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  1. I think this is great. It is a logical step and adds more possibilities and variance and thus broadens the game. And it is very "DE" 🙂, which is positively refreshing and maybe even a bit hopeful ("Scarlet Spear ate my hope", or has been gnawing on it, anyway). I also think that healing a percentage of a fixed value (like warframe health) is fine, and healing a fixed value of something that scales is fine, but healing a percentage of something that is scaling (without limit) is not logical. In other words: an effect/ability healing "half your warframe health" is quite logical, even if the hp varies between warframes and depending on builds. But healing 500 hp of excavator health at round X and 5000 hp at round Y in the same mission is simply not logical (neither is excavator health scaling in-mission, if truth be told, but that is another question). The most important thing for me is that the possibility of using many different ways to heal a def objective will allow for counter-acting the "steady decline"-syndrome. Instead of either protecting it "totally" or just playing until the health of defense objective gets low enough the player(s) can now actively affect what is going on (with the actual objective of the mission). And that is a good thing.
  2. And mine. Accepting a little misery at the release of new stuff is on me, but slogging through a rocky start and getting less rewards than those that didn't even try it out doesn't feel right, it feels like I am "a sucker". - - - And on another note, Little Duck selling Stance Formas needing 5 Nitain and having the only reliable source of Nitain locked for weeks explicitly for those players that play Warframe a lot (and thus have reached extra rank 60 in Nightwave) is not really ok either. Or is there a reason to punish them for actually doing Nightwave alerts? During the months this intermission has been going on there has been no reliable info whatsoever on when it is supposed to end and what the ranking end point is, so there has been no way to plan (and leave Nightwave missions unfinished in order to be able to get Nitain). And then there was this post saying 90 ranks, but there is only 60 (of course there is 90 when adding the original 30, but how are we to know this?). - - - And could we get some Scarlet Credit sink stuff into Little Duck's shop? If you've already maxed all the arcanes, there is preciously little stuff to buy (buying 50 X Stance Forma doesn't really compute). And that in turn makes it unrewarding to play Scarlet Spear with friends that have less and actually have sh*tloads of stuff to buy. - - - I hate complaining, and complainers. And now I am complaining myself, I really hate everything about this.
  3. Yes, but only the old ones (already in the game for quite some time). 4k for legendary/platinum is quite a fair price btw, it is basically one full mission (earth or space) for a guaranteed top level arcane. Anyone who complains this is "too grindy" are welcome to collect them by hunting trids instead... 🙂 But wasn't there supposed to be some new ones as well? So far the new stuff has been limited to two nice new weapons and stance forma (not counting scenes & fashion). It's the new stuff I've been farming Scarlet Credits for. Finally, there have been so many bugs, fixes, changes, lost loot etc. etc. that my head is spinning, but rewarding your trusty bug-testers with LESS credits for a partly tougher effort (even disregarding bugs and sh*t) might not be the way to go. It is exactly the same ongoing event, after all, and I wouldn't be surprised if some (or most) of those who fought the tougher enemies and braved all the bugs feel screwed by getting less reward for the same effort (which was actually even "more effort", but we can handle that part). Can't speak for DE of course, but from an outside perspective this could be considered a Tenno segment ("the insanely dedicated") you definitely would not want to lose or turn against the game.
  4. This would be really good. Putting 6-7 forma into a build that then get wrecked by a dispo change is "not fun" and definitely "not rewarding". I couldn't give flying f*ck about riven trade & prices, but MY build on MY weapon with MY riven shouldn't change. An easy and logical way to solve this would be a mechanism allowing players to "lock" or "bind" a riven => freeze it's current values, make it untradeable (while "locked"/"bound") & free up it's general riven storage slot while "bound" to a specific weapon. I would be ok with this being a one-way process (no mechanism to "unlock"/"unbind" a riven and put it in a riven slot as tradeable/rollable again), but it would function just as well as a two-way process. Such a mechanism would be glorious, at least for me it would mean a lot of incentive to play around with all the weapons weapons & their rivens = an incentive to play MORE WARFRAME.
