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  1. Doesn't mean they'll be losing 20-25% of paying players.... at the end of the day DE is a business and their main goal is to make money (as much as we'd like to think otherwise), this change will ultimately be a positive move for the game because DE can basically make it look prettier due to newer tech/hardware etc (although I'd still like them to get on with fixing the bugs etc first...) and as such may encourage new players to try it out instead of anthem etc and then pay money to DE.
  2. LSG501

    Inaros Feedback/Rework

    As others have said, if YOU don't like him, don't play him.....there is nothing particularly wrong with him as he stands, a few minor tweaks maybe here and there but nothing that requires a major rework, except his 'death passive', I think anyone would agree that needs reworking for high levels. His entire design is basically about that MASSIVE HEALTH POOL and the fact he 'can't die' you decide YOUR rework will remove his main selling point and nothing you've suggested for the rework would be an improvement imo. Personally I like him as he is, there is nothing wrong with a warframe being designed around being naturally tanky and us having to use our weapons to do the know some of us like killing stuff close up, it's part of the reason ember wof got nerfed. As others have said there are far more lacklustre frames in need of a rework than inaros.
  3. LSG501

    Inaros Feedback/Rework

    Um... no thanks... the whole design around Inaros is a massive health pool and the ability to regenerate that, it's why he has no shields and his abilities give him back health, not to mention some of his augments eat into said health pool. And that's ignoring the fact that 440HP is less than most other frames with vitality added. If you want a warframe with lower health, no shields and health regen use nidus, thats HIS design.
  4. LSG501

    6th Anniversary Weekend Wars!

    Really... the squad I was in was basically just in 'chill out' mode. There didn't feel like enough enemies and the enemies themselves weren't exactly worrying us in terms of damage either. I think we hit like rank 45 enemies by the end of 30 minutes... I know it might be aimed at 'newbies' (I'm mr25 but we had an mr8 chilling with us) as well but imo it could have at least got to lowest level sorties by the end of 30 minutes or even just more enemies to give us something to do, we had no mass kill frame like equinox or saryn either...
  5. Same, I'm not really interested in that either.... I made sure I got enough relics to get the items when baro had them multiple times.
  6. defection and long run survivals iirc... until it got vaulted it was actually easier to get ash prime than ash lol
  7. LSG501

    The exergis worth it?

    Personally I didn't like it, I also feel that the requirements for it were far too high for 'what you get', but then I got mine when we could only get the resources from farming bounties. IMO there are plenty of other shotguns which are as good or better which require far less effort to get even though it's now been made easier to get the resources)
  8. LSG501

    Leveling companions has very little player interaction.

    Companion levelling is fine, they level up faster than pretty much anything else in the game in my experience. No idea why yours is taking so long but mine level really quickly just doing normal missions, let alone doing something like hydron.
  9. LSG501

    Rare Kavat?

    that's the guppy tail, pretty common in my experience
  10. LSG501

    Banshee's silence

    some paragraphs or breaking up of the wall of text would have been useful... Banshee's silence is a form of cc, it's 'stuns' the enemies so they don't attack you. While it could maybe have a few minor tweaks it works fairly well as is imo.
  11. Is this going to be bringing any 'fixes' to the unfinished or broken content we keep reporting on in the forum etc? It's all very well you wanting to bring out new content but there is a lot of stuff that feels half finished or just plain broken still, I can't be the only one who would like to see some of the old stuff 'finished' before getting new stuff.
  12. LSG501

    Handspring Aura to replace Speed Holster? :)

