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2 minutes ago, 16Bitman said:

Click this Uxd90vg.png


 If that doesn't work contact support asap


broken image link i think.


and its not first time. sometime it works when i reset my router but sometimes don't. 

In 2 month i reinstall this game more than 10 time.

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1 minute ago, -BKB-SamuarJoe said:

i know it is counter intuitive, but have you tried using VPN service?
i do get that sometimes, VPN 'usually' fixed problem when you're bad routing path or bad port forwarding

yeah i tried vpn too. and its been 6 hours still cant login.

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well that sux mate.

best bet is ask help from zendesk as pointed by @16Bitman

could you tell me few simple info:

1. type of ISP e.g. fiber, DSL, mobile
2. name of ISP e.g. Google internet service
3. location e.g Peru(region)-India(country)
4. connectivity e.gLAN cable or WiFi
5. uPnP status : Blocked or Allowed
6. PC simple information e.g - Win7_i5_RTX2080
7. Tested other PC? e.g secondary-Laptop or Desktop

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