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  1. Anyone have any idea which enemy units throw the ticking insta-kill grenades of Death? Been encountering them a lot in the void (farming Axi L4's), but can't figure out where they are actually coming from. Also have this feeling that they are "sticky", since at times enemies seems to be able to throw them upwards (from below balconies etc.) and they seem to "stick" to the underside (and kill through the balcony).
  2. I have approx. 20 million focus (with everything already unlocked), insane amounts of relics (a quick eyeball estimate of the new relic screen gives approx. 5000), 2000+ Orokin cells (last I saw the number somewhere) and lots and lots of a multitude of other stuff that I simply cannot use for anything anymore. Selling stuff for credits has completely lost any meaning with tens of millions in the bank, and farming stuff for selling (plat) has never interested me (no diss meant for those who like that). I could probably re-max syndicate standings several times over with stuff like eidolon shards, toroids etc. Fishing, hunting and gathering minerals is meaningless as I already have too much stuff. On the other hand, some mechanisms are still useful (like using syndicate standing for relic packs). And Baro occasionally brings new stuff, or functional stuff like boosters, so ducats are still useful. The thing that disturbs my peace of mind (a piece of my mind?) is the meaningless of it all, the sort of built-in mechanism that by playing the game a lot, some otherwise central parts of the game automatically self-destructs (like focus, orokin cells or eidolon shards, just to name a few). I would like to point out that this is not, in any way, a Warframe-specific problem. It is how things and humans work (how often do you re-read books, re-watch movies or series etc.?). Many games (board and computer) have a re-start as a built-in thing, playing Monopoly or Civ automatically means that you re-start from scratch. Re-starting Warframe when already "maxed-out" would not, however, be the same kind of experience (rather the opposite, if you ask me). But there are some other options available (yes, of course including more "end-game" 🙂, but that is not what this post is about). Would it be possible to add some other sinks to the game, no matter how insanely priced the stuff is? Something that would make the stuff useful again, and in a way also re-introduce meaning into parts of the game? It doesn't even have to be any "unique" or "bragging rights" stuff (the ephemeras were a fail in that regard, btw), just something that would still be useful or interesting for "maxed-out" players. Like a Black Market bazaar/trader, selling special stuff at exorbitant prices (Darvo's "dark side" cousin, or something). It could be just stuff like vaulted relics, beacons, drops that otherwise are available but with minuscule drop chances (if you are maxed out in Warframe, you HAVE already farmed enough for a lifetime), a void-based riven storage (at 1000000 focus per slot) or just otherwise hard/impossible to get stuff. The exorbitant prices would make sure that this is not just another way to turn something into plat.
  3. Yes, DE always listens 😊. Of course, that doesn't mean that DE will always do what you want DE to do...
  4. First I completely agree that Wisp is great addition. Though I am sure the "run around and smack everything"-crowd will dislike her just the same. That is, dislike playing Wisp themselves (otherwise they will love her). Wisp has a lot of tricks (and this is a very good playing guide), but I've also had a lot of fun playing Wisp like Cherokee Dog soldier, you put your stake into the ground and then you stay there (+/- within reservoir range), dare the enemy to come at you and kill them when they do. For such a playstyle you need to improve her tankiness, so that your mote healing power isn't outstripped by enemy damage. Health is part of your power, so Vitality is a must (for this). You can drop in a second health mod or an armor mod, if you have the space for it. Adaptation works great (once again) at mitigating damage, and with a Primed Flow-based energy pool of 850 Quick Thinking works great at countering surprises (that would otherwise kill you). If you are going to kill your enemies by shooting them, Zenistar is great since you can pop the disc where you stand, effectively getting a second "aura of defense" in addition to the your shock mote (and the killing power of a fully modded Zenistar is quite high). If you want to force the enemies into CQC (by selecting such a position), you can use some of the funny/"different" weapons (like Simulor, Torid etc.) to proc extra status when they get close, before you melee them to death (and melee "almost 3.0" is great for this). Now, Wisp is no über-tanky Inaros, but she IS a glorious team buffer (and Inaros is not, he is "just" the most invincible killing machine in the game 🙂). When you get to know her you'll find out she can actually keep two areas locked