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  1. 🙂 Some pathology and/or addiction is definitely at play, since I have every weapon in the game maxed. Except the four Tenet blades, of which I have none. Sure, I'll get them at some point. But currently I feel no need to let my day and my serene mind be f*cked over by bad Warframe RNG. Why even take that risk, when there are so much more fun things you can do with your time? Or to paraphrase the old L'Oreal slogan: "Because it's not worth it".
  2. The frustration of doing a Void Storm mission for Corrupted Holokeys and NOT getting any is larger than drop chance x satisfaction (when you get them). So even if players do get their Corrupted Holokeys "easily enough" from a mathematical viewpoint, what you will end up with is an irritated and frustrated playerbase. Paradoxically a guaranteed lesser amount of Corrupted Holokeys would feel less frustrating, even if the amount over time stayed the same. Then there is the normalized distribution of RNG, which will inevitably and mathematically lead to a certain percentage of players NOT getting ANY Corrupted Holokeys even if doing 10, 20 or 50 Void Storm missions. Since void storms are actually pretty good missions overall from a reward viewpoint, the ratio of irritated players will correlate with the more stuff they already have. Most irritated will be the ones already having "everything" (only needing the frickin' Corrupted Holokeys), least irritated will be the players having a use for every mission reward they get. It is unfathomable to me that DE uses such game-destroying mechanics. I respect and like that Warframe, unlike so many other games, doesn't reduce the difficulty to ridiculously low "instant gratification" levels. But this feels so dumb, since it adds frustration and it is the kind of frustration that leads to game burn-out. Where no amount of skill, preparation, equipment or planning is affecting the result, you just have to spend your 10 or 20 minutes and hope to not be left without the reward you need. Time after time after time. The "unfathomableness" comes from how easy it would be to add at least some control to the players, reducing frustration and turning the RNG around. This could easily be achieved by splitting the Corrupted Holokey drops into two parts: one being the same as currently (RNG-based), the other being a guaranteed drop (of 1 and 2, depending on difficulty). Even if the statistical drop chance was adjusted so that the amount stays the same over time, players would know that by doing 40 or 20 Void Storm missions they are guaranteed enough Corrupted Holokeys to buy a Tenet weapon. And every time RNG smiles upon them and they get some extra Holokeys (from the RNG part) it would feel like an extra win. Compare this to the current "dumb" RNG and the ensuing overall frustration with the mission, the game and the Tenet melee weapon mechanic. I just don't get DE on this, adding new weapons and a new mechanic and shooting yourself in the left foot in the process. When it could so EASILY be avoided, without changing the overall math and weapon availability...
  3. You can do liches in many ways. My clan hunts liches together pretty much as CdG-Zilchy describes above, though everyone just uses whatever warframe & weapon build they like (at the moment). When I "solo" liches I prefer to "chill play" and solve the code instead of brute-force. It's not that it is a "better" (or "worse") way, it's simply more fun (for me). This means hunting down most of the thralls on a map, playing around with the lich when it joins (so it produces the max number of thralls) and only stabbing it when testing a new requiem (combo). Depending on luck it generally takes 1 - 2 hours. I don't really care about the time, since I like to spice it up using odd (non-meta) warframes and weapons to try and increase the fun (after "a lot" of liches the fun part tends to disappear using meta stuff and the "max effective farming"-approach). Sisters have a better mechanic, but doing liches is also a bit faster now (after the Sisters-related changes), mostly due to the possibility of using the Oull-requiem (intelligently). It's also easier, since there is more missions per planet to choose from. I've started to do the final mission in public mode, since there are some desperate players having problems with their "brute-forced level 5"-lich. If you are still collecting mods and climbing the Mastery ladder a level 5-lich can be quite challenging, though it seems to me that part of this is not checking and modding for the lich's strengths and weaknesses (maybe no surprise, but there have been players trying to kill their lich with weapons that the lich is immune to, even in the final mission...). However, one good thing with the changes is that it is a now lot easier getting help overall by jumping into RNG/PUGs. The most irritating part is getting a larvling with the "right" weapon. I wish there was a mechanic where you could "force" the larvling to have the kuva weapon you downed it with. This would keep the weapon RNG until you get your first "kuva X", but would remove a lot of the irritation by making it easier to get more of the same weapon (for valence fusion). For collecting requiems my recommendation is doing the Kuva Flood (new mission available every hour, guaranteed relic) and then cracking the relics in Kuva Survival fissures. You get kuva from both missions and you can use the Kuva Survival to stock up on Void Traces as well. And doing a 5-round Kuva Survival nets you a bonus relic (from the fifth round) and a nice amount of affinity for ranking up stuff (like kuva weapons 🙂). Since thralls have a 5% drop rate for requiem relics, "chilling" lichs by hunting down a lot of thralls will make requiem usage pretty much self-sufficient (= no need to do Kuva Floods for requiems once you get everything going).
