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  1. Last devstream they talked about a 'sprint race' which is basically going to be us running point a to point b using our parkour skills etc as fast as possible... unless that gives me some really high level conclave standing I can't see me bothering with it.
  2. Well some of the international audience have already stated that $500 is expensive.... which in all honesty is due to their economy being so screwed up. There is literally nothing we can do to fix that.
  3. Um... some of us would just like what we have to actually be finished properly, rather than being left in the half finished state they're in now. DE has a habit of adding in half baked stuff and then moving on to the next thing while saying 'we're listening, we'll change things up' just long enough for us to just give up bothering to get things changed, it's happened with arbitrations, eso, recent cosmetic changes, previous reworks to frames, even the changes to fortuna/orb were token changes which didn't actually change anything in regards to the low value rewards which we've been complaining about. Now I'm hoping that some of the stuff they've said in the last devstream actually 'fixes' the complaints many of us have but in all honesty, while I enjoy the game, I really do wish DE would actually finish what they start, after taking on board our feedback, instead of wasting resources on things that will likely keep us 'entertained' for a few days at best (I'm on about this new sprint PvPvE thing).
  4. I wouldn't be recommending a $500 upgrade, it's a false economy as you'll likely be in the same situation as you are now a year or so down the line.
  5. Don't get me wrong I'm all for keeping myself fairly 'private' as well but I think you need to go see a specialist, it seems your paranoia is getting the better of you...
  6. But you don't actually NEED windows 10 for this change of requirements for it's kind of a mute issue. And you do realise most of those 'privacy issues' you keep mentioning were back ported to windows 7 and 8 with 'critical updates' about 6 months after windows 10 was released. At least on windows 10 we know they're there and we need to turn them off. There is very little 'phone home' with personable information unless you specifically set it up that way.. And you are pretty ill informed when it comes to the wiping documents in an update, there was a very specific set of circumstances required to trigger that 'bug', something most home users wouldn't have been doing. I know it's the done thing to hate on windows 10 but you need to get your information accruate before trying to 'scare people' off of windows 10. If I can use it (10 pro x64) in an environment where NDA's are a necessity I'm sure it's more than secure enough for a home user. The funny thing is that you're likely someone who uses the likes of instagram, facebook, google search and in all likelihood android, all of which are far more intrusive into our privacy than windows 10. I'm also not being unrealistic, the simple fact is that the current minimum requirements are not good enough to play the game, they need to be updated...if you haven't upgraded your pc or at least been saving in the last 10 years then you need to accept that your hardware is antiquated in pc terms and will not be fully supported anymore. I don't expect my old hardware to last indefinitely, at some point it will be outdated and as such I save for this event and upgrade as necessary.
  7. Have you checked to see if you can run 64bit os.... most hardware in the last 10 years should supports 64bit (there are a few low end exceptions, but they're not good enough for warframe anyway)
  8. The EULA prevents them both being used at the same time, not using windows 7 instead of windows 10, last time I checked. If you can't upgrade then you need to accept that you can't continue to play if the requirements change to above your pc, warframe isn't the first game to change requirements when it has a 'dlc' (fortuna is equivalent to a dlc imo) and it's not like the requirements need the latest and greatest hardware or anything either. As I said I've got hardware which will fulfil the changes but is no good for running warframe smoothly. Think about it another way ... Windows 7 was released in 2009 and discontinued in 2015, dx10 came out in 2006 and was superseded in 2009 when windows 7 came out and if you're running with less that 4GB of ram in this day and age then I'm sorry but you need to get with the times, 4GB has been bare minimum for a LONG time, hell most people see 8-16GB as a minimum for a gaming machine these days. Even in worst case scenarios that has given users 9 YEARS to save for an upgrade... Actually I see this change as common sense, if you play on PC there will come a point when your pc will not be strong enough. In fact I've been saying we need to have higher minimum specs, not just the software side, since before PoE because we all know what it's like when a toaster ends up being our host due to the shoddy host code (yes this needs fixing too). Yes we might lose some players but DE is a business and they need to appeal to the players that spend money on plat etc so from a business perspective they're not likely going lose much from the upgraded requirements, the odds are the same people who can't afford to upgrade won't be paying into the game (or if they are they need to get their priorities right, that money could go towards a pc upgrade...). Not to mention the most simple reason for the upgrade.... they need the extra ram for future game upgrades and dx9 doesn't do what they need and requires specific dev hacks to get things working etc(they've covered this stuff in a devstream)... You just can't expect DE to keep supporting things that even the original manufacturers aren't supporting any more.