    Devstream looked like 'instant swapping' was between the melee and 'active' primary, it might be instant swapping between melee and pistol if the pistol was last 'gun' active for all we know. Is the swapping between pistol and primary going to be instant, no idea in all honesty and then there's the single handed melee which work with pistols as well. In essence, we just need to wait to see how it works.
  13. Ok... we'll just disagree on this because my view is they're host side.
  14. You would think that but then we need host 'authorisation' just to open a door or switch weapons (hopefully fixed with upcoming update)...and we all love it when the doors don't open or the weapons don't switch over. As I said I've seen lag while hacking the puzzle, admittedly it was a while ago (plus I usually just spam ciphers these days) but iirc the host was lagging too, I know for a fact it's not down to my system.
  15. Are you sure.... because I've actually seen this lag I'm talking about and it sure isn't my end with my hardware.
  16. Actually yes a lagging host CAN affect hacking, but then I play on pc so it might be more easily seen by us. It's more obvious with the grineer ones than the corpus ones due to the way you need to 'hit a timer'. 10 seconds in warframe is a large amount of time, even my average sub 5 seconds is enough to 'pull you away' from the action. Don't forget they're not just needed for hacking spy missions, we have this lovely annoyance called corpus glass.... it gets broken in one room (usually by a spin to win player), you fix that, you go on to another room with glass, you get locked in because that same spin to win player has just broken another window.... As to people not wanting them...why do you think so many people take ciphers with them... while I'm not calling for them to be removed, I'd be more than happy to have them removed. Either way it still doesn't explain why we have a ship that can stop a countdown, disable the alarms but it can't control things remove the need for hacking, which it's clearly had to do to stop a countdown or disable an alarm....
  17. I wonder how badly that will be affected by a lagging host... I'm not exactly a fan of hacking puzzles, they're not hard just time consuming and they take me away from my main reason for being there... Also if we have a ship that can hack the alarm to stop an alarm or a countdown... why can't it hack the entire system so I don't have to...
  18. is the day he is leaving...or even left as of about 35 mins ago (it's 2.35pm uk time here)
  19. Except for the 'minor' details that there are bugs for each of those specialised teams to be working on.... Sound team works on sound bugs (funnily enough they seem to be the ones with the least issues), they also seem to be the most pro active at fixing them too. 3d/graphics teams (there will be an overlap between the concept artists and the 3D designers) work on the visual bugs such as mesa's buttocks or the operator clothing which still needs fixing (again)... hell last time I checked the feet on the moonless kavat skin still don't connect to the legs and don't get me started on clipping of syandana's etc...actually thinking about my helminth charger has been floating in the air alot so that could be a graphics issue or a coding one.... Coding people work on the coding that needs fixing etc... You can try and make out I don't know about different specialities as much as you like but I decided not to go that 'detailed' because I didn't feel I'd need to be that pedantic in my explanation, especially considering anybody that isn't being blind can see there are issues in EVERY area of the game meaning that it doesn't matter what someone has as their speciality there is something they could be 'fixing'. Considering that the majority of staff within each of these specialities is likely working on upcoming content, such as the new warframes, gas city rework, railjack etc taking even a small amount of staff away to work on bug fixing would be IMO a much more beneficial use of staff time than adding another game mode, that will in all likelihood need it's fixes after essence I'd just like to see them finish some of the existing things they've added or started 'fixing' get finished before they move on to something else which will be left in a half finished state.
  20. LSG501

    Hildryn: Devstream #123

    Yeah I'm assuming it will work in that way too but it's also entirely possible that using zenurik completely breaks her lol
  21. Actually you could argue that bit is the biggest consumer of time/coding... At 2017 tennocon (and most streams since) it was basically activate mode (likely dev hack rather than clean 'bug free' code), pick a map and go hunt some one. No concerns over standing, rewards, how it will interact with the mission (devs could interact but mainly didn't), what would happen with a host migration (we already know that's going to happen as some have said they'll do it), power balance (can see the threads about OP or weak stalker already)....and I'm sure you've experienced the immortal stalker which can't die at some point in the game.. that would be fun in stalker mode wouldn't it. Either way, the fact it's needing additional coding means that time is being taken away from things like bug fixing and finishing existing things, which imo is far more important than a new game mode.
  22. You're right they may not be the same people but they are people who COULD be working on fixing the issues instead of working on this new game mode. As I said DE should be prioritising fixing the bugs and finishing EXISTING content over adding new game modes. I'm still waiting on them coming back to arbitrations and act on our feedback (most of which was basically ditch the doubled duration/rotations) like they said they would for example... Ignoring the fact it's not that number.... there's like a 99:1 ratio of PvE players to PvP players.... too much effort is given to a game mode that hardly anyone is interested in.
  23. I don't mind if they want to add extra stuff (although I'd prefer more normal maps on each planet), I just wish they'd prioritise fixing the damn bugs/issues and/or finish they things they've already started instead of just 'ignoring the problems' and adding in something else. From a personal perspective I see no reason for this to be added (thank god it's optional, at least that's one good thing), I've never been interested in conclave after trying it and seeing how poorly designed PvP is but because this is a syndicate I'm fully expecting (even though most don't want this) something exclusive behind it to 'force participation'.
  24. LSG501

    Energy pad should be usable with Baruuk 4.

    If I can use zenurik with 4 active then I'm pretty sure you can use the energy pad... as said it's likely his 1 being turned on, so check this.
  25. Not extrapolating anything.. on release it was far better to run windows 7 32bit than it was to run windows 7 64bit, iirc the university I was at at the time was still using a 32bit os for their pc's when I swapped to x64.... Anybody who actually experienced windows 7 x64 after release will tell you the same thing as I did, it was not an 'easy' experience like windows 10 is. Not to mention not every cpu available was 64bit iirc anyway.... I could have quite easily said that some of my hardware wasn't supported on x64 windows 8 even though it was on windows 7 x64, primarily due to lack of support from the manufacturer. I've been exclusively using x64 windows for over 10 years and while it has got a lot easier on the hardware front it's not always been the best option no matter how you want to try and present things. Popularity of a pc from 10 years ago doesn't necessarily mean high market share 10 years later... the average lifespan of a pc in most countries is far less than 10 years. Luckily however for windows 7 users who are still using it, if their hardware supports it they 'should' be able to use their windows coa to activate x64 version if they can get an iso/installer etc.