  5. We're also a group of "mostly been there, mostly done that"-players playing Warframe mostly together, using a private voice server. Everyone joining and forming up whenever they feel like it and/or have the opportunity. We've gone through a lot of problems over the years, occasionally with a lot of salt but always still enjoying playing. But for some reason the dysfunctional Murex/Condrix missions became too much, having friends on the same team not getting the drops and rewards and having to restart over and over again in the hope that it would/should work "this time" was "too bad" an experience (as was simply trying to get into the same flotilla/instance, even as a pre-formed squad). So we all migrated back to another semi-oldie, Planetside 2 (which most hadn't played in over 2 years). The idea was to jump back into Warframe when Titania Prime arrived, but for the first time in "our history" this just didn't happen, the guys just were not interested enough (despite Titania and Corinth both being "loved"). Now, I am not rage-threating to leave Warframe unless I get my demands met or any such stupid sh*t, but it is a fact that here is a group of active players with an age-gap between 16 and 60, most with stable income and occasionally buying stuff. By now we sit in 4-5 different countries (in Europe) and most used to log in several times a week (some +/- every day, for years). And now we are not playing Warframe (which feels strange). So, for the 1st time in years Warframe is in a "collective currently off"-state, mostly due to the game not functioning properly (for us playing together in squads, doing missions "alone" works much better but is not fun enough). It is not really logical, since all the old stuff that still was fun before Scarlet Spear is still there and still works, but this is what has now happened. We even think that Railjack and Scarlet Spear is a good thing for Warframe (laying the base for a lot of potential content), that the "rewards level" for Murex/Condrix is high enough and so on. Melee 3.0 has proven to be great, and the new status changes have been a lot of fun. Several of us are hardcore gamers, and we all actually respect and like DE (in comparison with some other developers, DE really shines). So much is also "good". But "things broke down", for us. There's also some other stuff, like that the current "lock" in Nightwave (where some are at extra level 60 and get nothing, so there is no reason to do Nightwave stuff together anymore) is somewhat detrimental (= has removed one daily/weekly source of co-op fun, for several weeks now). We'll probably be back when stuff is working again (but as things go this is not written in stone, the world moves on in mysterious ways). And my point is that the loot and the drops and the grind and so on is what is, but that the actual technical stuff is working reliably is also really, really important for some of us Tennos. If we can't reliably play together, we'll (have to) go somewhere else.
  6. Or Sharpshooter, unfortunately. That one would fit as good (or even better) on a (normal) bow. Needing a bit more skill than using it on any "sniper".
  7. It would be nice if we all could actually believe that the nerfs/buffs are truly based on "usage stats". It would be even better if we knew what "usage stats" actually mean. Is it how many of the weapon have been MR'd to 30? How many that are currently owned? How many that are actually taken into missions? How much the weapon is actually used in a mission (equipped "in hand")? Is it how many kills the weapon rack up? How much total damage it does to enemies (in missions)? How many kills the weapon rack up with a riven build? I think the idea of having a moving riven disposition based on "usage" is fair and ok, since that links to the original purpose of rivens (to make "underused" weapons more interesting). However, if there are arbitrary decisions made while changing disposition, the system becomes inherently unfair and "false". In other words, if a weapon is "too powerful" but not widely used, leave the riven disposition alone and nerf the weapon instead (if needed). Arbitrary changes (= not following the logical context) to disposition as a means to nerf the riven+weapon combo would be lying (in my book anyway). And I know there are quite a few players who suspect this is what is going on, and why the "based on usage stats" is considered "not completely true". All this could be easily rectified by making the disposition calculations public, so we would all know what "usage stats" are actually used and could be sure that they aren't arbitrarily manipulated for specific weapons & rivens. Or, if that is what is actually going on, just say so ("yes, riven disposition is changed to balance stuff, not by actual usage").
  8. This system often leads to the flotilla bogging down, especially if there happens to be "too many" Murex teams. Since the amount of players per flotilla is locked, the distribution of players between space and ground will determine how effectively kill codes are produced and received. Once the flotilla is full, the distribution will be "locked in", since it is detrimental for players to switch (mission type and/or flotilla). In the case that there are too few ground squads, Murex teams will often sit for many minutes simply waiting for kill codes. This slows progress for all space teams, occasionally by quite a large factor (2X-4X longer), and sort of destroys the missions (which are not supposed to be sitting in an alien ship mostly waiting for something to happen). This is due to the current system where players only get their higher score from either ground or space, which leads to no-one switching from ground to space (or space to ground) since doing so would in practical terms destroy their current progress. In other words: a team that has gathered 2500 points in space and moves to ground missions in order to help everyone in the flotilla and does another 2500 points in their ground part will now forfeit half their points and half their bonus. In a co-op game, that is one hefty price to pay for doing the right thing and helping others. If they instead stay in space, mostly waiting for kill codes that take ages to arrive, they will actually benefit more even if they can't get the max 5000 points together. This split system where players and teams have to weigh doing one or the other is not beneficial to the game, to the event or to the participating players. It also seems arbitrary and strange, though there probably are some reasons. And it is beyond the players' control, any player or team going into a flotilla basically has to select between "space" or "ground" at the start (or lose standing/points when switching), and at that point they don't have a clue what other incoming teams will do. In order for the kill codes to flow effortlessly and everybody enjoying themselves (once all the bugs gets ironed out) there has to be an approx double or triple amount of ground teams vs space teams. A simple and logical solution to achieve this would be to allow players to sum their ground and space missions scores, which would allow both players and teams to switch to space or to ground missions when so needed by the flotilla, fostering Tenno spirit and helping others (rather than currently being locked into one or the other and suffering long waiting times and even risking timing out the alert). Please.
