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  1. Steam, epic etc already can get 'custom skins' for said platforms on pc... I've said in the past that I'd like to see something custom for pc users who download the game directly from warframe.com, it seems to be the forgotten 'platform' when it comes to limited edition stuff sadly.
  2. Really (haven't kept up with deluxe skins)... first impressions of that image are that it was an equinox skin... will likely be better than the rooster we have now but it doesn't feel like 'ember' to me other than the flames.
  3. LOL.... got to love the way this not only nerfs value when selling for plat but also increases the grind for anything that uses ducats as currency... I'm sure DE were saying just a short while ago they were going to be doing stuff to reduce the grind.... got to say I'm glad I'm not a newbie who still needs to get all the baro items. It's getting to the point where there isn't many 100 ducat items that are left so maybe it's time the entire ducat values on prime items got a rework. And got to be honest, it seems more and more obvious that relics really aren't working that well
  4. wukong also kind of throws the exalted staff as well.
  5. Look up hilty and bosch on youtube, they're some of the pioneers of popping iirc If you don't specify dance, yes lol
  6. Personal Opinion here - Emotes are a complete waste of DE's time, warframe isn't fortnite and as such doesn't need 'dance moves'. I'd rather they spend their time on something far more worthwhile to the game than a 'dancing character'....
  7. Unfortunately my upgrade got delayed... got to wait till the current day to day life is back to normal.
  8. Well maybe you should have said that instead of your previous post..... I can't mind read.
  9. Cant see that happening if I'm honest, not in the way we'd want at least.... The only one who was even partly receptive to the idea was Scott and it sounded like he wanted it to be so that we could unlock multiple relics but we could only pick one item from ALL of them, meaning we burn through the relics faster but we don't get as many rewards, and well the only people that would benefit would be DE in that we'd have less stuff to sell for plat and as such would 'encourage' more purchases of plat. The lack of overlap is fine but to have 'content islands' where you can 'fini
  10. What, you mean DE have added another 'content island' into the game where we go there, grab the stuff we want and then never bother with it again..... well I am shocked.... It's part of the reason many of us stopped bothering with open worlds and part of the reason many of stopped bothering with the old railjack.....
  11. um.... maybe it's me but I very rarely have sprint turned off, even with parkour... the base 'walk' is just too slow for me personally. If anything this change would actually make it worse for those of us that don't like having volt's speed pushed onto other users, because we've likely already set the frame we're using to the 'speeds' we want to work at, including sprint. The best solution is to have a toggle switch for abilities that affect other users, but I doubt that will happen any time soon.
  12. As someone who works in design and regularly has work critiqued by clients, one of the first things you need to learn to do is to not take that critique personally and in some respects I think DE takes negative albeit valid feedback personally and then become stubborn and unwilling to correct their mistakes. For all their 'want to make things better' in devstreams I don't feel any of the recent changes have improved things, they've just moved the problem onto something else (credit/endo farming) Yeah showing things earlier really could save them time in the long run. If they'd have do
  13. Then maybe that needs to change.... because pretty much every workshop has had players highlight the issues before release that DE seem to miss.... Instead of doing the work and then telling us in a workshop when it's too late, start with the workshop and ask us for feedback before starting the (major) changes.
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