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  1. If it was the same as last year then yeah, they were the same as shown on stream.... I didn't get to see them in person this year either lol
  2. If you're modded and equipped correctly then yeah they're pretty easy but even you have to be honest, the grineer should not have been killing them that easy lol
  3. Yeah been in a relay (tennolive 56) the whole time and was literally on my own for a good portion of it. Didn't miss much imo (it was on stream) but I would like the items I'm supposed to get from being there. Kept getting 'network not responding' text popup too which is funny seeing as it was fine lol
  4. yeah I found that a little daft... a lowly grineer was ripping to shreds an enemy that even a warframe can struggle with.
  5. I literally looked at the relay for all of 1minute last year as I was on the same machine watching twitch.... I wasn't firing up another machine/device just to have it sitting doing nothing the entire time, it will be EXACTLY the same this year for me.
  6. Got in, got my drop, then it basically booted me out due to loss of connection which was not my end. I already have loki prime so not overly concerned on that luckily but I would like the free stuff from in game, even though I don't like the fact I need to run the game and twitch at the same time (commented as much in the thread announcing stuff)....maybe that wasn't the best idea after all.
  7. Who'd have thought that giving free stuff away would increase the load on the servers, it wasn't like there were issues with high loads in previous years or anything...... Explains why I can't log in to check I've got my twitch reward, suppose I'll try again later and see if I can get in for the in game stuff, although not looking good imo.... sure seems familiar so I'm guessing it will end up being awarded some other way.
  8. It's likely just being stuck in plague star to 'encourage' players to go back and do it again, as one of those that have already 'completed' the rewards from it I had zero interest in doing it last time and it would be the exact same this time as well. Is this a good way to make replayable content, not really because it doesn't fix the underlying issues with the event. It's still buggy and the term repetitive is an understatement in regards to the tasks we have to do, hell they even went so far to make it take longer by nerfing frame abilities on the helminth etc.
  9. Not going to happen.... They're actually relatively easy to get hold of these days and the more important reason is that forma is a nice little cash cow for DE. Personally I'd rather see a change to the levelling up process so it isn't quite so long winded.
  10. I really hate the fact we need to have both the game running AND twitch to get all the rewards. It was a pain last time because it literally meant the game was idling in the background doing nothing the entire stream, complete waste of electricity imo.
  11. Nope they completely destroyed any sort of reason to use it when they did the reworks.
  12. So how bad is said pc causing issues..... I'm willing to put money on it being at or even below the recently updated specs required to play warframe. Essentially the issue is the pc, not the game.
  13. When the main source of 'content' is repeating the same things over and over the 'best' way to get people to do things more than once is to give you a reward with weaker stats which you can 'increase' by doing the same thing over and over again.... they've done the same with railjack too, which again doesn't really have a lot of content when you look at it subjectively. It's pretty much a given that there is a higher weighting on the lower stat gear. If it wasn't a conscious decision it would have, imo, been designed so those 5 forma, which aren't really needed, would increase the base stat to max stat like the paracesis does.
  14. When you can get the blueprint readily outside of the clan research is said item really something that is a 'clan researched item'. Yes you have the same argument as with the excal prime stuff where you lose the standing but pretty sure one item isn't going to make a huge difference in terms of the dojo level. As to the fact that a clan has all the research done.... honestly that just seems to attract people that want to grab the stuff and run imo.
  15. Fair compromise imo would be.... Allow it in all clans, but make the research as 'hard' as the hema.... no one said it needs to be an easy thing to research. And give the original clans an exclusive skin as 'compensation' Pretty sure it's shown up in baro (overpriced admittedly) so it's not like players couldn't get it other ways, not to mention plenty give bp away for free or at worst a couple of plat (anymore is basically scamming). EDIT: Seems it's been added into railjack too.... so why are people still asking for it in clans....
  16. Ignoring the fact I can't watch the video's due to 'age restrictions' (why...), and I don't want to give youtube my bank details or id just to say I'm old enough, everything written there honestly feels like it's going to take away the last remaining things I found 'fun' in the game, I enjoyed melee far more than the 'guns' ... In all honesty I'm pretty sure this will bring about more issues than it will solve, not to mention I'm sure DE will love the fact that players need to use more forma to fit everything in and/or rework builds....🙄. The recent changes (and this might sound hyperbolic) and direction of the game has pretty much killed my interest in the game (actually most of my clan aren't playing either), I haven't even bothered to farm for the latest prime stuff (back to inaros iirc and I like inaros), I don't have a mecha and I couldn't care less about railjack now..... with this I'm not even sure I'll bother reinstalling the game when I do my windows reinstall. In all honesty DE needs to make their minds up on what this game is and stick to it, they can't 'rely' on the beta tag and then keep needing to 'fix' issues that they create because of lack of future planning or just lack of understanding of how the game plays (big issue is the main dev's don't play the WHOLE game enough imo)
  17. It could have been 'left alone' due to it potentially breaking (making op) a couple of the low fire rate shotguns.... In all honesty I'm not sure it actually needs buffing apart from making it so you can 'hit 100%' on those weapons where it hits just below that currently.
  18. Yeah colour palettes suck in all honesty, I'd like a nice simple colour picker and the ability to just type (or copy/paste) a hex/rgb code in instead. Will it happen, not a chance, 'fashion frame' sells plat.
  19. Are you sure you're not just using a mod that reduces duration such as fleeting expertise https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Fleeting_Expertise
  20. Actually depending on how they went about the re-texture they may need to use the same people that would do the model change. Some of the newer frames actually have texture built into the models rather than just being a bump map texture. Also if they actually want the prime reworked to same expectation as newer ones where they have more bells and whistles they'd need to do additional 3D modelling.
  21. This again.... this sort of request really doesn't help 'remove' the view that founders can come across as pretty self entitled, especially considering that while their investment at the time was important (and rewarded with exclusive stuff) it's actually quite a small fraction of the amount of money DE has earned from the game overall. This exact issue with excal prime has been covered multiple times in the past, the current arrangement in game is the outcome of the previous 'discussions'.
  22. I became bored senseless with the grineer ones (couldn't even finish all the weapons), the corpus ones being nearly identical in approach aren't all of a sudden going to make them fun because they've still got the same old issues as before.
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