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  1. Trying to work out what the purpose of the thread is... was it a way of saying it's my '6 year anniversary', announcing another plague star event is coming (which is fine, I'll stock up on forma) or just basically a recap of what we already kind of know... I was kind of expecting a little more than what we got based on the thread title.
  2. But sound (or more accurately its vibration) doesn't have a line of sight requirement...
  3. LSG501

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    In all honesty that just reads like you're deliberately just going 'opposite' to those who see the issues or trying to 'white knight' because DE never release a rework without any issues... You're also wrong about the changes to health conversion, it has been changed to only lose a stack on health damage, that 3 second duration has always been there, it's almost like you don't understand what you're trying to argue over... oh wait that seems to be the case with a lot of those other replys to quotes too...
  4. Oh I can agree completely on that.
  5. Because those of us with a decent internet connection and a pc strong enough to play the game properly don't have any issue being host for PoE.... The issue isn't PoE etc, it's down to things like bad internet and low end pc's hosting (on pc)
  6. LSG501

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    1 - It has issues with actually hitting a target the first time a lot of the time (in my and other people's experience, you just need to look through this thread), I've been 'right in front' of an enemy and it's missed it, I've sent it into the distance (in range obviously) with the pointer/reticle directly on the target and it missed it. When it does hit it an enemy it does what it's supposed to do which is bounce around to some others, albeit sometimes it's selective in what it hits in a group and some get left out. 2 - Actually if the ability requires contact with an enemy to do it's function then yes I do. The Ash bladestorm rework has shown how it can work, if the marked target isn't attacked in bladestorm due to it no longer being there due to it's death etc then the ability cost is refunded. 3 - To be honest I missed the patch note that the change to Health Conversion had gone through (only saw Pablo saying on twitter about wanting to look at it), didn't feel the change was needed but still it's done and it's no worse than before so no complaints on the change. Yeah you've just proven my point about how we could lower the amount of health dropping, as you say EVERY enemy drops health, if you need that much health you're doing something wrong... Now I'm not suggesting going 50/50 but taking it down by 10-20% on health and increasing energy by the same would, imo, be a better balance. Equilibrium on the other hand still has incredibly limited usage scenarios where it's actually useful, imo it only reliably works with a despoil nekros due to constant health loss, so like I say it would be nice for a 'Pablo once over' and see what he thinks. 4 - Yet some of us do have the issue with teleporting when you don't want to (I'm not the only one either), obviously I must be playing him a little different to you or my build is different and shows the issues more easily than yours. You've also just supported me in what I said the issue is when it comes to 'visually' seeing chakram is there or not. The easiest solution (maybe not in the code though) is a 'toggle' switch, not an augment because that's wasting a slot to fix a usability issue, where we can select teleport on charge or teleport on any throw.
  7. LSG501

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    More feedback after 'finishing' my build. Firewalker: It's 'ok', still feel the duration could be longer but it's recastable so it's something I can live with. As mentioned above, maybe have speed buff scaling or maybe making it a bit higher, I hardly even notice the speed buff in all honesty. Blazing Chakram: Tracking/targeting on this really needs to be looked at, it's really bad a lot of the time. Would also like it to not cost any energy if it doesn't hit a target or get used for teleport....with the issue with it missing targets as often as it does we end up wasting a lot of energy. When it works, it works really well, hitting lots of targets in most cases and dropping plenty of health like it's supposed to but in my experience the amount of energy being dropped is basically just enough to replace the energy I've just used to throw it out in the first place... some will obviously say use equilibrium to get energy from the health orbs but that only works if you've got space for a health orb to be used (Pablo, it would be nice if equilibrium could maybe get a look at instead of or along with health conversion 🙂). Essentially I feel that you could probably reduce the number of health orbs dropping (even with my build using health conversion) and up the energy drop rate a little and I'm not even running a negative efficiency build, it's at 100%. Teleport, got to say I've been teleporting unexpectedly (along with the grineer commander 'disorientation') a lot more than at the beginning because I'm using Blazing Chakram more, some of that is due to the first issue of it not hitting the target and some is due to wanting to make use of the damage buff. So I have to say I kind of liked Pablo's idea of it only working on charged throws to prevent this. Also doesn't help that from a visibility standpoint, I'm using the deluxe skin with the syandana, I can't always make out, especially if I'm using melee on a bunch of enemies, that the Chakram is out so I'm sometimes trying to 'throw it again' too early which increases the teleportation issues. Warding Halo: No real issues with this change (although I still feel the extra scaling is slow unless you get high fire rate enemies), although I do still miss 100% protection, but the invulnerability stage when it disables could do with being made a little more prominent (audio cue, or a better/louder one, would be nice) and maybe have that invulnerability phase last just a little longer than it does now. Also seems that I'm taking damage from some 'status effects', which we're supposed to be immune from, so might be a bug you need to fix there. Divine Spears: Still feel this needs 'something' to make it better than it currently is. It seems it doesn't allow enemies to take damage from firewalker so maybe make it so it can pass damage up the spikes if you're running firewalker or something. Could even be reworked similar to gara mass vitrify where the number of enemies has an impact on the ability, maybe scaling the damage done from the spears. Even something as simple as damage over time could make it better, it would also give another reason to use duration as the longer they're impaled the more damage they take. Like I say, imo, it just needs 'something' to make it worth being an ability that costs 100 energy. Bug maybe: I've watched it miss enemies, which are clearly in range, so it would be nice if it did catch 100% like it's supposed to. It kind of already does do an AoE, if you have firewalker active and you teleport it leaves a fire 'donut' where you teleported to, not sure if it's doing much damage mind. I can see where you're coming from though, it would be nice if it was always a thing. Actually if this donut is doing damage I wouldn't mind it 'floating down to ground level' because 90% of the time I'm teleporting slighting into the air so the ring is above the enemies.
  8. After the latest rework... Enthrawl: Thrawls, still have the exact same issue as release, they die too soon in most cases. We lose our energy cost if they enemy we're casting on dies before we complete the cast (why is this still a thing, ash had it fixed for bladestorm). The towers left on death could do with a damage buff or something for higher levels imo, maybe change the way they interact with dance macabre to have their damage buffed and refresh duration on contact with dance macabre rather than them exploding, this exploding aspect removes their crowd control play style. Mesmer Skin: I would still like to have integers on my mesmer skin, this decimal point value for charges is to put it bluntly just stupid when it takes a full charge on damage. I do like the recast of mesmer skin though. Reave: I'd still like some 'control' over where it goes or at the very least the ability to 'cancel' the move (with partial refund of energy) if it gets stuck on a wall or an object or something, it happens pretty frequently too. Dance Macabre: I'd still like some 'verticality' to it, at the very least the ability to get over a small step would be nice but I'd ideally also like the lasers to reach upwards a little too. Passive: Still might as well not have one....I don't even think I've seen it trigger because we're pretty much always running mesmer skin. Think it needs a different one in all honesty.
  9. While I can't say I like the fog it's not as bad as it was on release or before they fixed the multiple mesmer skin bug last updates, I still wouldn't mind having it changed to have less vertical nature and more of a 'ground fog' similar to how chroma adds it's elemental ward.
  10. LSG501

