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  1. While I'll admit nightwave is boring as anything, and this one is worse than usual due to the duplication of rewards with no alternative, but how have you not managed to get to rank 30 by now? Even just doing the easy stuff has got me to rank 52 (prestige 22) without any real effort....
  2. DE will have likely run out of ideas for rewards again so they'll probably throw in some primary/secondary umbra mods as rewards too meaning we'll need even more... doubt we'll need to worry about getting enough umbra forma though as I'm sure when New War comes out DE will stick them in the store for plat...
  3. Unless DE are sticking in another intermission this one isn't ending anytime soon.... they said in the devstream that they're 'working on' the next one meaning it isn't done yet. I don't personally see this one ending much before March if I'm being totally honest.
  4. Or the bp could just be a mission completion reward on railjack.... there will come a point where the resources as rewards aren't necessary. Now I'd say shove it in just veil missions but honestly getting to rank 7 on all 4 intrinsics (without resorting to ivara stealth kill cheese) just takes too long imo (even more so if no enemies get into ship and the crewships are killed by the railjack...) so I'll go with a higher chance for it to drop on veil and a lower chance elsewhere.
  5. unless you already have a large stockpile... I'm at over 70 unused forma in inventory...
  6. Likely nobody did it, or not enough to make a difference at least. I gained enough thermia the first time round to run more exploiter orb missions that I'd ever want to do and still have a majority of that left over even after getting hildryn, only got one ephemera (frost iirc) but honestly I'm not going to grind that out when to put it bluntly there are better options, especially from liches now (not that I enjoy farming them either lol)
  7. thermia = ghouls basically for most people... in other words once and done I'd be happy if they just revamped the rewards on plague star so there's a reason for 'long term' players to actually do it...
  8. The only thing I find 'annoying' with gift of the lotus is it pretty much always seems to be 'long winded' missions, they're never really hard (although I will say this weeks shotgun disruption on lua was annoying due to people using it to level weapons...) they just seem to take too long for the reward at the end of it...
  9. It doesn't even need to be that frequent an update for the rewards imo. Every other return of plague star could get something 'new', throw in highly sort after resources like kuva or even titanium and long term players might consider it more. IIRC DE even said at one point they were going to 'fix' it just being naramon lenses, hell I'm not even sure why they don't just design the drop table to give a random focus lens as standard...
  10. Yeah but that's on weapons you're looking to keep... I don't mind that either but as I said it's so we can get the full xp (that's at rank 40) from kuva weapons, even if it little more than mr fodder (and as such deleted by many of us).
  11. There have been a few, but as said above you this is likely DE releasing a new (well old in this case) 'shiny thing' to detract from the other bad things that players have been going on about...
  12. Every time I stick another forma onto a kuva weapon just to get the mr from it... knowing deep down that the weapon is little more than mr fodder in most cases. A lot of the time I really wish forma was just a universal 'half the cost' of this slot too, it's really annoying when you need to compromise other builds just to get the 'optimal' build for a frame or weapon.
  13. Yeah to be fair I just looked at it and was like... nah, even the focus lens is naramon still and well I've still got a stockpile of them from the first time I did it. Not asking for much but give us a reason to run it again... kuva, different focus lens, eidolon lens for an even higher price than focus forma... Having said that... I do appreciate the store approach to rewards, I really wish this was used more than it is for content. Hell even in the one spot where it was used (arbitrations), it's basically being ignored with all the new stuff just being stuck into the drop table instead.
  14. They did say that some people put the same on both but honestly that part of the devstream was pretty biased and trying to put a positive spin on empyrean release imo.... they didn't necessarily cherry pick the statistics but I would argue that they didn't necessarily come to the best conclusions from said statistics.. at least publicly.
  15. the thing is that the way that star was compiled new/more content could have been relating to a purely negative sentence such as the one below. 'new content sucks, needs more work' None of that is positive towards the game yet as with a lot of the 'survey' they could put a 'positive' spin on things in the way they're presented.
  16. You weren't the only one.... it kind of shows how detached the devs are from the game because there are basically 2 things we complain about with higher enemies.... the enemy survivability and the warframe survivability, in other words being one shot.... The irony is that Steve actually said they don't want to make it one shots yet that's exactly what will happen more if they increase damage output lol
  17. Honestly when I was watching today's devstream the body language of the dev's kind of said they might have finally realised they'd basically screwed up with liches, excessive grind/rng and railjack and now have to gain the trust of the players again. For so long DE have been able to release unfinished, poorly balanced or buggy releases and the players have just let them get away with it but I'd say railjack and liches was the point where players had had enough and in all honesty I'm not sure DE know how to deal with this type of 'negativity' to their releases. Yes they said a few things in the devstream about what they plan to do to fix things but the issue for me is talk is cheap and some of what was said was then contradicted a few minutes later so ultimately actions will be the deciding factor on if they've listened to players again (they pretty much admitted they hadn't been) and in all honesty even then I'm not sure many of those that have left will come back.
  18. about 4 hours ago.... they link to the devstream
  19. Honest opinion... Railjack and liches do not feel like '2 years' worth of work. The maps aren't that different, there's very limited variation in the ships attacking us and there isn't exactly much variation in the mission. It honestly feels like they spent more time working on the less enjoyable parts (rng, the micromanagement of the ship, grind for resources like titanium) of the game mode than the parts that should be fun.... It's also another completely separate part to the game, essentially it's another game within the game (we have too many of them already), there is currently no crossover which is something DE said wasn't going to happen with railjack.... maybe part 3 will tie it in but currently it isn't. I'm honestly hoping that DE will take a step back and take a look at their direction for warframe, they've made a LOT of misteps of late imo.... nightwave might as well be abandoned content already because it clearly can't be done (edit for clarity: should really have said developed here) along side main content, liches are boring grindfest and now we have railjack that isn't all that great and really does feel disconnected from the rest of the game.
  20. It'd be quicker to run something like index or even akkad (there are others too) Personally I'm sticking my creds into kuva, which then gets used up a few seconds later due to rubbish rng on my rivens lol
  21. it's never going to end... lol. It should stop at rank 60 though.... Honestly we have no idea, I'd expect it to be around a while longer considering how far behind DE are at the moment... As to story... there isn't any, it's an intermission but instead of the usual 15, it's 30 ranks filled with mostly repeated stuff from old nightwaves.
  22. I hope weapons etc will get the same treatment as the reactors... Also there seems to be nothing about titanium drops being stupidly low etc.....
  23. A lot of games have holiday events or updates to keep players active over the christmas period
  24. Probably correlates more with 'new updates' more than anything else. The thing is that warframe is actually below it's usual 'average' so clearly the updates haven't resonated with the players like DE thought they would.
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