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  1. None in all honesty, I think the change is a bad one.... and this is coming from someone who doesn't even need to farm them anymore.... And that's ignoring the fact that needing a secondary action to get my 'reward' is annoying as anything (I'm looking at you ayatan stars...)
  2. Yeah... lets make an already time consuming process even longer.... but hey if it makes you happy lets go for it...
  3. Except your 'idea' is making the entire process more monotonous than it already is.... Your real issue isn't about killing them, it's about how they become 'aggressive' towards you and then jump around more which in turn makes it harder than it needs to be.... they only do that if you make your life hard and go in with the idea of not killing them, which we need to do anyway if you want their mods.
  4. low power rhino stomp (or similar) or if you really want to cheese it the Heliocors... and obviously don't take a companion that can kill them. Seriously they're not actually that hard to do, the only thing I wish was 'something' to say they were around because their invisibility can be a little hard to see at times.
  5. yeah lets grind out a rare event for forma just so we can sling the 'rewards' in the bin if we don't like the weapon.... mind you I didn't actually need to do that because I'm sitting on over 70 unused forma. The thing is I can still see the issue with the kuva weapons needing a forced 5 forma for their full xp, especially if we just see the weapon as a mr fodder. 😏 And it's not just about the physical forma, you have to waste time levelling it too.... and tbh thats even more tedious, even if you use the meta farmng techniques
  6. So it seems we're still forced to 'waste' 5 forma if we want full xp from kuva weapons, even if we think the weapon is junk and little more than mr fodder..... pretty sure that was one of the big issues with kuva *weapons* for a lot of people, but funny how that's still in, suppose you've got to sell those forma bundles somehow....
  7. That's partly due to the way it interacts with the haste mote: from wiki - 100 % (Haste Mote Corrosive status chance). Can't remember if the ability is natively radiation or fire which might also impact it... edit> wiki says both so throw in the fire ticks too.
  8. you all seem to be forgetting hildryn... her second strips shields and armor edit: doesn't anything with fire as an ability trait also strip armor since the fire element rework so that would also include nezha.
  9. Don't worry there will be more lol.... honestly it just isn't worth keeping all of them, you're never going to use half the weapons in the game because they're just not very good in a lot of cases, especially as you start going against higher tier enemies.
  10. Honestly I wish there was some sort of minimum level required to play it, I've had mr4's (no offence intended here) in a squad and while I was luckily on earth maps meaning a good ship can basically solo it, they're for all intense purposes pretty useless at getting things done because they just aren't experienced enough with the game in most cases, their archwing gear sure isn't ready for railjack etc and as they're so low they usually don't have any of the skills unlocked either.... I wouldn't say no to being able to kick people out of locations if I'm the host too.... or better yet, kick people into space if they're just afking...
  11. Now all they need to do is remove the stupid time gating on the node....
  12. At the end of the day, as said by others, you need to level them all up for increasing your mr, so build one, if you don't like after hitting rank 30 sell it. I'd start with the dual ichor still but that's just me.
  13. All three but then I have loads of mutagen mass. Are you aware you can also build mutagen mass via a single use blueprint bought from the dojo? Out of those three, personally I'd go for the dual ichor (especially if you have condition overload) but then I like melee more than pistols.
  14. There's also 5 captura's at 10 shards each so if you want everything, and lets be honest most of us are here to try and collect everything, that's a total of 65 runs (assuming you luck into 20min runs, that's just under 22 HOURS of missions, it's a best case scenario of 5 HOURS just for the ephemera).... I doubt anyone has rng that is that bad for the shedu parts because that is basically the only reason we're going there now, unless you want to try and luck into umbra forma from reinforced storage containers.... actually this just makes me think how bad getting umbra forma's actually are now, they might as well not have been added because in the 4ish years I've been playing, I'm 99.9% certain still haven't completed that entry on my codex.... Now it wouldn't be so bad if you got shards from all veil missions but we literally need to run one mission (yes I know there is a little variation) over and over... which is one of the main things we complain about when it comes to grind, most of us hate repetitive grind. While they may have their reasons for eidolons to have the time gating, it doesn't mean they needed to add it anywhere else considering how much we complained about it, both on eidolons and alerts which got replaced with nightwave because of players needing to essentially 'fit real life around warframe' rather than the other way round.... edit: seems for the moment you can just skip the rest of the mission, but not sure how long that might last, so at the moment you can speed it up by the looks of it.
  15. As above but there needs to be some sort of 'balance' with this approach too. I personally feel the amount of shards needed from the sentient ship node on railjack is too high because it's attached to just one mission that isn't exactly quick to do and is also time gated (good old DE, ignoring the issues we've raised time and time again with eidolons and even alerts of old) in regards to access. I also wouldn't want to see 15 'shards' needed from liches either while they're in their current state. For me personally, the amount of time I spend in warframe is more shorter and more patchy, I don't do the long runs I used to do when I was new because the game just isn't 'that fun' anymore for me. Essentially I don't mind the idea of a store as long as it has a universal currency so that I'm not stuck doing '1 thing' every time I log into the game.... which is exactly what I have to do if I want to get the sentient ephemera, let alone if I go after the capturas, assuming the node is actually active when I'm in game...
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