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  1. Maybe you need to say it a few more times before it registers, if it ever does. ๐Ÿ™‚ To me, the melee do-over is quite logical. DE is trying to broaden the melee part of the game, which translates into making more weapons and more mods viable to use. The ONLY way to do that is to break the existing deadlock of Bloodrush, Condition Overload and Maiming Strike. And the only way to do that is to "nerf" them down to levels where they are not in the "must use" category anymore. The goal (and the hope, presumably) is that this in turn will break the meta deadlock some weapons have on the melee scene, as this deadlock is partly (or mostly) related to Bloodrush, Condition Overload and Maiming Strike. It is also related to the differences of base damage on some weapons, which is ridiculously low on many weapons but will now be fixed. So to me, a lot of the discussion in this thread seems to take place in an alternate universe where Bloodrush, CO and Maiming Strike are still the undisputed kings of melee, just maybe a little bit nerfed. I do not think that is what DE is aiming at, at all. In the really real world, that is. Where the power of these three mods, by simple logic, has to be broken so that other mods and more weapons can flourish. The melee change that is coming is not a "re-balancing fix", it is a tectonic change aimed at breaking the current chains locking down melee combat.
  2. I did not say "fluid" one single time, as it is impossible to evaluate without playing. Personally I care less about the new "fluidity" than fixing (or even just trying to fix) the broken things that have plagued the game for years. Also did not touch on "hate", though it is self-evident from this forum that there are players that already hate this, in part or as a whole. For me it is more about what you do love (than about hate), if you love the game as a whole or love to use the broken things in the game giving you extra power. If it is the first, fixing the broken things within melee just basically is a really good thing. If it is the second, prepare to be disappointed.
  3. No, of course it isn't a true exploit. Maiming Strike (and it didn't mean that mod explicitly) is just an example of how the community "exploited" something (we are quite good at that ๐Ÿ™‚), making more with it that was intended but unfortunately skewering the game at the same time. It's one of the things I love about Warframe, the way we players find new ways of using the complex "fight" sandbox. There has been tens if not hundreds of posts over the years suggesting Maiming Strike should be nerfed, simply because it locks the melee game in a single file. Removing damage through walls helped a bit, but didn't touch the underlying problem. Well, DE is on that problem too this time. I agree with you about CO, btw. In my opinion the problem isn't with the mod, but with the limited top options of weapons really empowering the mod.
  4. This really seems like an informed improvement to everything melee. That of course includes changing and even removing some of the "exploits" in the current system, which some will see as "nerfs". A lot of meta-builds and setups will have to change, and a lot of new tricks will have to be learned. The Warframe community excels at this, so all those interested in builds, setups, tricks and stuff can look forward to a really interesting few months. The other thing that has been creeping into Warframe (besides the infamous power creep) is the continuous griping. Sure, it is both part of the human condition and a global phenomenon, this trying to elevate oneself by being critical of everything, as if criticizing stuff somehow would prove the existence of knowledge and insight (a hint: it usually proves the exact opposite). Based on this, my expectation was that these changes would generate a total sh*tstorm of negativity, centered around the "me, me, me, it's all about me"- and "I gripe on forums, therefore I exist"-concepts. Instead the reaction has been quite different, and from my heart I salute all Tennos coming out from the woodwork in support of a very needed change, of the game they love and of DE, the caretaker of Warframe.
  5. If/when you get into the groove again, you will need forma. And extractors extract stuff by themselves, occasionally even orokin cells. You can build forma and handle your extractors with the mobile app with a minimum of fuss. But you need forma blueprints to build forma, so you need to crack relics in-game. But that is all, getting the forma bp's, building forma, re-starting the extractors for totally free loot (that you might not even need ๐Ÿ™‚). I've found this to be the cure when the Warframe flame burns less brightly, but I also do not want to quit completely. Logging in every once in a awhile, check the void fissures, crack easy relics (like Lith excavations), building forma continuously and keeping the extractors going. With a sort of "you never know, maybe I will need them"-attitude. Who cares, right?! When you find yourself wanting to do daily sorties again your flame is starting to burn stronger. When you have sh*tloads of forma "in storage" (I had 40+ after last summer) the oddest things become interesting, like forma'ing warframes and weapons you've never really used. When you start checking and maxing out your daily syndicate standings (to buy "free" relics) you are getting into it again. Or when you find yourself "just clearing out the nightwave missions", daily. If you almost let go but stay in touch with the game and that regenerates the drive, now that's a chill no-stress path back. If none of that happens, well, it is a chill way to end it. And if you find your way back, there WILL be a lot to do. If you play daily it might feel like nothing really happens, but take a break for a couple of months and there will be an interesting backlog to clear, there always is.