down, if they are within visible range from each other (max 6 reservoirs means two full sets of three). If you get swamped at spot 1 you can move (or quickly teleport with Breach Surge) to spot 2 and "Sol Gate" the f*ckers at spot 1. What I also very much like with Wisp is that there is no single ("boring") god build. There just isn't, as she is very flexible (within her own limitations), both for adapting towards different uses, missions and playing styles. The effect of her reservoirs being "for ever" (unless she casts them again at another place or some Nullie comes along) is easily underestimated, and that the buffs stay on within a reservoir area (or when refilled) is quite a huge buff, and something that can be utilized for all kinds of setups in clan- or friend-based squad play. We tried a "buff-Wisp" together with Inaros last evening, with range down to 30-something % but duration at 250% and strength at +300%. It was total insanity, close to 100 health/sec regen, 75 sec duration and a 100% shock proc at 5 meters (which went quite well with a meleeing Inaros 🙂), 60% speed buff (can remove speed mods from Inaros & weapon) and almost a 100% fire rate buff. Sure, Wisp herself had mostly to hide (or rather follow the trail of bodies Inaros left behind and "Fulminate" or "Sol Gate" the enemies Inaros missed...). And Inaros had to re-visit the quite small reservoir area approx. once every minute, but if he was invincible before he was insanely mega-invincible now. And as long as Wisp puts down reservoir sets close enough, that is all you need to depend on, no synced casting or timed combos, just refill when appropriate (and you see them on the minimap). And you could do this kind of "buffed team" with Wisp + three other warframes at no extra cost whatsoever (the combinations boggles the mind, but the community WILL sort this out 🙂).
  5. Ran out of ammo with Exergis in today's sortie 2 (shotgun only). After that I could not re-select my shotgun, even after picking up ammo or using an ammo drop, so I was basically "unarmed" (which is what the HUD also stated 🙂) the rest of the mission. I am not sure if the problem was that no ammo pickup was recognized (since I was in an "unarmed" state) or if it was the function of re-selecting my primary (after getting ammo) that did not work. Used Wisp + Djinn, and no "ammo mods".
  6. Hi all trid hunters! Recently players using the Propa scaffold during hunts have increased, and I have experienced a situation where if another player first fires his Propa-based amp through Volt's shield my Shraksun does no damage whatsoever when fired before the Propa explodes. I'll repeat that: 1. another player fires Propa through Volt's shield 2. before it explodes, Shraksun seems to do no damage (fired from close by, through the same shield) I cannot say if this happens every time, but I am quite sure that there has been several instances as described above, where nothing happens with the eidolon's shield. Even with VS at levels (20+, 30+) that normally clears the shield in one shot. If I shoot again immediately after the Propa has exploded, damage registers normally. It is only a small technical detail, but it is bloody irritating wasting VS this way. If I have a Propa player on the team I now shoot well away from the shields, which in turn decreases the damage (but it is still more than "no damage"). Has anyone else experienced this, and is there an explanation? All I can glean from the wiki is that there is a projectile with "slow" travel time...
  7. I really can't (and won't) get into that, since I have no real knowledge about anything or what anyone has done or gotten changed or not. And I also think that it is not relevant, every case should be judged on it's own merits, according to whatever rules or principles there are. My point wasn't about that anyway, but about having been there myself (made a gruesome mistake) and having concluded, logically, that the mistake was mine to own. Horrible though that was (it still pisses me off). The similarities to your situation felt quite apparent. If you want to suggest that DE is treating you unfairly by not giving you a new umbra, that is your own decision. I just don't see it. This has absolutely nothing to do with "others", it has simply to do with if DE was in any way responsible for what happened, and I don't think that they were. Just like when I pressed the button turning my glorious riven into endo. You can still politely ask if they would consider reversing your mistake even so, but to then claim that it is "unfair" when they don't is not completely rational. They could have rolled it back (they have that power), but they have done nothing wrong by not doing it. I have no real interest in becoming the focus for your grief, and it is slightly ridiculous to think that I should deliver a "fair answer". I just delivered my reasoning and opinion, actually thinking it would help you. I truly do not think that claiming to be unfairly treated by DE on this forum will get you your Umbra back.
