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  1. Don't think this is really a 'accessibility' issue, more a case of the trigger area for accessing the enemy ships being a bit small and/or lacking sensitivity and tbh it could do with a bit of refinement.
  2. Well what a shock.... another intermission..... It's been pretty obvious from the second nightwave that DE can't manage to do nightwave AND other updates at the same time so maybe its time to accept that it just doesn't work as well as intended. Honestly I think the best thing would be for nightwave to be changed to a 'weekly challenge' syndicate with it's own store and rewards (including umbra forma, kuva etc) where we can just buy what we want rather than the tiered rewards we have now, it's not like the rewards were that different between each nightwave.
  3. While I wouldn't say k-drives are perfect I'd settle for less 'flying across half the map' when you hit something, it's far too common even with the band aid mod added. Using weapons could get some improvements as well if I'm being honest. Not that I'd use them in open worlds, it's far easier to just pop into archwing.
  4. If it was the same as last year then yeah, they were the same as shown on stream.... I didn't get to see them in person this year either lol
  5. If you're modded and equipped correctly then yeah they're pretty easy but even you have to be honest, the grineer should not have been killing them that easy lol
  6. Yeah been in a relay (tennolive 56) the whole time and was literally on my own for a good portion of it. Didn't miss much imo (it was on stream) but I would like the items I'm supposed to get from being there. Kept getting 'network not responding' text popup too which is funny seeing as it was fine lol
  7. yeah I found that a little daft... a lowly grineer was ripping to shreds an enemy that even a warframe can struggle with.
  8. I literally looked at the relay for all of 1minute last year as I was on the same machine watching twitch.... I wasn't firing up another machine/device just to have it sitting doing nothing the entire time, it will be EXACTLY the same this year for me.
  9. Got in, got my drop, then it basically booted me out due to loss of connection which was not my end. I already have loki prime so not overly concerned on that luckily but I would like the free stuff from in game, even though I don't like the fact I need to run the game and twitch at the same time (commented as much in the thread announcing stuff)....maybe that wasn't the best idea after all.
  10. Who'd have thought that giving free stuff away would increase the load on the servers, it wasn't like there were issues with high loads in previous years or anything...... Explains why I can't log in to check I've got my twitch reward, suppose I'll try again later and see if I can get in for the in game stuff, although not looking good imo.... sure seems familiar so I'm guessing it will end up being awarded some other way.
  11. It's likely just being stuck in plague star to 'encourage' players to go back and do it again, as one of those that have already 'completed' the rewards from it I had zero interest in doing it last time and it would be the exact same this time as well. Is this a good way to make replayable content, not really because it doesn't fix the underlying issues with the event. It's still buggy and the term repetitive is an understatement in regards to the tasks we have to do, hell they even went so far to make it take longer by nerfing frame abilities on the helminth etc.
  12. Not going to happen.... They're actually relatively easy to get hold of these days and the more important reason is that forma is a nice little cash cow for DE. Personally I'd rather see a change to the levelling up process so it isn't quite so long winded.
  13. I really hate the fact we need to have both the game running AND twitch to get all the rewards. It was a pain last time because it literally meant the game was idling in the background doing nothing the entire stream, complete waste of electricity imo.
  14. Nope they completely destroyed any sort of reason to use it when they did the reworks.
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