  6. I got a mod drop chance booster as a sortie reward and bought a couple more from Baro, just to test it out. And of course it "works", the amount of mod drops in some missions are quite staggering (you start to wonder if you can get fined for "littering" ๐Ÿ™‚). In a 6 round void fissure defense on Earth I got close to 200 mods. Also did some runs at the Battalysts (on Lua), as there are a couple of mods I still don't have. Didn't get them, but even there you can sort of "feel" the 2X increase, as you get mods more consistently. The same in a few archwing missions (when you check the reward list in the mission conclusion screen). My take (after 3-4 days of testing) is that the mod drop chance booster is an important addition during a player's "starmap phase", as you get a double chance for the rare mods and all the other thousands of extra mods you get can be used for credits or endo (and all players hit the "credit" and the "endo" wall at some point). The thing is that players during this phase have less plat and thus use less plat for boosters. On the other hand, not having to buy as many of the "must have" rare mods might also save you plat, if you play a lot while the booster is active. For higher MRs the mod chance drop booster is fairly irrelevant. If you get a 3-day booster from sortie you might make some extra runs for the mods you still miss. And when DE adds new rare mods (dropping from enemies) it might be worthwhile to plink down som plat and double your chance to get them (and halve the amount of runs needed ๐Ÿ™‚). Have to say though, having gamed a lot and being a "looter" at heart it is very, very satisfying seeing the radar map filling up with mod drop indicators as if they were raining down from the sky. Even if most of the mods are commons that you already have thousands of, it feels nice. Maybe not worth paying plat for at this stage, but still very enjoyable.
  7. As it currently works, it is the drop rate of Vitus Essence from arbi drones combined with what is on offer in the Arbiters' shop that will determine if "higher rank" players will continue doing Arbitration. At some point all players will have farmed all the other drops they might want (depending on the amount of missions you play, it takes a few weeks at the most), and only Vitus will be left as a meaningful drop/reward. And the "3 Vitus" reward is too small and too inconsistent among all other drops to be enough, so it will be the drones drop rate that decides. "Higher rank" players generally play longer missions, and act as a buffer for "lower rank" players helping them along. While there is a bit of jockeying at the start (due to host change risking wiping out all your loot, few sane "higher rank" players will join an arbitration hosted by a "lower rank" player => they will leave such squads after joining and restart the mission hoping for a MR27 host or to become host themselves), most "higher rank" players don't generally mind helping. So if the Vitus drop rate is too low, the amount of "higher rank" players will drop, and Arbitrations will go back to being a mission where the majority of players are "lower rank" there for all the other drops and struggling to keep the mission going into C-drop territory. That maybe just fine, but personally I really like the ongoing revival of Arbitrations with lots of players and squads, including the very Tenno-like co-op going on with manually marking all Vitus drops for collection. While I would like to get my hands on as much Vitus Essence as possible, as effectively as possible, I think that only the 2X drop booster working on the drops is the "balanced" way of doing this. If a drop chance booster would affect the drops as well, we would be in 4X territory compared to "non-paying" players. Considering what you can currently buy from the Arbiters' shop with Vitus Essence, that is probably too big a jump made possible with "real money".
  8. Thanks for replying. I just do not agree, about Aura forma that is. Mindless meta is, in my opinion, the most boring part of Warframe. It not only locks down builds, it locks the mind of players. It even infests forums, and affects new players. And all the locked minds misses out on quite a lot in Warframe, and it is a fairly common reason to stop playing. If your only goal is to "max" the builds of a few warframes and weapons, what else is then left after you have done that and can easily beat anything the game throws at you? If the answer is "nothing", well... It is quite true that Aura forma bring nothing to meta-fixated players, but it is equally true that they bring a lot to players with open minds, that like to play around with builds, combos and setups. And this is not just an opinion, it is the hard logical and mathematical truth. The first kind of player just need a single forma (at the most) to achieve his meta build, regardless of if it his own or something gleaned/copied from the net. The second kind of player can use one aura forma to open up the warframe for all available aura mods, and while it costs four forma (to craft) it is forever open after applying it. That, my friend, is close to the basic definition of QoL. I will probably Aura forma more half of my warframes, just be able to play around with them a little bit more (and I have them all). Aura forma might not be QoL for everyone, but it sure as h*ll is QoL for me. Big time. As to why so many use CP all the time, that is really easy to answer but much harder to understand. Since the answer doesn't really make sense (excepting trid hunts and a few bosses and such). The Bane mods are a little bit different, putting them into your already "godly" weapon builds that overkills anything by default makes no sense, but there are a lot of other weapons where a 55% increase makes a difference. Again, not applicable to "meta", but only to having fun.
