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  1. LSG501

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.7

    Oh so a 'change and reset' to hide a stealth nerf.... still not going to make me use k-drives over an archwing.
  2. LSG501

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.7

    How exactly are we supposed to keep our pets warm? Are we supposed to set them on fire with the ignis or something because it's not like there's any mods for that purpose on pets unlike warframes...not that we actually have any space for any new mods as weve got a few too many 'mandatory' mods on pets which are quite restricting. Skywing changes - much appreciated. Now if you could maybe look at spawns over at space port (nothing mentioned) and garuda's 'something is in the way' issue with her 1 that would be great...
  3. LSG501

    Nerf my guns but don't nerf the enemies!

    Well if the people complaining could understand the reasons why things got 'nerfed' instead of 'ranting' about it taking away the 'challenge' (and lets be honest more damage does not mean more challenge) then we might actually get somewhere.... the 'nerfs' were NOT about taking away the challenge, they were adjusting the enemies to match the rank that was assigned to the enemies. Anybody who's played this game long enough to be 'end game' should have been able to see that the enemies were hitting harder than their respective ranks would normally have been, this is what DE set out to fix but in the process they broke spawning of enemies (at least in some places like the spaceport), which we can hope will be fixed shortly. You may not like it but the simple fact is a rank 25 enemy should do rank 25 damage....if your meta builds with everything under the sun to make you overpowered makes it easy, then try running something that is not your 'end game' build, it really isn't a hard concept to understand.
  4. LSG501

    My feedback on venus enemies

    OH joy another one... The reason the enemy damage was reduced was because it was not representative of the level of the enemies, it was blatantly obvious to anyone who's been here long enough that the enemies were hitting harder than they should be at their respective levels. There is no point having enemy levels if there is no 'equalisation' across all factions and planets, a rank5 enemy should be like a rank 5 enemy on any map, a rank 25 enemy should be like a rank 25 enemy on any map, on OV this was not the case. In all honesty, the only real issue I have with enemies on OV is that there's too much focus on CC/nullifier frames like comba's and those damn bounce bomb things when you go higher level rather than there being more 'grunt' enemies (same issue corpus have had for a LONG time in all honesty) meaning the game basically turns into a shooting/melee game and I'm not sure about others but that's not why I came to play warframe... and before people suggest it, I'm not playing frames like ember or mesa and I haven't got adaptation either. Now spawn rates I can agree on, it's not everywhere but there are some locations (spaceport especially) where there are issues with the way that things are spawning. And as a side note: Maybe DE could add in a 'beacon' you can buy from someone in fortuna that you can use in private matches which will increase levels to 4 without the wait.... For all the people complaining about low level content, why not ask DE to give a 'higher tier' star map (instead of eso and elite alerts), something I've asked for numerous times, rather than complaining about the levels on the map which need to cover EVERYONE, not just those who are running 'meta builds' with everything under the sun to make them overpowered.... Another option is to push DE to do a high level map for the next open world, say one up at sedna or something where the enemies are higher at base level, actually doing another grineer/corpus map (ignoring tau and railjack) as the next open world would actually save DE time as they can focus on the map rather than the enemies.
  5. LSG501

    Spaceport Mob Spawns & Toroid Drops

    Yeah got to agree, the drop rate at the spaceport is really low and it's made even worse by the fact that enemies just aren't spawning. I did a solo 30minute run and came away with 2 vega toroids, and that was with a booster. Now I wouldn't mind so much but when there was something to do most of the time it basically turned into me versus comba units (not hard, just annoying as they turn the game into nothing but a run and gun...not the reason I play warframe). Some of the teleports were spawning 1 solitary unit, it was almost like the 'grunt' units were missing. I've had several attempts where the enemies just stopped spawning and then the alert starts to decrease even though I'm still in the exact same spot with 4+ alert beacons active... Also seemed to be low ammo drops but that might be a 'general' issue with fortuna.
  6. LSG501

    Operator Body/Clothing Feedback + Changes!

    Yeah this does need fixing, the smelter apparel doesn't even look like it's aligned properly along the waistline (going up at the front) and the vahd apparel has enough space to store a kavat between you and the waistband.... Having said that DE really needs to do a FULL quality and clipping check across the entire operator suits now, even if we ignore the unwanted changes to the old designs, there are plenty of issues where things don't fit together anymore or have quite major clipping issues, especially if you use an animation/stance on your operator. I can't use my umbra scarf on the new gear because of all the clipping, it wasn't exactly great before but it's even worse now, so that's basically 90 plat wasted. You keep saying fashion frame is important then we get things like the reworks to existing things which end up messing them all up.
  7. LSG501

    Warframe Black Friday Sale

    And is there going to be anything in the ingame store, ie some reductions on deluxe bundles or similar? Like many others I don't even run the game via steam so based on that first post there is no Black Friday Sale for non steam pc users...
  8. LSG501

    Nerf my guns but don't nerf the enemies!

