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Naramon and excalibur?


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One fun interaction I've found between the two is Power Spike (naramon passive that causes combo counters to decay by increments rather than resetting entirely) and Surging Dash (augment for Slash Dash that causes each hit to build the combo counter by 4 or more/less depending on strength). If you mod for range and efficiency, you'll dash between a ton of enemies while invulnerable, knock them over, and build up so many combo hits that you don't need a combo duration mod to keep really high multipliers stacking up faster than they decay.

This is not overpowered or "meta" by any means. All it really does it open up a melee mod slot that you might not even want to change anyway, and give you a great mobility power, but I find it to be a lot of fun. Certainly more fun than the hyper-damage elemental 4 spam that everyone tells you to use. And as a bonus, range/efficiency give you some very respectable defensive utility in your Blind.

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