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No Design Council Content


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Gamescom happened! Also lots of U10 work, I'm sure you'll get enough insider info about that soon?

They're working on U10, Hotfixes, Fixing bugs, compiling feedback... you know... developer stuff.

I know, I just wish they would show is some of the stuff they're working on, maybe one of the new infested weapons.

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I payed 100 dollars for "exclusive" in-game content, so I would expect that they would post new stuff about every week.

I played more and i do not care about Council stuff, fixing bugs and more interesting things in U7.


About that founders stuff, what did you really expect that they will give you, they are here only for profit.

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They mentioned in the Livestreams that every available team member is either working on Armour 2.0 or general stuff for Update 10. There is literally no one at the moment to add the new DC content.

Dude, it's literally a screen cap and a two minute description.

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They already polled for the Sentinel's name, and functionality. They already polled for the Tenno Primary.


Why haven't there been any polls? Nothing has come up that they want DC input on just yet.


Before the Tenno Primary and the new Sentinel, the last thing DC was polled on was freaking Nova and that was quite awhile ago (because, yanno, Nova came with 9.0).


Just be patient.


The Sentinel and the Rifle are probably coming in Update 10. Probably. Don't quote me on that, that's not a promise or anything. But the last screenshots they did show, shows the things to be nearing completion, and they've still some time before u10 comes out.

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