  4. I mostly agree with everything. Just want to point out that Warframe is actually billed as a co-op game. The "power fantasy" overkill concept originates from us players, and DE has sort of gotten around to the "power fantasy" part over time, probably because it (meta, baby, META!) is the core reason for playing the game for part of the player base. The concept is central for driving online media and in-game trade. DE still (sometimes desperately) tries to limit the "overkill" part, and one of the biggest challenges in Warframe in my opinion is the balance between "keep the power fantasy alive" and "stop the overkill from making the game meaningless". Philosophically speaking it is the human experience in a nutshell, we strive for stuff we think we need or want, only to find them turn into meaningless ash once we get them. 🙂 Or looking at it from the other side: "it is the road that matters, dumbass, not the goal at the end of it"...
  5. I ran the (1st) mission (successfully) and got no riven at all...
  6. Could you please announce the addition of more riven slots to the game. Or just say that won't happen. Haven't done a sortie in over three months, not since I decided I will simply stop destroying rivens that I like and use, on principle. It is such a dumb choice to have to make, destroying content for yourself in order to possibly getting more content. So more riven slots would be welcome, or alternatively information confirming that will NOT happen.
  7. Bug: no weapon shown over candidate after downing. Progenitor: Titania Prime (solo). Did a standard solo "get a new sister"-mission at Skyresh, downed the candidate with a blast from a Tenet Arca Plasmor => no tenet weapon was shown over the candidate (checked from all possible & impossible angles). Tried all I could think of (operator, moving away etc.) but was so perplexed/intrigued I didn't think of taking a screenshot. Thought "what the heck" and parazoned the candidate anyway, and a Sister showed up normally after mission (with a 58% "cold" Tenet Envoy, nice!).
  8. Yes, it is simple (inventory) math. You need a slot for every hound or weapon you want to keep. You need 1+1 free slots to remove them from the forge. And every weapon or hound you sell will free up a slot. So if you want multiple copies of Akaten, Batoten and Lacerten and have different versions of the same hound you (of course) need slots for them. If you don't you just have to have 1+1 free slots so you can remove them from the forge and sell them. This will (of course) free up the two slots again. If you have 10 hounds waiting in the forge and only the two free slots you have to rinse and repeat this (remove a hound + weapon into the free slots => sell them to free the slots again) ten times to get rid of them.
  9. You do get a hound and a weapon for every defeated sister. Check your inventory (the companions tab, if I remember correctly). You don't have to buy more slots, just have two free slots (hound + weapon) so you can remove them from the forge and then immediately sell them (the same way you sell other equipment for credits).
  10. I agree. Regardless of what the causes are (some maps are worse than others, some seems more sensitive to players leaving/host changes, others seems to stock enemies in "odd places" blocking spawns) this problem has plagued excavations since I started playing. It's gotten a bit better, but you can still become stuck without any power cells available. If DE can't fix the spawn problems in the code, at least give us a mod/an arcane that spawns/drops an energy cell for every N:th enemy killed. At least then you ALWAYS KNOW you can continue an excavation as long as you want. As long as you are killing enough enemies...
  11. To me it seems pretty clear that what DE actually tried to achieve with the lich/sisters system change was to increase co-op play. This includes introducing the new "end mission", which was put in Railjack space. And after having run X sisters and lichs I think the new system also delivers. Co-op for the normal lich/sister "grind" play has increased dramatically, and it is quite uncommon to have to do the final mission alone. You can still run the mission solo if you prefer, but currently co-op is generally better. So from an "enabling co-op" viewpoint the changes have been an outstanding success. A lot of comments seem to miss that the new "end mission" nodes are part of this new system, not a made-up addition "forcing us to use Railjack" or an extra mission "forcing us to grind more". It's main purpose is to simply allow us to take down lichs/sisters together. Of course it could have been a new "starmap node" instead, but since lichs and sisters hang out on starmap planets during the grind phase I think it makes sense to put the final mission somewhere else, and since this is a space ninja co-op game and Railjack space is currently "under development"...