  9. Just wanted to say thank you for the QoL changes lately implemented: Daikyu is now the glorious, awesome bow it was always meant to be, just love using it. Was on my top three wishlist (as "Daikyu Prime"). Also love the comments I get ("why are you bringing a bow to...") ๐Ÿ™‚ I've been riven-limited for along time, just destroying or giving rivens away, now I can finally play around with builds for 30 more non-META weapons, which is a huge QoL increase (for me). 120 won't be enough anymore though, approaching the new limit (too) fast. But another thing on my top three wishlist fixed... Aura forma is a fundamental change that opens up new builds (or sub-builds) for many of the warframes, and we even got new auras to match. Disrespecting this change just shows how dumb you are, in my opinion. Disruption is actually, well... ...fun. Not that hard, but it is different enough to play around with warframes and builds (or you can bring any of your meta-builds and do just fine). Playing around with stuff is most of what is left when you come to a certain point, so thanks! Arbitration is now really meaningful again, partly due to the new drops but especially due to Vitus Essence and the Arbiters' shop. Hopefully The Arbiters will decide to make even more stuff available... The interface changes are really for the better, though it took a while to get used to them. And btw, so was the melee vs primary/secondary change, hated that one at first, now I continuously switch weapons and can't imagine a world where it wouldn't be possible. Nightwave becomes better and better, hopefully it is here to stay. Logging in and doing the weeklies and dailies became a way of playing for me, and trying to maximize the rewards (fixing 2 or more bonuses by selecting the right missions) is a fun little mini-challenge. And that is not all, more is coming: I've dusted of Vauban about once a month for ages, then after an hour or two put him back in the cupboard, with a heavy heart. He is irritatingly only almost good enough to play, and in my opinion the warframe with the smallest gap between "aaargh, meh" and greatness. That might now change completely, as the suggested changes seem to push him into glory territory. Ember's new abilities are really interesting, but I will seriously miss WoF. Had a total blast last week with Ember, WoF, Silva & Aegis and the new Amalgam Javlok mod. There is a new kavat coming. Empyrean is creeping closer. Melee 3.0 will soon (?) be here as well. Exilus slots will become available on primary and secondary weapons (and melee later?). Two of my all-time favourites will be primed shortly, Ivara Prime (maybe next?) and Inaros Prime. Wow! Yikes! There are also a few QoL things I am hoping for: The option to have both one Kavat and one Kubrow "active". The extra seconds it takes to store and retrieve pets means that you don't change pets even when you should/could, which simply (and sadly) diminishes pets overall. The optimal solution would of course be to be able to select any pet for the next mission (as with sentinels and moas), regardless of which one roams your "home". And while focusing on pets, since Tennos are able to utilize spaceships, maybe someone could engineer an automated injection system (for pet anti-"degrading"). I don't mind paying credits and filling it up (with up to 30 doses, or something), but having to manually administer it is... ...not optimal. And a pet exilus slot (or equivalent) would be glorious, if you want a functional "fighting" pet you have to leave the radar mods out, and that sux (a little ๐Ÿ™‚). The option to use differently forma'ed builds of the same warframe. Would be easy to implement together with the new addable D, E, F-versions (just a function to "from here on" separate forma use on a specific build slot). While it isn't a huge problem building two or several copies of the same warframe, it is irritating having to switch around, especially since the amount of active warframe slots are limited. Channeling needs a slight do-over. The most irritating thing in the game right now (for me) is channeling breaking when bullet jumping and pressing "aim" to glide through the air (this temporary equips your primary/secondary and shuts channelling down). Combined with it being quite hard to actually know if you are channelling or not (unless killing enemies), this sux. Would it be possible to leave channelling "always on" until the player actually shuts it "off", so that whatever you do it would be "on" when you re-equip your melee. And either increase the visible effects (a lot), or add an indicator in the HUD, or both. Regarding Nightwave again, I really miss the harder challenges (1 hour kuva etc.), and would actually like even harder ones. Also don't like being locked out from rewards for weeks (after reaching bonus lvl 30) simply due to only doing all challenges in the order they appear. I think this (rendering Nightwave meaningless for several weeks) contradicts the idea of Nightwave as something that is "always there" (in one form or another) => maybe allow us to collect credits "unlimitedly"? It doesn't feel as if getting more of the "15 credits per level" would break the game... Would it be possible to increase the number of warframe slots to the actual number of warframes (counting each standard/primed pair as one)? If you have many or all warframes, you are now forced to put a few of them out into the cold (= not showing up in the new interface with the other ones)...
