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Just Curious About This Today.


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When i was first told abou Open Beta, i remember reading that would be no wipe at all after becoming open to public. So, in update 9.8 i read the "term" again and i said the game would wipe/re-boot after open beta, W-T-F?! Really, i don't even got the mood to play at moment after reading this at the launcher... Closed it.

Not trying to complain a lot and "cry" about it, but i really played hardcore hoping that were no wipe at all ._. i REALLY dont want to lvl up and gather things again (that's like trying to re-playing a 500+ hours game witht the same things).

So, why things changed this way?

Edit: -k, that's a old term and things "may" change, but that makes me worried a lot! :C

DE? ;_;

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Any experience or achievements accumulated during your time in the Open Beta may be removed or reset at any time during the Open Beta testing period. When the game is opened to the public, each player may be returned to novice status.


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It doesn't say anywhere that it is guaranteed your account will be wiped.


It says that, for any reason, DE can wipe your account.


Of course, I think DE would only wipe if they absolutely need to. So don't worry. I doubt it will restart after Open Beta.

and it's been stated there is no planned wipe upon release day unless it's absolutely necessary. 


don't worry, Digital Extremes will avoid a wipe as much as possible. since people have put money into the game, wiping gets really complicated.

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I doubt DE would make any friends if they wiped after the beta is over.

Even if they returned plat to those that bought it....well....enjoy farming for dat max ranked serration....or clantech weapons or warframes themselves or reforma-ing everything etc.


So yeah....doubt many people would still play if that happened.

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