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Mesa Prime Access - Surprise New Item in Prime Accessories!

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On 2018-12-17 at 11:35 PM, Zyneris said:

Obvious cash grab prime is obvious.

They need to eat you know... I mean it stings me a bit as well, especially since i feel they're overpriced. But hey, if other people like it and buy them, and it helps keep the game this amazing, i'm ok with it.

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I don't buy anything so would be very cool if helmet is not exclusive however I understand if it is exclusive. Cosmetics from accessories pack have always been exclusive, Alt helmets count as cosmetic items....

Unless they decide to give us a way to farm all the exclusive syandanas and armour sets...but then why would anyone buy PA?

Once again I don't pay so I know which side I'm on 😄 gimme gimme

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additional kits & profile sigils with operators, weapons, relics, and ordis, maybe from fan-art/concepts to new and old DLC bundles, sincerely most of the items can already be owned in the game through regular means, or farming, and some can be bought separately or require arduous farming (complete war-within quest or you cant use operator / mask DLC, and if you don't have MESA regular or prime feel like idiots when looking at this new stuff) this can be seen as  a really bad product,. especially at its price point and vault versions - so please: consider building some unique mods, paletes, and weapon skins to go along with to refresh these and other DLC bundles so that they are attractive to more than just one group. Gammacor for example can be bought with platinum even though it can be acquired just like any other regular weapon in junctions as a reward, and that's sort-of lame, there's no general mods or special reason for reward versions and platinum bought items to be that different or earned / questing come up as more inviting, tweaked, twitch themed, youtube prognosis, hightail from what i've noticed, twitter bird version / fashionable skin(s) for the warframe in the future. Other than that fix game items from quest, and giveaways, because they are not that exciting without some wild change or random/roll. two free chroma primes, why?  Lets  attach some decorations, and submods/enhancements/npc/shop/gear items/fishing or planet based bundle. or whatever, before players have that S#&$.

the good thing was that there was good presentation on this DLC, but 2-3 items with barely any remote use, are also very expensive, I'd like a few new bundles to be inspired from enemies, and each planet, maybe that also come with fragments or items, new enemies at release to spice up missions, and new NPC, Darvo doesnt really have any great deals, or good items, and the repeatable quest arent that rewarding, randomized rewards, predictability is pretty high for some of the game elements, maybe upgrade CETUS and RELAY stations to feature more civilian bundles and make Syndicate and planet cosmetics and weapons a real thing to keep players in the game, and platinum users more happy, i can come up with some good ideas for things to sell and bundle. MARS mods, MOON gear, RELAY additions, more unlockables and replay rewards.

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