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Nuisances need to go


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Various things needing nicing up for the k-drive:

The flip mount animation is just annoying and excessive.  You also force orient to the board and the camera swoops around to the new facing, which is endlessly annoying because my board seems to insist on spawning facing the opposite direction.  Every time I hop on from standing, I have to wait for the dumb animation and turn back around.  If moving, mounting/launching completely cancels your momentum and does the silly flip before falling, and who knows where you'll be facing.  We were told we'd have great mid-air switching, and we absolutely do not.  Mid-air switching flat out sucks.  Get on the board going the way we are going and get right to boarding.  Maybe get a specific moving launch animation where we catch the board and swing onto it as it keeps going like we were before launch.

I've said already, we need a setting to have the camera follow your facing.  Obviously, we are an unarmed vehicle, and we need to drive.  No vehicle game drives against the camera.  Let us steer and accelerate, especially controller players.

Similarly, using directions for tricks is ok, but not if we also go in those directions while doing the tricks.  At least let us hold the non-direction key and get back to driving the direction we want to go.

Tricks should be displayed with a list highlighting the last trick, showing the individual and total points, and showing the current multiplier.  This is especially for learning how the system works.  We aren't given proper information and feedback about what we are doing.

The k-drive noise is annoying.  It makes too much noise and it makes it all the time.  We don't need that kind of monotonous pointless noise.

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Oh yeah I hate how 'summoned vehicles' seem to have a mind of their own instead of being 'ready to go'.  If I summon a k-drive I want to go in the direction I'm facing, if I summon an archwing I don't want to go speeding off in some random direction because sprint lock is active when it's summoned and I 'jump on'.  It's just little things that could make things 'smoother'.

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