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Is Saryn Better Now?


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In the patch notes:

  • Fixed Saryn's Venom globes being impossible to shoot in certain situations.
  • Fixed performance issues relating to Saryn’s Venom ability.

Not sure if the performance issue is related to what you're asking, but it sounds like it might be?

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No, I'm not talking about the popping issue (which IS much better with this patch, horray!), I'm talking about the stacking issue: whereas before 9.7 an enemy could have multiple instances of Venom stacked on them from popping bulbs (hence why they'd pour out tons of numbers, leading to games crashing), 9.7 fixed the FPS issue by simply making it so that Venom didn't stack multiple times: so if you popped a Venom bulb near an enemy that already had Venom on it, then that person would still only have one stack on them.

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In my opinion they didn't fix it. Just turned the stacking off because of this reply to my other post on saryn's venom.

Apparently (which I believe is was true) the venom stacked 50+ times on every enemy which caused the tremendous lag. What should be done is the stacking should've been capped on each enemy but still spread the way it did.

That's just my opinion though.

A poll should be made about this.

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How it worked before was...

You popped the spore

It spread amongst a large group of enemies

You then popped the spores again, which spread to more enemies in the radius.

Then you would continue bursting the spores by spraying them and they would stack and stack and stack until they died.

Thing is it stacked so much that it lagged everyone's game so badly it could possibly crash.

I seen the problem with it and tried not to do so much with the venom.

To me, again, it wasn't fixed properly at all. It's the way it stacked over and over that was the issue. Not how it was spread throughout the enemies.

Yes there was the issue of the spores being too small on some enemies to burst, and I'm glad they fixed that. But minimalizing the spread and getting rid of the stacking (period IMO) was not the way to deal with that lagging problem.

Now putting a cap on how many spores could stack on an enemy would have been the best way to fix the issue, rather then turning the power into what it is now. It's kind of worthless to use.

Now I'm reduced to using the fourth power in most cases ( which is sad ) and liked the thought of having only one power to use. Molt only goes so far and is useless at higher levels.

Now I'm not saying put it back to the way it was at all. I'm just saying reduce the stacking level, fix the visuals, and maybe instead of having all of these small damage numbers pop up (which is mainly what caused the lag) make the damage higher to produce less numbers showing.


Popped the spore. It lasts for a bit. Multiple 12's pop up.

Fix could be.

Pop the spore. Enemy glows indicating infection. 50's show every 5 seconds until power is diminished. If stacked number raises.

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i tried the new broken ember out, tried to make her useful but gave up and then switched back to saryn


saryn is so good now the duration bug has been fixed , u now get those 6 ticks (7 ticks with chlora helmet) from miasma for full dmg and she has so much hp she is awesome

regardless of venom complaints it still works fine but now only if circumstances are perfect , i miss the old venom it made the game so much fun to play with


miasma and venom (and world on fire) work better when your NOT host, they will kill more enemies >_>

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saryn is so good now the duration bug has been fixed , u now get those 6 ticks (7 ticks with chlora helmet) from miasma for full dmg and she has so much hp she is awesome


Wait, what? The Chlora helmet says "-5 power duration". So how exactly does a power duration penalty add to Miasma's number of damage ticks?

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