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I gonna list things I want you to gift me from most wanted to least wanted for Tennobaum. (You don't have to gift me everything just what you can spend to keep enough plat for yourself or choose what will be best for me. I have no plat but if you want me to repay you, I can do long runs in any mission you want for at least an hour to an hour and a half or 40 waves on defense mission and things like that. I deserve it because I am working so hard in school with all As and working hard to progress in this game and I can't be juggling both. I have to be more on one side but with your help, I can be able to handle both at once. I'm been entering contests for Warframe to win top 5 to be able to use that plat for something useful like these items listed below but I can never make it so please donate.)

1. Nano Spores                                               7. Nano Spores 

2. Nano Spores                                               8. Nano Spores

3. Nano Spores                                               9. Nano Spores

4. Nano Spores                                               10. Nano Spores

5. Nano Spores                                               11. Nano Spores

6. Nano Spores                                               12. Nano Spores

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Nano Spores?
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