  8. It is not about belief 🙂. The meta is universal, but we are all different Tenno. With different gear, favourites and playstyle. From which follows that another "meta" that just fills the same function as one you already have is somewhat irrelevant, so building that weapon into something else is both more fun and effective. And from this follows that the new build then becomes your personal meta, regardless of what the internet thinks it should be. And this in turn changes what kind of riven you want/need, for the build. So only someone without imagination and understanding of how the game functions would slavishly follow the "meta"... Which makes this "godly"-attribute sort of, well...
  9. At that point most weapons are depending more on your mod situation than on their actual values (since the "still to get/rank up" mods affect the end result more). The rest is actually down to how they feel (that is, do you like them🙂). If you have plat to spend you can use a bundle to get mid-MR weapons immediately, regardless of MR rank. Or buy the current Prime pack. If it is worth it or not is up to you, since you can grind (almost) everything. But it really does give you a leg up. I would suggest Vectis (MR2) for sniper (Rubico is available from MR6). Snipetron Vandal (MR5) is a much better weapon than you would believe from the comments, you can use it through-out the whole star-chart if you can headshot and it fits your playing style. Hek (MR4) + Scattered Justice is a very, very good shotgun, the only real limitation is the mag size (4) and the 2 sec reload time. If you can handle the need for ammo, Kohm (MR5) is considered by some (like me) to be even better (if you have the mods for it), it is often used by high-MR Nekros players in higher-level missions. For low-MR assault weapon my pick would be Braton Vandal (MR4), but it is almost impossible to get (the parts drop from ESO). Never liked the Boltors, due to projectile flying time. As secondary I would recommend Furis (MR2) + Winds of Purity, as an ok sidearm with life-stealing is damn good in the beginning (it is also quite accurate, meaning you can heal yourself shooting enemies from a distance). Bronco Prime (MR4) is a shotgun sidearm with 100% status chance using 4 x 60% status mods, it will carry you a long way. For melee Atterax (MR2) or Orthos Prime (MR2). Or Galatine (MR3). But without a tanky warframe or better warframe mods good guns is a better way to handle higher level enemies when starting out, soit depends on what you play. Some special weapons are available quite early on. Atomos (secondary) is available as MR5. So is Tonkor, the now again very good grenade launcher. Flux Rifle is available at MR6, while some "hate" it I think it is actually quite good, and you never ever run out of ammo. Finally, don't believe all the "MR-fodder" BS on the internet. It is usually a doubly flawed viewpoint. While some weapons actually are a bit worse than others, making MR fodder-statements relies a lot on both number comparisons and a need to feel superior. The whole idea of classifying all weapons by shooting/hacking at lvl 120 Grineer Heavy Gunners (or whatever) is absurd, since you will not meet that kind of enemies in along while, and never if you want to avoid them (sortie 3 is approx. 100). The comparison is often done by players having access to all weapons, warframes, mods, arcanes and other sh*t, which is hundreds of gaming hours in your future and thus not really relevant. So check things out and go with what you like. The fastest way to level is to check all the available weaponry out anyway...
  10. Nah, it just depends on which god you worship, weapon-wise. However, if you believe "the meta" to be a god, just because there is a lot of worshipers, you are sorely mistaken (and will be disappointed)...