  9. Um.... MS gave windows 10 away when it was first released, there was nothing stopping you getting it and then going back to windows whatever you're using... I also love it when people say 'but I can't afford to upgrade' every 2 years etc when the truth is very few people actually do this, most save for a period of time then upgrade in stages or as a whole. The reality of pc gaming is if you can't afford to upgrade when you can no longer play a game then you have to accept that you can't play the game anymore. It's not like you can expect the games to just 'wait for you to upgrade', you need to understand that at some point you won't be able to play 'current games' if you can't upgrade. And $500 isn't a lot when it comes to pc's, hell I looked at the cost of what I would deem a worthwhile upgrade and I was hitting £5000.... (now that IS expensive and admittedly overkill for the game but not for my work)... If, as I'm guessing, you live in South America then It's unfortunate that you live in a country where the economy sucks but that's not DE's fault and you can't expect DE to just stand still when more 'visually appealing' games are coming out and to be fair this game needed an increase in it's minimum specs since before PoE came out, let alone now we have fortuna. And to be fair I have hardware that is over 10 years old (old socket 939 x2's) that actually hits the requirements that DE have listed on the first page, now I wouldn't use it for the game as the performance sucks but if your pc can't hit the requirements then I'm not even sure your pc is up to playing the game smoothly in the first place.
  10. Once again you're trying to make my point invalid by making out I've written things which I have not. No matter how many staff are being utilised for this game mode it is taking staff away from other areas which they could be working on, it really is that simple. You can try and argue that this is the 'conclave staff' doing this but iirc devstreams have said there are no specific teams for areas of the game, staff are allocated to work as needed for the next update. It's why we've had devstreams say they've pulled staff off of x to work on y projects for the game to hit deadlines which then delays project x. Actually I do understand what 'resources' mean, I run my own business.... You keep going on about artists not being able to work on the coding to try and prove you point yet you seem to be completely ignoring the fact that I also mentioned areas which were specific to the 3D artists... Also you do realise that the bit I've highlighted above is basically the exact same thing I've said from the beginning.... rather than putting them on an entirely new game mode, put them to work on the upcoming content or fixing the existing content... With the amount of bugs/issues in game, both visually and in code, that DE could be working on there shouldn't be any free staff to do this game mode...if the game was in a 'perfect' state then yeah fine, use the resources to add in the mode but the game has a lot of things that need fixing or could be being worked on that are far more important than a mission type which is basically going to be run point a to point b as fast as you can...
  11. Well after 6 YEARS they should know by now that PvP just isn't popular enough to be wasting resources on then.... those same resources being used for this mini game could be being used to get MORE done when it comes to an update. Considering everything else DE is supposedly working on there is plenty of things for ALL departments to be working on... Also if you'd like to read my original post I never actually made any assumptions about who would do what, you did... it really does seem like you're trying to white knight by clutching at straws to try and support the notion that this isn't a poor use of DE's time when anyone with an ounce of common sense and non bias can see that are plenty of better things they could be utilising their 'spare time' on. It might be interesting for a few runs, but the issue isn't about whether someone will try it, most of us tried the street fighter clone I'm sure, it's about if it's something will the MAJORITY will continue to use.... when was the last time you played frame fighter, myself and most of my clan haven't bothered after the initial release. There is no point adding something that will hardly be used after that 'new smell' wears off, it is quite simply a waste of resources. Like most of the mini games in warframe, there are better FREE options out there, there is no need to clutter up warframe with stuff like this.
  12. Yeah lets pull the artists off the new warframes, new cosmetics, new maps that they could be making (even just for the starmap), updating the UI or fixing the issues with operator cosmetics.... And you do realise that this new 'mission type' will be requiring coding, probably a fair bit in fact, time which could be used fixing those program bugs you're expecting the artists to fix..
  13. Don't discount tetris being added, it could fit well with 'a wall'.... mind you we already have people calling for komi to be added to go with our flappy bird clone, our street fighter clone and the side scrolling shooter... all of which I've played for all of 5 mins and then never bothered with again...
  14. Don't worry I will continue to say whatever is appropriate to the topic... especially when the game is in the state it's in at the moment.
  15. LSG501

    Melee 3.0 - Your most pessimistic predictions?

    Based on what I've seen in devstream, the biggest issue will be getting used to the changes and how much of a nerf we end up getting from it. Some of the proposed changes will be welcome, such as the weapon switching, but I sure don't want any nerfs to melee (including loss of range) when enemies aren't being touched.