe from the left on the right foot. However, I do think that making this harder by having the enemies behave like electrifie
  10. It's gotten worse lately. It's not only that it is occasionally missing, now the big problem is that it disappears from endless missions (after initially appearing). Or rather, the actual exit point is marked on the map (so you can see it if you happen to have a map large enough) but there is no "path" marker, so you have to find your way to the exit "manually".
  11. Thanks, I had that percentage transfer wrong. Which is a good thing, since it actually works better in reality.
  12. As long as you get that the rivens you see for sale are those that haven't been sold yet (either because nobody wants them and/or the asking price is too high).
  13. The good thing with SP is that there isn't really a "one-size-fits-all". And that you really benefit from using a multitude of solutions and combinations (since you will be solo most of the time). For instance, I used Nova + sniper + crit-buffing kavat a lot against Grineer, since headshotting slowed-down enemies is pretty easy (and snipers are ammo-efficient plus you can use builds with "extra-buffed" headshots), Inaros with a riven-buffed Mire "pure toxin"-, status- & range-build (Primed Reach + Spring-Loaded Blade) against Corpus (they die like flies all around you 🙂) and Vauban wi
  14. I agree. I don't feel that I need more "power", even though building for more power is interesting in itself. I love Warframe's sandbox system for all the quirky and odd combinations you can do, most never even "intended" by any dev team. Considering all that can happen in Warframe when the community puts it's min-maxing teeth into any new system, it is understandable that DE chose to play it safe with a monumental change to the game. But I also feel that a lot of "fun" possibilities got lost that way. I now mostly use the Helminth for "utility", not "power", and sparingly at that. Even h
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