  9. Only rarely can you go back. The flotilla will probably be full (and not shown in the list). Or if shown it will be almost full with many players selecting it to join, so even if you select it the chance is that you instead will be forced into another flotilla. All this will also happen if a bug forces you to restart. It will also happen even if you have squad mates or friends still playing in the flotilla and inviting you back. It will even happen if you game/computer crashes and you select "rejoin squad" when logging in to Warframe again. Sometimes it even happens when you form a squad in the orbiter and go to a flotilla together (the team ges split up to different flotillas). And when you are forced to a new flotilla all the standing you fought for is left in your previous and now unreachable flotilla.
  10. Yep, diligently doing Nora's bidding comes back to hurt you...
  11. This breaking up friends and/or squads and forcibly moving players to other instances REALLY has to STOP. Anyone getting a bug (like the still present "can't see the oplink text = get no drops and no standing"-bug, or the "endless flying through space"-bug, or the "coming out of a mission but into a black screen"-bug) and having to abort/restart will now be FORCED INTO ANOTHER instance. And losing not only their FRIENDS and their SQUAD but ALL PROGRESS made in the previous instance (since that does NOT migrate). Even if you have to hard-reset and get the "rejoin your squad"-option you WILL BE FORCED into ANOTHER instance than the rest of the guys, and this even if the squad is seemingly kept together. Which (playing together in several instances at once) will f*ck up how the kill codes work, where they go and when the instance (which one?) reaches 100 Murex. This is not functional, logic or fun, it is dumb, illogical and bloody g-damn irritating. We need to be allowed to STAY in our CHOSEN INSTANCE until we VOLUNTARILY LEAVE it (or a 5-minute "no-action" timer expires). Despite crashes and having to restart due to numerous bugs, this will allow us to keep friends together, our squads together and continue fighting where our standing is being recorded. This is supposed to be a co-op game, but you simply cannot co-op anything if the game breaks and forcibly throws your friends and squad to the winds. Not only for a mission, but until the three hour instance is over, since there is no fricking way to rejoin them (without your friends also losing all their acquired standing by switching instance in order to play with you). This really sux, big time! Otherwise we are now liking Scarlet Spear btw.
  12. Yep, it seems the problem still persists. My flotilla was stuck at 54 with lots of grounds teams producing scans/killcodes and the space teams receiving nothing. Guess Little Duck will have to pay out the bonuses regardless of achieving the 100 target again, or lots of Tennos will defect. Also was sent to the dreaded "Flotilla 1" after I logged in today, the one with "No Murex present". Selected a "real" instance (nr. 5), but ended up all alone in ghost HQ (nr. 1). Left and could join another instance without further problems (except no further kill codes received in space after 54 Murexes). The "ghost ship"-bug probably has to do with an instance becoming "full" (that is why some members of a squad can end up in the selected instance while others get sent to "Flotilla 1"), since the selected Flotilla is usually not available anymore when you get back to the orbiter, and if your squadmates (that made it to the selected instance) try to invite you, the error message will actually be "full". But I fail to understand why this ("ghost HQ") is even possible anymore (in a released build). A new player (or anyone not understanding wtf just happened) getting sent to an empty Scarlet Spear HQ with a message of "No Murexes" will be royally lost as to what is actually going on (or supposed to be going on). It would be much better to send them back to the orbiter with a message of "Flotilla full". The bug related to no kill codes received in space is easy to understand in theory (we are talking about a version of "net traffic", after all), but how it could be this hard to fix is beyond me, since the code infrastructure for handling it already is "in place" (it works perfectly until it doesn't work at all). Still, DE is probably doing all they can, as fast as is humanly possible.
  13. So, while I was writing all this, Little Duck seems to have promised to pay me back (with interest), and DE have at least tried to fix some of the problems. Talking about 27.3.4 deploying 30 minutes ago. Hope against hope, but keeping my fingers crossed...