  11. Until Khora got her pilfering augment I was pretty sure Nekros would make a comeback quite soon, since Hydroid too will be leaving us shortly. Now I am not so sure. If you really want Nekros Prime, buy a set. He is one of those "can't do without"-warframes (well, of course you can do without, but...). I have no idea what the current price is for a Nekros P set, but it is bound to go up. To Rhino P levels at some point, would be my guess. Or you can buy Nekros P relics, and pray to RNG as you crack them. You can probably still pick up the common/uncommon parts cheaply enough, so it's the rare relics you need: Nekros Prime Blueprint Axi N3 Relic (Rare) Nekros Prime Blueprint Lith N3 Relic (Rare) Nekros Prime Blueprint Meso N3 Relic (Rare) Nekros Prime Chassis Blueprint Axi G1 Relic (Common) Nekros Prime Chassis Blueprint Axi N4 Relic (Common) Nekros Prime Chassis Blueprint Lith N1 Relic (Common) Nekros Prime Chassis Blueprint Lith V4 Relic (Common) Nekros Prime Chassis Blueprint Meso K1 Relic (Common) Nekros Prime Chassis Blueprint Meso S3 Relic (Common) Nekros Prime Chassis Blueprint Neo Z1 Relic (Common) Nekros Prime Neuroptics Blueprint Axi N5 Relic (Uncommon) Nekros Prime Neuroptics Blueprint Meso F1 Relic (Uncommon) Nekros Prime Systems Blueprint Lith N2 Relic (Rare) Nekros Prime Systems Blueprint Meso N5 Relic (Rare) Nekros Prime Systems Blueprint Neo N3 Relic (Rare) Nekros Prime Systems Blueprint Neo N7 Relic (Rare)
  12. There are two things here, rolled into one. The first is the forma mistake, which is 100% yours and yours alone. That is just a "sh*t happens" mistake, the circumstances doesn't really matter. We have all done them. That it happened to be an umbra forma doesn't really matter, mistake-wise, though it hurts a lot more. On the other hand, players have sold unique stuff and transmogrified unique rivens "by mistake" god knows how many times. The second thing is DE support not giving you your umbra forma back. While I feel for you, I think they are doing the rational thing. You have lost the umbra forma through no fault of the game. There is also no other technical glitch, like a forced disconnect, leading to this. If they chose to help you, they would have to help everyone making mistakes. You can't really rank different mistakes into "we'll fix these" and "no, we won't fix these". Neither can the value of what you loose or destroy be used, as some things have a changing plat value and others are not even sellable. And it can't (of course) be based on how you feel, so that if you feel "a lot" they will help you, but if you don't they won't. That players should be entitled to getting extra manual help with mistakes because they have paid for something in the game is ludicrous. You get the deal you accept, nothing more and nothing less. Anything else is the same brain-destroying "everything it's all about me"-meme that is currently also affecting GoT-fans. I have an inkling what you feel. I once destroyed a Galatine Prime-riven by mistake, back when Gal P was THE weapon. It was one of my first rivens, and I was gathering kuva (no Taveuni then) and rolling it "a few more times" every day, waiting for a god (or even good) roll, and usually started the day by checking it over. I left it checked by mistake when selecting duplicate mods to sell for endo (was in the phase when you are continuously endo-starved) and didn't even understand what had happened at first (when it just wasn't there anymore when I was going to roll it later). I can still remember the sinking feeling (and the internal scream) when my mind sorted it out. My friends told me to contact DE, so I did some research and concluded the same things I listed above. It was unconceivable that I had made such an idiotic mistake, it sucked big time but in the end I had to own it. A couple of hundred rivens later I am stilled pissed (at myself and the world, for letting it happen). But not at DE...
  13. Only did about 80 Exploiter runs without getting even one ephemera, before I started experiencing tics in strange places and my vision fading to black. So I symphatize (a lot). Both are of course key equipment that you can't do without... 😵
  14. You are joking? The current Wolf is an emasculated wimp compared to the horror that has hunted us for 10 weeks (or so). You could almost call him "The Wolf Sergeant", "the "epitome of tankiness" (yes, irony...). When he showed up as level 75 on Mot during the weekend it was almost a relief, even wimped he took a few minutes to kill (as compared to 10-15 seconds in the easier alert).
  15. You are of course welcome to your own definition, but I would see "mission continuation while still effectively killing enemies and taking damage" without help from other players as the target. If that is "not reaching zero health" or "avoiding dying at zero health" or even "reviving yourself automagically when downed" is just a matter of mechanics. If you remove the "killing enemies"-part, tankiness becomes more like the Lua challenge, just standing there and "taking it". If it is a simple "immortality" factor, invisibility would be very high on the list (a perma-cloaked Ivara sitting in an unreachable position killing enemies with hushed battery-weapon is quite "immortal", but far from "tanky" 🙂). Then there is the way you measure this. Being able to continue to lvl X or for X minutes alone in a certain mission type against certain enemies on a certain map/tile set is irrelevant to me. Such a measurement is relevant only if that mission type is all you ever play. Another thing is how much have to "re-build" the warframe before every mission. Do you take into account changing mods, arcanes, companions, weapons and all their synergies before every single mission (in order to reach a maximum "mission tankiness"), or is tankiness more about "just going" into any normally available mission in the game with the same build. Mind you, I am not criticizing. Just pointing out that the definition of "tankiness" varies a lot between players.
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