  10. Playing solo is a different ballgame, if all spin2win bots only played solo or together with their bot friends no-one would notice them. But at least some of them don't, you still meet them regularly in void fissures, ESO and lately arbitrations. Luckily their number seems to continuously diminish, hopefully moving towards extinction. It's nothing personal, I just don't like players giving themselves the right to use "enhanced" methods in a squad-based game and playing in squads where it impacts the other squad members. The rules, their implementation and the bans I leave to DE. I don't think the rules are in any way hard to understand or to follow, the only reason for claiming "a lack of clarity" is to create a grey zone where players feel they can do what actually is prohibited. Creating effective macros is really fun, a sort of mini-programming with immediate rewards. But the idea of using macros to get an edge over other gamers in an online multiplayer completely sucks, there is simply no way around that.
  11. I totally agree. The Razorback mission was destroyed and salted by this. It is even worse than syndicate medallions... On the other hand, you can do 3 Razorback missions solo and then forget the shambles.
  12. Yes, but that is applicable only to the bovine boneheads slavishly following META-advice. Basically all META-builds are already powerful enough (and there is a lot of them), so for the totally META-fixated this will mostly be meaningless. But for those Tennos modding weapons all kinds of ways due to personal preference (instead of META) this will be quite meaningful. The ability to silence your sniper without breaking your build is a big QoL improvement (for me at least). So is stabilizing otherwise almost unusable guns, and adding anti-selfdamage mods to otherwise suicidal weapons. And adding zoom level (still hoping for mod that would put a "sniper-like" scope on other weapons). I am going to have a lot of fun with this, as long as I can get the exilus adapters without straight-out paying plat for them (Arbiters of Hexis, looking at your arbitration shop).
  13. I would build on crit chance (>100%) & max crit damage. And include the Daikyu amalgam mod, 3% life steal on Nikanas is very powerful on some frames, as that is the only healing source you will need. And in practical terms it also increases your max ammo to 178 (from 72), that is approx. the expected amount you can shoot before running out (as you have a 60% chance of getting every arrow back). And since that mod also gives +75% to headshot multipliers (which generally is 2x => 3.5x), headshots become quite powerful. Ivara with 250% strength adds another 100% (headshot damage) when using prowl (and as Daikyu is silent it will not break invisibility). I've seen some totally insane headshot values (one-shot killing just about everything). For more style there is also Spring-Loaded Broadhead, a "totally forgotten" mod that is better than it looks. The thing with the improved Daikyu is that you can either build for one-shotting most enemies (which means trying to apply status effects is wasted), or for applying (crit-improved) status effects, and then gas basically rules due to it's capacity to spread and combined with Daikyu's high damage. I use two quite different builds due to this. Hunter Munitions is in/out on the crit build, depending on mood & mission ๐Ÿ™‚. In my opinion Daikyu is one of the "great weapons" in the game, from how it looks and how it handles.
  14. I think you are completely wrong. For me it is exactly about damaging cheats that ruin the fun, the game and the gameplay for other players. That is why "automating" the gameplay is prohibited, as it should be. The enforcement of this together with removing the ability to deal melee damage through walls etc. has made the game much (MUCH) nicer to play. Yes, you still meet the occasional spin2win-bot, but maybe one or two per week where before you had one or two per mission. And now, while the bot does it's boring thing, you can at least spend the mission gloating about it's upcoming ban.
  15. No, actually I did not. But I still thought wrong. I have made exactly 10 credits since kuva was in the shop and will get no more credits, due to maxing out at lvl 30. I assumed that "everyone" was following the same trajectory and that was wrong, of course.
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