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  1. Personally I don't see a reason why they can't change it so MR unlocks the level of xp for an item when adding a forma, MR doesn't really mean much in game when you can just buy some things with real money to skip the whole mr restrictions that are in place... in essence there is already a 'level skip' in game, its just using real money. And lets be honest if a player is level 30 (or anywhere near close to it) at this point in the game you have to be honest and say they've done their grind, (whether it was 'condensed' with a clan or over multiple years) they deserve a little bit of an 'easier' ride when it comes to things like adding forma and relevelling... think about how many times they'll have levelled up to get to rank 30. (489 weapons, 81 warframes, then the sentinels/companions/railjack etc....seriously it's well over 500 items), Not to mention when you're basically just copying over a build from a non prime weapon/frame on to a prime one, seriously this is literally the most annoying thing to do for me... Honestly the whole process of relevelling a weapon/frame is monotonous, especially when you need to do it 7+ times...I've got a 14 (I think) forma build on titania (prime is a few less) and khora is around the same for example due to the weapons and frame/companion all needing their own forma, plenty of others things are 7+ forma due to no built in polarities (thanks DE...)... even with the most optimal approach that was a pain in the behind to do, and khora prime will come along at some point to do it all over again. It's not really going to change much in terms of the game for them, they'll already have their 'meta' builds sorted and all a 'forma level time skip' will do is give them a bit more freedom to play around with different builds etc.
  2. Honestly, while this change is for the better (it's basically an extension of the mod capacity at mr), honestly I'd rather have a complete revamp of the antiquated forma system. Considering how many weapons we can have, not to mention when a prime/prisma/wraith comes out, the need to keep re levelling them becomes incredibly boring, especially for those of us at high MR because we've done it a LOT.... I doubt it will be changed, got to keep selling those affinity boosters but honestly I HATE having to keep relevelling stuff after a forma. Yeah it might not take long if you're doing an approach that is focused on gaining affinity but we all know it's a royal pain for warframes which don't have any offensive abilities. Personally, I'd use more forma, which would likely involve buying forma, if I didn't need to go through the whole levelling process each time. Currently I only use the forma on select weapons which means I can get all I need from running a few relics, so no sales for DE. Basically if the whole forma process was more 'disposable' I'd do it more and as such have a higher usage of said forma.... we all know DE wants to sell as many forma as possible so why not make it so we use more..... I'd also like the forma to either just straight up half the cost of the slot or have the ability to have multiple polarities on the same slot, hell make each polarity another forma to increase the usage and keep those sales coming in. EDIT: actually if I think about it the entire mod system could do with a spring clean.... could you maybe implement a slider on each mod, even if it's just the primed versions, so we can downgrade them rather than needing to remove/replace etc when levelling etc due to lack of capacity etc.... basically I want to keep my builds even if the capacity isn't there.
  3. Too many in most cases imo. My usual situation is I usually still need another roll after the one I've done.... all the time, it's very rare I've had a 'perfect' roll so I just end up getting 'close enough' and then say screw it. Rivens were and still are one of the worst additions to the game imo.... doesn't help that I seem to get a lot of duplicates of the same weapons rather than a more varied selection.
  4. Hopefully the fact there will be a server between users will alleviate some of the issues I mentioned but yeah from a 'performance' standpoint crossplay with older consoles (they are basically a custom OS pc) is going to be painful for pc users, unless they find in testing that they need to restrict it to newer console hardware (wouldn't be the first to have a cut off for older consoles) I'm hoping crossplay will be intelligent enough to keep console away from pc while allowing it between friends but I'm not expecting a great experience that's for sure.
  5. Don't see the point personally, if you're struggling to play the game on the lowest settings then maybe it's time to accept your pc isn't suitable for warframe anymore..... it's already bad enough if you end up with a min spec system as a host, I don't particularly want even lower spec machines allowed into the mix because it will make the experience even worse. Yes I agree we could do with a host select option but that still doesn't change the fact that a min spec machine usually takes an age to load in etc too, I've seen it first hand with a few clan mates with toasters where I've basically finished the mission (as host) before they've even loaded in....
