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because of yesterdays Devstream#119 I have heard about that three new species are being added to Fortuna for Conservation soon: Horrasque, Stover and Sawgaw. Together with those that are already inside, this makes seven species!

Right now it is already a bit bothersome to search the animal, you want to hunt. E.g. if you want a nice fluffy Bolarola, you don't know if the marker on the map is a Bolarola, a Virmink or a Kubrodon.

Solution should be easy: Add colours to each different species.
E.g. Pobbers could be green, Virminks grey, Kubrodons red, etc.
See below how it could look.

hunt_bluehodwp.pnghunt_cyandvip0.pnghunt_greenyreja.png hunt_yellowwjd2l.pnghunt_orangej1cnn.pnghunt_redkkec4.pnghunt_violetfzejo.png

With that it could be much easier to spot the animal, you want to hunt!

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