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Will Fortuna remain the same?


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Right now with Fortuna recently released, with such a huge world full of easter eggs and interesting locations in general, it is worth asking if it will remain the same as Cetus, an static world where nothing really changes, no matter how many times per night the mighty Eidolons burst from the depths, since Cetus released, only the Infested Star made a difference in the zone, in what was a pretty awesome event for everyone with the meteorite coming closer. 

I don't expect Fortuna to reach Fortnite-like levels of change in the map, but there are many things that could change to spice things up as mysterious events.

-"The Pearl"'s being something weird that gets released with the consecuences this brings to the whole place

-Rampaging Orb spiders destroying the field with such inmense power (for example the temple of profit)

-The spider submerged on coolant being finally able to walk around, causing quite the chaos when it starts going

-Sentient invasion and corresponding tampering with Corpus machines (Really doubt that Hunhow can't track that dead Conculyst hidden in the lab), this would also include the Flydolon, that is yet to be located somewhere officially.

-Another infested star, this time making use of the mutalist strain to scale the situation due to the corpus proxies and the organ-like flora


These are just some of the many events that could alter Fortuna or at least some of its locations. I don't really expect any big changes, but I'm interested in knowing if DE wishes to make full use of what Fortuna is, or decides to leave it perfectly still like Cetus is right now, but also I would like to what people would prefer in this regard

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I just hope they add a chase mission. Like to round transport thingy that buzzes around. Maybe a mission like you have to chase with your hoverboard, get ahead of it, put traps infront and a VIP comes out of it or something. Sometimes i just chase the ones that are running away just for the fun of it.

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