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  1. My Warframe directory (steamapps\common\Warframe) is 38.7 GB (41,574,633,472 bytes). That is after the last patch.
  2. Great ideas! I would like to suggest: 1. "Tracking": the footprints pulses more brightly (or in more scientific terms: oscillates between the current min and a new max brightness value) 2. "Capture": shows a tracking compass indicator and distance while scoped ("behind" = within 90° sector, "right" = 90° sector right , "left" = 90° sector left & "front" = 90° sector in front which shows distance + a general target indicator until the actual target can be seen) 3. "Search": the next "active location" (first the starting point and after starting the calling point) pulses
  3. "Clarity" has occasionally been a bit fudgy concerning "companions" (especially with different mods and their effects), though DE has remedied most of them and there is now a mostly clear taxonomy. AFAIK "companions" is now the "superclass" that covers everything (which answers your question), and there are defined subdivisions. All companions are split into "robotics" and "beasts": The "Robotics" class is subdivided into: "moas" (4) "sentinels" (9) The "Beasts" class is subdivided into: "kubrows" (9), which is divided into: (real) kubr
  4. It's like doing a course in uni (or any school). You get the points when you complete the course the first time, but you can't do it again for getting more points (every time). Using forma to get mastery points only affects some special cases, like weapons that can reach level 40. Even then the logic is the same, you get mastery points for raising the level, you only need to put in forma to be able to do so. The same logic applies to modular weapons and companions, but in that case it is the "gilding" that enables the weapon/companion to reach it's max.
  5. Let me guess: some youtoober figured out how to use the broken Marked for Death ability, then a bunch of copycats immediately rushed to copy it. And now that the ability has been fixed, everything is DE's fault. Included that their life has been destroyed and Warframe is close to being de-installed, or at the least they want their resources back. Yikes. However, I actually think giving them their resources back is a good idea, as long as DE also takes back all the resources, standing etc. that they got from using the broken Marked for Death. That is fair, isn't it? Or is there anyone actu
  6. Of course it shouldn't proc on all enemies. The trigger for proccing Arcane Trickery is a "standing melee finisher kill". You proc that on the finisher target and what gets transferred is the (modified) damage. Sigh. Thanks for pointing this out, in the midst of the ongoing crybaby fest.
  7. No. Playing solo is quite ok, but Warframe co-op experience is not bad, it is great. What occasionally sucks is randomly putting four players together in the same mission, each having the option to pick their own set from the huge amount of equipment available, then adding playstyles and personalities on top of that and expecting all this to work. There are no such guarantees and often there is very little "co-op", beyond having the same mission goal. On the other hand, pre-made co-op with friends is huge fun, since there are a HUGE amount of synergies and options available. More th
  8. First of all, all this "toxicity" is not coming from Limbo, neither from players using Limbo. Secondly, playing with one or more Limbo(s) on the squad isn't a problem. I don't get how it could be, if you know how the rift works. And if you don't know, blaming Limbo for your own failings is a bit dumb. Joining a public squad and then complaining about how the other players play the game is a bit daft as well. The list of "hated" warframe abilities is quite long (Frost's bubbles, Mag's bubbles, Nova's slows/speed-ups, Volt's speed, Saryn's spores, old Ember, Nekros' shadows, Nyx's min
  9. Well... then I would like a (tick) "never play with a player that won't play with Limbo"-option, that when ticked would be in force regardless of what warframe I am currently using.
  10. And you are all quite sure you have the (maxed) Scan Aquatic Lifeforms mod equipped on Oxylus? We had a guy in the clan claiming it "never worked for him", guess what the reason was...
  11. I have nothing against communication with support, but with the size of the playerbase support would run the risk of being overwhelmed, if the policy was to allow for an extensive manual communication with players. Such a communication policy would, of course, have to include "everyone". Not only anyone with a legitimate beef but the sizeable millenial "it's all about me (and my feelings)" group. So, for a F2P game allowing full access for non-paying customers it would be economically unfeasible (putting it mildly). Any toxic player is ALWAYS in the wrong, even having an idiot on your squ
  12. I think your suggestions 1-3 are fair and valid: there should be a reason (even if it is "auto-banned due to vocabulary"), there should be a ban length (and a timer would be a nice way to implement this), and I think it would be good for everyone if there was a "the user is currently banned"-response from the system. I do not agree with the rest (4-6). I personally disagree with vocabulary-bot filters and resulting auto-bans from completely normal words. I think that is completely illogical and a worse form of oppression than what it is trying to remedy. That said, I also think DE's
  13. I agree. Traditional hunting is more challenging (following the "spoor" is harder, and Avicheas... well...) and you get more tags per time from just running around (since spawns of multiple individuals seems more common when spotting animals "live"). Traditional fishing is slower due to what seems to be longer "down time" between spawn cycles. Mining is harder due to the increased "3D" of the landscape, making some minerals/gems harder to find and/or spot. I don't dispute this, but the solution is to multi-gather everything by hanging out in Cambion Drift. It won't help when you need one
  14. Yes, you can. Just use Oxylus (with its Scan Aquatic Lifeforms-mod), which will show active fishing hotspots on your map within 100m. Also works when in caves (but it is map-based and thus map-limited). That is why you do the pylons. From which you will get the Cranial Foremounts and other fishy stuff.
  15. Just check the currently available Necramech mods, and compare those with the current actual Necramech melee options. Archmelee shouldn't come as a surprise.
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