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  1. I was able to get through scarlet spear fairly well, it as far too grindy etc though... I managed to work my way through the other stuff since then albeit with far less 'enthusiasm' than before liches etc. Deimos on the other hand literally made me not want to play the game, the initial release was laggy as anything (and my pc is well above min specs) and the 'cost' for things just seemed far too grindy imo (take the good bits of ticker, then make it worse). I also don't like another thing pulling away from the warframes, if I wanted to play mechwarrior I'd play mechwarrior. So basi
  2. Come through after re-link up (and a restart), no message though like usual.... Funny thing is the mask is supposedly the eyepiece and the eyepiece is the mask...
  3. Just checked, haven't got it yet either. I've just reset everything and still nothing, last ones came through without any issue.
  4. I've got to be honest, I've pretty much stopped playing the game (so have most of my clan based on last login), which is surprising because I (we) really did enjoy playing the game.... but then it started going downhill from about the release of liches and then the final 'nail in the coffin' for me was heart of deimos, which actually made me not want to play the game. You might say I'm burnt out, but honestly it's not that, I'm playing a game that is arguably just as grindy (gta online)... For me personally the issue is more about warframe moving far too far away from what actually pulled
  5. you might want to read what I've actually written.... I never said rare, I said stupidly low drop chances.... Also in regards to your later comments, there is nothing wrong with rng loot if the loot drop tables have an acceptable 'minimum threshold' for the 'rarest' items to drop, the issue with warframe is the stupidly low drop rates on some items which are purely about pushing players towards trade, which can also mean plat sales... essentially the low drop chance is a (poorly thought out) method to sell plat.
  6. While I'm on PC, I've had several bite drop, even gave a couple away to clan mates.... it's 3.67% from sabotage supposedly I'm never one to approve of stupidly low drop chances (ie below 5%) and do agree with 'getting rid' of them.
  7. I'd argue the extra 30 riven slots are going to be appreciated too, that's on top of the current limit. Personally, if I'm being totally honest, I just can't be bothered to get to rank 30 (I'm mr28) and nothing shown in the devstream makes me want to rush out to get there either... there comes a point in the game where going after the prime items just gets boring and we all know how 'monotonous' the process of levelling frames/weapons is. Not to mention after you hit MR you then get to level up 'legendary ranks'....oh yay, lack of info really makes it sound like it's essentially doi
  8. Nope not really.... Railjack... I levelled up during booster weekends basically to get it done, still haven't got all the mods available for it but can't be bothered trying to get them seeing as I wouldn't be able to fit them in anyway.... is it fun, not really and like I said on release, I didn't come to warframe to play space pirates. Liches... I know the game has grind but it's just too heavy and throwing multiple levels of rng into the mix just makes it into a chore rather than being fun imo.... I still haven't got all the weapons and in all honesty the last lich took several mo
  9. Yet everyone seems to have downloaded without issues.... I'd say your use of tethering is the issue there and maybe go as far as to say your provider is 'limiting' things.
  10. Isn't that what the bulk download tick box (don't tick it) in settings is for? You can't blame DE for your internet connection either
  11. Think yourself lucky, when it first came out it took even longer to build and cost more too...
  12. Windows 10 dx12 here and I have the option of dx10 or dx11 in the warframe settings.... You might need to do some 'updates' to your dx install, I've often found I need to download and install, at least parts of, older versions for full compatibility with some games.
  13. So, at least in my case, absolutely no reason to bother with plague star a third (or is it fourth now) time if/when it comes out again....
  14. While they both fit in the same slot one is for snipers and one is for rifles.... they're for different weapon classes so not sure what you're wondering....
  15. Lets be honest, considering how many things DE seem to miss (bugs, dodgy/op ability or mods on release later being nerfed etc) that the players find in minutes after an update is released some of us have been questioning if they even have a QC team checking the updates before release....
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