  12. You are kind of stating the point and missing it at the same time. Warframe is going on it's 8th year, that is roughly 2500 possible Forma from "build one Forma a day". Your stated amount of 165 Forma is only a half year's play, doing "one Forma a day", which is available to everyone and everyone can also easily do, with a fairly small time investment (get relic - do void fissure - build in foundry). The argument is about "time". Not about the time and effort spent in game play, but about the long-term investment in the game. Where so many games (and the IRL overall) focuses on instant gratification, Warframe and DE has kept the focus on longevity. Warframe is the game equivalent of the proverb that it is not the goal that matters, it is the road you travel to get there. And if you accept that premise you can get all the content in this glorious game completely free. But not "quickly". Since we are all impatient and we all have real lives, stuff can be sped using money. At the same time DE/Warframe needs money to keep going. So from a philosophical viewpoint it is actually our impatience that keeps Warframe going. Paying for playing can't get any fairer than that. And unlike a lot of other game developers DE does not fall into the trap of maximizing profit by allowing players to buy "everything". If you want that you HAVE to play the game. As an old skool gamer (got started on a VIC-20) I truly respect that. So many good games and devs have been destroyed by "grofit". What you seem to want (if I understand your post correctly) is a faster way forward in Warframe. What others have tried to point out is that your reasoning is wrong, that is not "Warframe". You are not alone, my guess is that most vets sitting on Forma, Nitain, Kuva etc. "stockpiles" have gone through this philosophical argument over and over: "is this really worth it". Those that are still playing the game have decided that it is. And that the sensible thing to do is use your game time to stockpile "stuff", over time. The short version: making everything easier, faster or more "buyable" would destroy what Warframe have become over it's 8 years of beta (🙂). The "grind", while unbearable at times, is an inherent part both of the game itself and of the "Warframe experience" as a whole. Sometimes it is too easy, sometimes it seems senseless ("holokeys... aaargh!"). If you like the game and accept that you will play Warframe on-and-off for years to come, you are also assured of getting "everything" and doing "everything". It just takes time, real world universal time, and a little effort.
  13. I don't need any respect from DE. And I consider the idea that because I choose to use my time to play Warframe DE should somehow be beholden to me and owe me things completely absurd. DE owes me nothing. However, I've had a lot (actually a huge amount) of fun with Warframe without having to pay a cent, so if anyone owes someone something I feel that I'm the one that owes DE. Which also has made it a lot easier to occasionally buy stuff, I feel like I'm just paying a little back for everything that I've got (and getting some slots or cosmetics in the process). Nothing of the above means I that I love everything about the game, or think that Warframe is perfect. I decidedly don't. But absolutely everything in Warframe is still free, and the need to max everything (which I also suffers from) is a problem on a personal level. If it is to be considered a problem at all. Having to re-farm & build all the non-prime frames (yeah, I also sold them as soon as I got a prime version) was surprisingly more fun than I expected (I had almost forgotten some of the missions even existed). And putting all the warframes into the Helminth was, again, my own obsession, not DE's. Even so I did (and still do) think that DE handled the recent Helminth upgrade unfairly, by allowing some players to gather and use standing that other players are locked out from. Not a big thing, but basically unfair (which is surprising coming from DE). I am currently chilling through Tenet weapons, using my own "special rules": unless I already have the weapon at 60% I am "forced" to select the candidate. The reason for this is simply "a lich/sister a day keeps the boredom away", and if I rushed through all the Tenets I would end up in a place I've been many times before: with nothing meaningful to do in Warframe. Speaking of "meaningful", the only thing I think DE really messes up is the cap on the number of riven slots. Being maxed out on riven slots is the greatest inhibitor in Warframe for me, and I've now been at 181 for a couple of months (stupidly refusing to transmute/destroy another riven). Just allow one riven slot per maxed unique weapon in the player's arsenal and be done with it, as this would theoretically allow for tinkering with every bloody weapon in the game. If there is a need to stop whales stock-piling "hot" rivens, just set a weapon-type cap (max 3 or 5 for any specific weapon), not a dumb-ass, game-destroying "total cap". Still, I would not say this is DE "disrespecting" the time I've used to play Warframe, rather it is DE disrespecting my wish to use even more time to play Warframe (tinkering with rivens and weapons).
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