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  1. Yes actually, as you've just shown... you're the majority poster in the linked thread..... You didn't need to post a link to the other thread when the question was basically 'how do I change the font size'...
  2. so this is basically a thread promoting your other thread which hasn't had much interest/replies from other forum members...
  3. and a wisp speed buff, plus everyone else using sprint aura's and you using one of the fastest frames, not volt because volt is pretty slow without the speed buff
  4. So it is basically down to how you play and mod her... try something different then.
  5. overshields are probably one of the easiest things to get on hildryn, you can get them via sentinels or her own abilities.... Obviously they take damage first, that's by design, but it's not that difficult to maintain.... I starting to think your issue is more how you're trying to play her than anything else
  6. Honestly apart from the speed of her movement when hovering and the lack of visibility using her first ability I think she's fine as is, would prefer shieldgating to block toxin damage a bit more but other than that mine can tank pretty well... and I'm not using the immortal build either.
  7. I assume you're not using the 'immortal' build then... she has a immortality for a iirc 2 seconds when her shields run out, there is a build that works around that and basically makes you immortal.... you can't get any more tanky than that.
  8. why not just use her second ability? I use it to teleport between locations but iirc you go invisible via this for upto 4 seconds (think it extends via duration mods) too so this might work better than using all those 'flight' mods. If you really wanted stealth without using the usual ivara/loki just take (prisma) shade for the time you're not actually teleporting... I literally do spy missions without using shade using my 'normal' build for wisp and using her second actually makes jupiter ones fairly trivial too.
  9. To be fair the right mouse clicking swapping from melee can be a tad annoying with non exalted weapons too, especially when aim gliding so I'd maybe argue that the right mouse button swapping when in melee is the issue not the actual ability to switch weapons quickly even while in exalted. It also impacts blocking when gliding etc too so I suppose you could also argue the entire issue is basically relating to the removal of manual blocking.... I will say when it got changed I said I would have preferred a change that was basically the faster switching and targeted slam of melee 2.9999 but instead of the auto weapon change they kept the weapon switching key bound (I had a set key for switching to melee etc like many others), it would given us the faster flow, would keep manual blocking AND keep the quick melee that some people enjoyed too... doubt anything will change now we're basically stuck with a buggy 2.9999 until 3.0 rolls around eventually.
  10. I thought exalted melee switched like a normal melee but just kept the drain ticking over in the background.... I'll be honest I don't play exalted melee too often but I actually like the change when I do use it.... I found the old system of being 'stuck in exalted' quite annoying in all honesty.
  11. Oh I get 100's of that email or variants of it to pretty much any email that has been linked to adobe breach (mainly this in my case, thanks adobe), is easily found via a spider crawling the web or just random email address generator (especially for hotmail/gmail etc). They even started tweaking it to not mention the password but for me it's easy to know it's a fake as I don't have a webcam. Easiest solution is just don't have the same password everywhere although it does get to be a pain to manage them all.
  12. While I don't mind 'plat bundles' I don't like exclusives tied specifically to a real money purchase. Actually I don't like exclusives full stop but that's just me, even if it is just sigils/glyphs which I don't use outside of forced use for syndicate standing..
  13. capturing video isn't just about having a good gpu... you also need to consider the ram, storage and the cpu.
  14. You're right seems it was a 'hidden title' although I was doing a little googling and it seems DE managed to screw up some of the title assignments when they changed it so it's not exactly a perfect system now or then. Personally I don't have an issue with a coup d'etat if the 'founder' isn't active enough and the rest of the clan needs more control, but like I said earlier if the other members have enough control themselves they probably won't bother. Example, we've set it so all clan members can start research and contribute etc so whoever's on 'first' can set it off, higher ranks have extra controls like kicking, recruiting, adjusting size of clan etc so we can basically run the clan smoothly even if the founder isn't around.... it isn't always like this though.
  15. There wasn't a 'founding warlord' when it was done, that's a recent change and tbh I'm not 100% sure what the changes did in regards to swapping 'founder'
  16. along with individual dual colours. I'm not sure I want 'white' blood (ignoring the scaling issues of that one) I can go for that, although I'm in no rush considering the rate and costs involved of most ephemera.
  17. Well depending on how things are set up the founder can basically leave it so the lower ranks can't do much, and while it's possible to move clan it's not what everyone wants to do. I know the clan I'm in had to take control of the clan after a long period of inactivity just to allow it to function 'properly' type of thing. The clan now has it set up so there are multiple people who can basically run it, recent improvements to the clan tools help too, so in essence the reason we needed to take over originally isn't a problem now. OP, maybe inform the new warlord that you're going to be taking a 'break' and you'll be back, if he has all the options set so he can invite/expand/shrink clan size etc he likely won't bother with 'kicking' you type of thing.
  18. Honestly... I think I played it a few times during the event, to get the clan points and enough hexanon and then I've basically avoided it... don't actually think anyone in my clan has bothered with it since either. For me it's just not 'fun', it's not really a new game mode, it's essentially just a new enemy, that ignores, in an indoor 'excavation'. You don't even see enough of the new sentient hybrid enemies (it's not just here, it's all over jupiter) to make it interesting it's just the same old corpus units as usual.
  19. Why.... as a really new player they don't really need to worry over mr standing and they can't actually play the content to get high levels of standing anyway. Sounds more like someone just wants it lifting so they can 'speed level' syndicates without raising their mr level more than anything else in all honesty. There is no real reason to remove the cap, doubt it would be anyway as DE like to 'time gate' things to keep players coming back daily.
  20. to get it out of the way so we do something more 'fun'.... or it may be we're not going to be here at another point in the week.... There are plenty of reasons to 'get it done early'
  21. um... you're wrong... 9k left to get for rank 15, 2x9k to do... that's a screenshot from my own nightwave as of about 5 mins ago and I know I have not missed anything. edit: I did not use any glitches either.
  22. If you're on pc like I am you can't have done.... I'm guessing you likely missed the very first 1k standing challenge. DId you start on the day it started or come in a few days later.
  23. I'm guessing you skipped a previous challenge because by my calc's I should be done 'today' even if I skip the sortie challenge and the rest of the weeks 1k ones... edit: I'm rank 12 with 9000 standing, so 1k from rank 13 which is 21k from rank 15. Got 2x6k and 2x9k left so I can leave one of the 9k and still get the 21k
  24. While I'm not a fan of tennogen (I have issue with the contractual/pay side) I don't see why this is needed... Even 'poor' players have access to all the helmets via nightwaves and you can trade items for plat to get said helmets, skins, syandanas etc .... yes they might not be as 'cool' as some of the tennogen items but it's not like you don't have any options for 'fashion frame'
  25. To be honest you could realistically break it down in a much more simple manner: noggles - in most cases are plat - DE profits floofs - not available for plat - DE makes no profit
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