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Bug: Game Ignores Volume Settings On Startup.


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As the topic says, the game seems to be ignoring the in-game volume setting on startup.


Steps to reproduce:


1. Set in-game volume levels to anything other than default (lower the master volume slider, for example).

2. Restart game.


This can be worked around by making a minor adjustment to the master volume slider after startup to remind the game that you really don't want your eardrums blown out.


Edit: This bug was introduced with 9.8 and has persisted through 9.8.3 so far. 9.7.3 and prior behaved properly.

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Yes, this.

Settings for me seem to be "At Max Volume" on startup until I wiggle one of the sliders. THEN it snaps to the correct setting.

This suggests that the Game and the UI have independent property values (Programatically, they do not point to the same memory address.)


This is very sloppy DE. You should sanitize and condense your variables.

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