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Orb Vallis is murdering FPS


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The Orb Vallis is murdering my FPS, I have serious frame drops while I m in Orb Vallis, especially when combat is happening. This problem is happening even I drop all my graphic settings and I m in a solo squad and I have a pretty solid gpu. I can have steady 60fps in plain of eidolon with a 4 members squad while fighting the eidolon with maximum graphic setting. So DE please doing some tweaking and fixing about this issue 🙂

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Yeah its pretty bad for me too. I can only BARELY play in solo. But oh lawd help me if I join a group. I cant even stay connected long enough for anything cause fps gets so bad, and then its a cycle of multiple people doing host migrations over and over.

Another friend of mine I play with also cant even play at all, Its so bad they cant do anything in it. And they play the plains just fine.
Graphics at minimum settings doesnt even seem to help.

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I'm playing on a laptop and I currently have like 20 fps on Orb Vallis when playing solo (can't play public cuz I'm getting disconnected due to desync). I understand this (cuz my laptop is nearly 7 years old, surprisingly it can afford that game at all), and this would be fairly playable if not the HUGE ASS FREEZES that happen every time I'm trying to look at the another direction. Not blamind DE about that at all, not asking to make the game smooth for me cuz I understand it's nearly impossible, but! if something changes in Vallis performance - I'll be the first one who feels it.

My clanmates are saying there's a certain list of spots stepping in which you experience the lag spikes. They feel it like FPS drop from 60 to 30 for like 10-15 sec while I feel it like heavy freeze for 20-30 sec (pointing the reticle at the ground helps to reduce the lag spike length). I can confidently say about one lag spot - just behind the rocks which are to the right from the Fortuna entrance, few meters far from it (I can freely stand between those rocks and the entrance, but there's a lag spike when the rocks are between me and the entrance, you can use this place as example of what to examine for weighty math).

Currently I'm personally just fishing and mining and patiently waiting for performance fixes that'll repair the FPS drops for users with normal PC's. I believe that'll make my own gameplay better aswell.

Giving DE my energy!

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Have some corollary problems.
1°) Game is fine on "low" in Orb Vallis, but as soon as I get it in "medium" quality, I have a freeze every few seconds that lasts at least a few seconds. When I tried individual option changes (like cutting off tesselation or the like), I almost always had worse performance when I was cutting things out. I know, weird ^^ )
2°) This is even more the case when there is a change in screens (options menu, hacking, mission progress).
3°) Also, changing the graphics settings lead to a host migration for team mates when I am the host for some reason.
4°) This is not performance related, but when a team mate is kicked from the squad (I tried to adjust performances) and comes back, if we take a bounty, the rewards are not the same. it's minor to me compared to the performances issues, but still.
Other than that, everywhere else in the game (including the plains), I run it on ultra, and have no problem streaming or capturing it at 1920*1080.
Not being streaming nor capturing had no effect on performances in Orb Vallis

Good luck on this DE, can't wait to be able to enjoy your hard work properly when all this is smoothed out!
If there wasn't an ocean to cross I'd send you some cake. For courage.

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