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  1. I want to call him Yum Yum... edit: actually no.. TumTum
  2. Yeah getting this too now. Just did 20 mins of disruption and lost all my loot, not impressed as I was after my hexanon. IMO it seems linked to the solo extract and it being the host. You can't even contact support to get your lost resources because the 'end screen' doesn't show anyone elses info... DE I think you need to add some of the open world loot protection onto the existing maps as well.
  3. But the players, in most cases, don't need just one... There is grind and then there is drop chance of 2%.... that's not an acceptable level of grind for something that already requires extra effort to even find the enemy that drops them.
  4. Well hydron had it's complaints when they removed the upper level you could get to and then they changed the layout for better pathing too. If it does have a major rework I'm sure it will be changed in a similar way to IO to make things 'harder to do efficiently', which seems to be a trend with this update with way they nerfed resource farming as well...
  5. For trade to be 'important' you first have to be able to get said items for trade...
  6. You know we shouldn't NEED to rely on trade to be able to get a MOD in a timely manner right... it kind of defeats the point in the game if we need to rely on buying a mod from another player... I would like an alternative way to get the mods as well, the way we need to get to the enemies combined with the low drop chance is basically saying 'we took no notice of your complaints during the wolf of saturn six' saga where some players literally didn't see him spawn for weeks and then he had low drop CHANCE (which was even higher than these) of getting the 'wanted' drops..
  7. Having watched that, can't say I want to do that either... especially with the low drop chances which was already putting me off. Luckily those mods aren't worth replacing existing mods for so no great loss, imo.
  8. Tbh I've not been 'enjoying' the new Jupiter that much, it just feels 'too big and empty' (same issue as fortuna basically), almost to the point where it 'doesn't suit warframe' so it might bias my view on IO a little. I'm hoping Jupiter's a grower... I found the new IO almost like it's been designed to prevent us from 'farming it quickly' with frames like mesa, you have no real 'ranged view' either so it's all close up which is fine at lower levels, not so much at higher ones. Then there's the 'getting around' to pick up the loot (Jupiter's map sizes has made me want DE to just give us all the loot at the end of a mission...) being a bit of an issue due to 'limited time' at the end of rotations.
  9. well at least you got something... I actually think I'm missing vengeful revenant from my stances, not that it matters much seeing as I don't use swords lol
  10. according to another thread about the same mods, the drop tables say they're at 2% drop chance... so yes it is far too low a drop chance.
  11. ah the 'lets make it a stupidly low drop chance to make players play the levels over and over' approach... won't be farming them then lol
  12. lets be honest, if 'new players' can't find something to do for the next couple of weeks then they're playing the wrong game... the odds are a 'new player' isn't even at a high enough level to farm for wisp properly yet anyway and anyone that is high enough to farm wisp should have known to grab some spare nitain instead of grabbing all the cosmetics...
  13. that's why they get paid the 'big bucks' to do the coding and qc....they also didn't need to fix it in the way that they have and that is the argument that most of us have. Fix the specters by all means but there is no reason to nerf it for the rest of the game, all it does is increase the grind for loot, something they've actively said they're trying to reduce.... When my clan actually went farming together we used the multiple looter frame approach quite a bit, it was after all the most efficient way to get the loot, we didn't go after the specters however. We didn't think our 'choice of frames' was anything special as we'd seen the same thing in public missions... Which would be fine if DE actually did this but we all know this just isn't going to happen, this is more about 'encouraging' people to buy boosters, which for newbies who are 'most affected', because old players have stockpiles of 'most' resources, means buying plat. It's pretty obvious what's going on when you look at the 'big picture' of the game... now we're getting less frequent 'updates' of new things DE needs to get plat sales via other means, the easiest way is to hit the resource grind so we end up getting boosters. if you say so...
  14. Um...what... an exploit is using something in a way it's not designed or intended, ie like the khora kavat spawn exploit to gain xp faster than you should do. Getting '2 items' instead of 1 when using something that is designed to give a chance of 'extra drops' is not using it in an unintended way, the issue was purely down to DE not excluding specters from the loot bonus, they've done it on other enemies such as bosses but they didn't do the same 'fixes' for specters. In essence, it's not technically an exploit when you're not using the loot frames differently to usual, DE just didn't add in the 'no loot' code and now have taken a sledgehammer to 'fix' their mistake.
  15. Most drop from 'new' enemies on Jupiter from what I can see. Got a load of the new mods from the new amalgum enemies and my repair kit iirc dropped from the little cleaner drone.
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