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Garuda and the Glass Ceiling


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Garuda's abilities are kubro-gone near perfect. However, her potential isn't being reached fully in the most minor of tweaks.

Her 1 is fine, except for that shield. That single direction facing shield that's supposed to protect her as she uses the ability that puts her into the thick of enemy fire from all directions. Perhaps that can be changed by an aura (preferably blood) that spins around her body much like Gara's Splinter Shield or Nezha's Warding Halo.

Her 2 has an extremely low range that can probably be raised by a bit of a larger margin. I also heard from Brozime's video and it's a REAL good idea and it's to let the percentage from her 2, to scale the blood ball damage by that percentage per second.

Her 3's or more specifically her passive, damage buff needs to be on a duration that can be refreshed as to not lose it as soon as our health goes back up. Also, let us keep the highest accumulated damage for that duration since we're risking putting our health so low.

Her 4. Oh her 4. Her four is so, so, so, so close. It's checking off all the boxes except one. It's initial damage is poor. I'm also taking this from Brozime since it too was a REALLY good idea and it's to let her 4's damage scale off her blood ball's damage counter. Her 1 will power her four and her 4 will power her 1. It'll be this perpetual ability synergy that basically happens passively while remaining active. If...that makes any sense.

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2 hours ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

Brozime May have been thinking of her 2 wrong. As I figured you use it to charge into a group of enemies making one a heal point and kill the rest. You can make 3. So it’s shorter range is kinda justified

Brozime being wrong? How could you even suggest such a thing.

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