  6. If they're going to do more wings they need to 'match the aesthetic' of existing warframes, the current ones look well rubbish with most warframes,
  7. First thought was the MS adaptive controller shown above, second was a belkin n52 speedpad but that doesn't seem to be available anymore. However Razer does the tartarus v2 (there's also orbweaver which is basically the same but mechanical keys if you can find it). This is designed for the left hand though (not sure which hand you need) and I'm not sure of support on xbox although a reddit thread seems to say it does work. Ben heck has done a single handed xbox controller but not sure if they're commercially available. (edit) seems they are available, but seriously expensive link(/edit) As to frames, Inaros, Rhino, Hildryn, basically I'm thinking more tanky frames to allow more time to do other things.
  8. Honestly, if this was on pc I'd be checking the harddrive/ssd hasn't gone bad etc. Not sure if you can check anything like this on an xbox though.
  9. Got to have a reason to farm the same repetitive process over and over again.... power creep still sells sadly Honest opinion, it feels more about 'encouraging' people to play the new content and trying to get players to go for the new slot mods (not worth it imo) than actually making primary/secondary weapons better.... none of the changes have changed the fact that I still prefer to use melee (and was part of the reason I picked warframe over other games which focused on guns) in most cases.
  10. Doubt it will happen... DE want people to pay for the (imo excessively overpriced) prime access packs so they'll stick in 'popular' items to try and encourage that.
  11. It's MR8, you could likely get from MR1 to MR8 before baro leaves if you did the right type of missions if I'm being honest...besides lack of ducats would likely be more of an issue for you if you're below mr8 anyway.... IIRC the reason was because to keep 'newbies' away from 'higher level' baro gear but not sure it really stayed like that.
  12. We've never actually been told how many runs that percentage is based off and due to the way that probability works you could end up needing to do the 66% of whatever total runs (it could be 3 or 3billion) it is before you even see the part you want. As to trying to get the part, try mixing things up with a different frame and/or people you're running it with, sometimes the host being different can make a difference, at least in my experience.
  13. Personally I'm not interested in the slightest at playing warframe on a small screen.... actually I don't think I've played any game on my phone in the last 10 years. I'm not even interested in the switch full stop, which is essentially a 'modified phone', or the upcoming steam deck which is a 'handheld games pc' and in all honesty the switch seems to struggle with a lot of the game still so there would need to be a LOT of optimisations etc.
  14. Not playing enough to bother moving plus I'm one of the admin/mod level members..... not that I need to do much because we've basically unlocked everything and we also set it up so most of the clan can start research etc if we're not around.
  15. Don't think this is really a 'accessibility' issue, more a case of the trigger area for accessing the enemy ships being a bit small and/or lacking sensitivity and tbh it could do with a bit of refinement.
  16. Well what a shock.... another intermission..... It's been pretty obvious from the second nightwave that DE can't manage to do nightwave AND other updates at the same time so maybe its time to accept that it just doesn't work as well as intended. Honestly I think the best thing would be for nightwave to be changed to a 'weekly challenge' syndicate with it's own store and rewards (including umbra forma, kuva etc) where we can just buy what we want rather than the tiered rewards we have now, it's not like the rewards were that different between each nightwave.
  17. While I wouldn't say k-drives are perfect I'd settle for less 'flying across half the map' when you hit something, it's far too common even with the band aid mod added. Using weapons could get some improvements as well if I'm being honest. Not that I'd use them in open worlds, it's far easier to just pop into archwing.
  18. If it was the same as last year then yeah, they were the same as shown on stream.... I didn't get to see them in person this year either lol
  19. If you're modded and equipped correctly then yeah they're pretty easy but even you have to be honest, the grineer should not have been killing them that easy lol
  20. Yeah been in a relay (tennolive 56) the whole time and was literally on my own for a good portion of it. Didn't miss much imo (it was on stream) but I would like the items I'm supposed to get from being there. Kept getting 'network not responding' text popup too which is funny seeing as it was fine lol
  21. yeah I found that a little daft... a lowly grineer was ripping to shreds an enemy that even a warframe can struggle with.
  22. I literally looked at the relay for all of 1minute last year as I was on the same machine watching twitch.... I wasn't firing up another machine/device just to have it sitting doing nothing the entire time, it will be EXACTLY the same this year for me.
  23. Got in, got my drop, then it basically booted me out due to loss of connection which was not my end. I already have loki prime so not overly concerned on that luckily but I would like the free stuff from in game, even though I don't like the fact I need to run the game and twitch at the same time (commented as much in the thread announcing stuff)....maybe that wasn't the best idea after all.
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