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  1. I don't think DE ruled out using the 4th, they ruled out using the 'ultimate' and that isn't always the 4th ability.
  2. DE will have stats of which abilities we use the most on each frame, octavia is one of those frames where you basically use all the abilities together.... they will not be picking the most commonly used abilities and I'd argue in some cases, where getting a replacement is 'harder', we might not even get anything straight away. In all honesty there isn't much point speculating but I'm fully expecting DE will pick the least useful or weakest ability in most cases.
  3. gear wheels, we can assign the first 10 (iirc) to the 1-0 keys in settings. corpus hacking default is just press y for cipher to be used or left/right (counter/clockwise) mouse buttons to rotate, when pointer over them when on normal maps.
  4. I've got the highest capacity for avionics (red) you can currently have (I'm fully expecting a higher level to farm at some point) and while I'm not 'missing' the slots I have empty (they're the ones on tactical) it would be nice to be able to use some of them from time to time... all my 'important' avionics are maxed and in all honesty it's the mods you 'mandatory' mods that seem to take up a lot of capacity imo.
  5. If you did it's probably due to the script DE ran for those that didn't get theirs.
  6. If you're going to restrict warframes it's not exactly random anymore, which goes against your original reasons mentioned for making it....
  7. um...last I checked the game had this built in....even does weapons too. EDIT: Been changed to be far more complicated than it used to be with the new UI/UX (no comment....) but it is still there via loadouts
  8. A large majority of them, kept most of the non primes and only started removing them about a year ago to make space for new primes etc.... prob missing around 6, but not going to lose sleep over it until I know if they're even worth bothering with.
  9. I don't mean physically faster, they just 'feel' faster/slower due to the difference and 'familiarity' with the last game when switching.
  10. Strange question... have you been playing another game during your break. Camera/direction movement in Warframe feels incredibly fast (too fast) after I've spent time in gta5 (online) which has a 'slower' camera movement
  11. so did you actually watch any of the tennolive part on twitch, hydroid prime was only available in that last 'hour'
  12. that is likely your issue... twitch might not have registered you as 'active' and as such didn't qualify for hydroid prime. You needed to watch 30 consecutive minutes of twitch to get the drop, if you only watched via the relay you didn't watch via twitch. I've also found that stopping the stream (refresh page and starting again) at the designated times help 'ensure' I get the drops.
  13. Probably mechs... don't see a point in them personally but for some reason DE feels they're worth adding.... if I want to play as a 'mech' instead of a warframe, I can go play anthem etc.... Wouldn't be shocked to see archwing bits as we all know they're coming and have to be available somewhere.
  14. Yeah I wouldn't say no to this and iirc it's something we've been asking for since release... While I have no interest, or need, to do railjack at the moment (maxed out everything, can't get any intrinsics in advance and have all but a few less important avionics) I wouldn't say no to being able to have 3 loadouts for avionics, one which is 'farming', one which is offensive and one which is defensive. Problem is right now my preferred battle avionics for each one clash. Wouldn't mind them adjusting some of the costs a bit too... even with max capacity for avionics, I still can't fill all the slots and end up having at least 2 empty
  15. Honestly I just see the mech suits as another 'bolted on' mechanic that isn't really needed and/or takes us away from 'warframes' again, you know these 'uber killing machines' that we're supposed to be controlling.... I'm fully expecting 'forced' usage when the enemies are in their blue phase just to make out there was a reason for their addition, same thing was done with operators where they had missions/bosses which shoehorned their usage in.
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