  14. I haven't been this put off by Warframe since I started playing. For the first time I can't reliably play with my friends (since MR0) anymore, since we can't reliably join a flotilla even if we group up first. When we finally get the guys together in the same flotilla/instance, the first mission is usually a "no mission rewards for some"-mess. And if someone gets kicked during loading (before this bug shows up when plinking down the op-links), we all have to restart not the mission, not Scarlet Spear but Warframe itself in order to get everyone back into the same instance. If the first mission is a "no mission rewards for some" we do a quick "1 Murex" and go back to the Scarlet Spear HQ, and start a new mission. By then the actual gameplay mostly is working, so we do 3 X 5 Murex. The leaderboard says 5000+ points = fine, we have maxed this wave. The flotilla is at 81 points with over half the time left, so everything is alright, bonus credits are coming our way. We hang around in Scarlet Spear for short while, but then when the guys are starting to leave one says, wait. For some reason the number of Murexes driven away has stopped at 83, even though there are 5 space teams and 10+ grounds teams, and the kill codes seem to be rolling in. Wtf! The other guys have to leave so I jump into Murex space alone. No kill codes arrives, no more Murexes are driven away, but I can see the kill codes rolling in from the ground team. Wtf! I go back to Scarlet Spear, go into space again. No kill codes coming, flotilla still at 83. I figure it might be my game, a whole flotilla can't have crashed, now can it. So I leave Scarlet Spear, go back in, still at 83, still a lot of teams in space and on the ground, fighting for the common cause. But the no kill codes for the cause seem to be registering. So I restart Warframe, go back to Scarlet Spear. Can't select a new instance, so the game still remembers where I was. Good! Or not, since I arrive in Flotilla 1. And the board says "No Murex available". Oh boy! After about an hour I check the situation again, my flotilla/instance is still at 83. There went not only another hour of my life, but all the promised bonus. A flotilla that easily got to 80+ in less than half the time should have completed 100 with ease, but the kill codes didn't register. I wonder how many of my fellow Tenno were fighting on the ground to produce all those kill codes that never went anywhere... Earlier today we had a 2-player team that did two 5 Murex and one 4 Murex, ending up with 4960 standing (40 from max payout of bonus), we did the 100th Murex ourselves, so the flotilla/instance did complete. But the reward arriving in the inbox was two emblems, no credits whatsoever. Not a single one. After three days I have no idea how many credits have been lost to a kaleidoscope of bugs. I am ready to give up on Little Duck, getting me to fight for free promising rewards that never materialize. Should be called Little Huckster, the bloody cheat. If she wants me back in business, she'll have to pay me what she owes first. With interest. Paradoxically I can see a lot of good stuff in this new system, and as with Railjack a lot of future potential. A lot to build on, to keep Warframe going. And the recent changes to melee and status are good and interesting, and shows DE has the courage to fix things. I should be happy for all this, but I feel mostly cheated and slightly burned out. All the let-downs and Little Duck stealing my credits have put me off Warframe, and who knows when the problems will be fixed, or if they ever will be.
  15. Yup, this REALLY need to get fixed! A couple of hours ago I did a 5 Murex mission and a 1 Murex mission with a friend (and 2 randoms) in "Flotilla 64", then Warframe froze during in-flight to the next mission, had to force-restart Warframe, and couldn't back get into "Flotilla 64" again (though my friend was still present and tried to invite). So we both restarted Warframe, teamed up, but I kept being forced into "Flotilla 1" (which was empty of teams AND Murexes), so he selected "Flotilla 33", where we did two full 5 Murex missions and one 4 Murex mission (which ended the alert at 100 Murexes removed). At that point we had 4960 points on the leaderboard. When I received the in-game bonus message (some 40 minutes later), I got a Murex I Emblem (probably from "Flotilla 64" action) and a Murex II Emblem (probably from "Flotilla 33" action) but NO BONUS SCARLET CREDITS AT ALL!!! NOT A SINGLE ONE!!! I can understand the technical complexity and challenge (and problems) with linking game instances of millions of players all over the globe, and I can accept that there are technical glitches in new content. I have a hard time accepting that in order to play with my friends we currently have to restart Warframe simply in order to get into the same instance (flotilla). But I just CANNOT accept that I spend hours of my time playing for rewards which I then don't get. That is simply totally unacceptable, the feeling is like going to the bank and noticing with surprise that someone has emptied the account. Not only does this need to get fixed asap, you really need to pay us the credits we are owed asap as well.
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