    You can't just ignore the location or the damage in relation to other enemies at the same level when setting damage output on a map location. As I said the enemy damage was brought down to bring them into alignment with other enemies at that level, it was pretty obvious they were hitting harder than their levels would normally. Referencing eidolons when you go on about difficulty is changing the argument, we already know that the big spiders are the venus 'eidolons' and well they're not active so it's quite easy to just cancel out your entire argument about lack of difficulty by saying the 'end game content' isn't actually active yet....
  9. LSG501

    Nerf my guns but don't nerf the enemies!

    NO, leave them as they are!... This is venus, a place where you can get to when you're like mr5, not some high level map.... Fortuna was never designed to be 'end game' level content no matter what some players might want. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying a newbie should be able to do top tier bounty or anything but they should at least be able to do the first 1 maybe 2 bounties. Not to mention anyone who's played this game long enough (and considering the OP has 5 instead of 4 revives means he's running with with 1+ max rank arcane, because no arcanes give 4 revives) could tell that the enemies were hitting harder than they were supposed to at their relative rankings. There is no point have enemy ranks if they don't have some sort of relevance and 'equalisation' between tilesets... So like others say if you feel they're too weak, remove mods and your arcane(s)... In all honesty if you or another player thinks that you need to run max gear, likely with rivens, ALL the time just so you can shout 'endgame to me is level 300+' (which to be fair is fairly easy to do with the right meta cheese combo of frames) then I'd say you're playing the wrong game now because most people don't feel that way, especially the new players who are the main target for DE's income now.
  10. LSG501

    24.0.4 Archwing changes.

    Yeah can we get this reverted please. I preferred the old one too and the boost nerf (it's hardly any faster) is just a poor attempt to make people use k-drives while totally ignoring the reason we're not using k-drives in the first place.... The reason we don't want to use k-drives is that they're too slow for the size of the map they're being used on, on PoE they're fine (still slower though) because the map is smaller but fortuna is huge in comparison. Then we have people taking even longer than just the travel time because they're 'wasting time' doing tricks between bounties trying to get the tiny amounts of standing it offers.. not all of us have unlimited game time, some of us have real life to consider so do things more 'efficiently'. In all honesty, PoE should have been the one to introduce k-drives and venus should have been archwings as the 'upgraded' transportation because it would fit the 'scale of the map' better. As it is now we've got a slower, more cumbersome and less useful (you can't even shoot from k-drives without 'leaving it', let alone archwing abilities) device that is supposed to be the 'transport mode of choice' when on venus...
  11. What you mean the unfounded expectations of getting something other than credits, glyphs and fireworks when there are around a dozen different things in the drop list... I don't think anyone here was daft enough to go in expecting just khora/nidus to drop but we did go in thinking we might get a bit of variety in our rewards after watching 10-20 hours of streams...
  12. LSG501

    M.O.V.G.A. (Make Orb Vallis Great Again)

    I forgot to put that it's likely the reason that DE adjusted the damage output. They still need to cater for MR5 type players because it's venus so likely adjusted them to be closer to the damage levels that you would expect on the map at those enemy levels. Doesn't mean they couldn't 'buff the level' on a higher tier or maybe even add a 6th tier with better standing/rewards etc.
  13. LSG501

    M.O.V.G.A. (Make Orb Vallis Great Again)

    Got to be honest, first impression I had of the enemies when I tried OV was that they were hitting considerably harder than their level implied. As an MR25 I don't mind harder difficulty enemies but at the very least their levels should be representative across the game so that 'newer' players know what they can manage.
  14. I just stopped bothering, all I was getting was credits, the glyph and the occasional fireworks.
  15. Well it was pretty obvious on release we'd have issues later on if you base something around popularity rather than a 'fixed value'. Having a 'variable' mod that can be traded getting nerfed after it may have been bought for several thousand plat (yeah I wasn't that daft) was/is never going to go down well as we can see in this thread for example. In all honesty it really feels like DE doesn't consider 'long term' when coming up with a lot of things for the game, you just need to look at things like log in rewards and rivens etc where you should have been able to see long term scenario's quite easily and accounted for them in the design process, yet clearly they weren't considered very well if at all at the time.