    equilibrium mod

    That is what most people would likely prefer it to do or at least work even if health/energy is full, I know I would.... as it stands now it's not really that reliable outside a few frames like nekros (despoil)
  11. LSG501

    Devstream #116 Overview

    Got to say I kind of agree on that based on what was demoed but I doubt we'll have much say in the matter and be stuck with it like the UI changes which in a lot of cases make things worse just to make sure it looks pretty...
  12. LSG501

    Devstream #116 Overview

    In all honesty that felt like another wasted devstream.... you can only keep showing grinding with the k drive so many times before we get the idea that yes we can grind our k drives... Yes we saw some more of fortuna which is great and all that but it all felt like filler. Next prime had to be shown due to the leaks so that's just made certain riven values sky rocket....great if you're selling, not so much if you're buying. As to tracking/hunting animals on the plains, my god that looks so incredibly tedious, not to mention hard work for what I assume very little gain. Just watching Rebecca struggle (admittedly dev build) should be enough to show that the idea needs some serious 'improvements' before it's going to be something people are going to enjoy doing. Tiny bit about melee but in reality wasn't much we didn't already know other than some potential changes to how the weapons swap over... I do hope you're thinking about the speed holster aura while doing these changes, it kind of makes it redundant, not that I know anyone who actually uses it. Riven drop worked but I'm personally a bit annoyed as I had to buy more slots because of it, maybe next time it can include a slot too.... I get that DE wants to keep the hype up for fortuna, but showing basically the same stuff over and over again is going to make us switch off and lose interest.
  13. LSG501

    Thick fog caused by Revenant [Investigating]

    So when is this hotfix coming out then?
  14. LSG501

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    I'm not saying chakram is a problem per se, it's more a case of it feels like the changes were done to warding halo give chakram a reason to be used rather than making chakram benefit warding halo by refilling the counter on it while being 100% protection for example. Both have synergy but one doesn't require 'nerfing' another (remember some of still feel this 90% is a nerf) just to give another ability it's synergy. I doubt they'll change nullifiers either, still doesn't mean we can't keep trying to get it changed :). As to the drone... yeah that's still buggy as hell, often as not you hit it perfectly and it takes no damage because it's 'protected' by the nullifier bubble which is below it... then there's times when it's position is behind the nullifier rather than on top of it like it's supposed to be. It's been like it since release. Then there's the nullifier 'bug' where it doesn't take any damage from bullets, which is usually down to a poor host. Nullifiers basically need to be looked at imo. Divine spears, I literally watched an enemy not get speared yesterday, three in close proximity, 3 spears but 1 enemy just casually carried on walking towards the target while the other 2 went up in the air.... so maybe it is a bug but what ever it is in my experience divine spears is not hitting 100% of enemies so my original view that it needs that 'something' remains. While I agree it does feel a little short and imo is easily missed when it cancels, I'm pretty sure it's a fixed 3 second window if my understanding of the info on the ability page is correct.
  15. I've been here long enough to see it 'change' since we've started giving away stuff for free via twitch prime etc, some of it is the expectation of free stuff, some of it is more leeching (It's increased faster than the increase in player base if you get me) and there has been a change in the community 'personality' to be a bit more trollish than before. Now not saying it's bad or anything it's still better than most other games but certain business decisions haven't necessarily benefited the community 'togetherness' shall we say.