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Hello DE, Ideas for making the game more fun and better


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Dear all, 

I am one of the people who really love your game and you company for what you did over the year and I really want to see this game get more fame and success. I am not saying you are but look at 2019 you got a good competition (division 2, Anthem) both these games are looter shooter and they both have some good quality that can surpass your game. To keep competing with them and be on top some quest i deas might change to make the game much better and attract more people who likes challenge and play different modes. 

First ( Capture) 

capture missions are the easiest missions in thegame, before when your game first started capture mission were a little bit challenging abd fun to play but now it is really easy and the only point of doing it to get easy loot which takes off all the fun from that mode. I know you are trying to satisfy everyone ( a new player and veteran) so I have a solution for that in the end of the post. 

One of the ideas is to make the captured target more challenging and complex, hard to kill, also add body guards to defend him and make it even more challenging. 

Second idea is make it hard to capture but no one target make it more. Now lets say I am playing solo, the map has two targets once one get alarmed the other one also starts to run to basically it will be time rush mission which make it more challenging and more fun. 

Final idea is to make the captured target a boss fight, cause boss fights in the game are pretty easy and they are not fun to visit, unless if you give them a reason too and thats by making it a hard target l, harder to kill and more advanced. 

All these Ideas can attract more people who likes to play different modes and loves a challenge other than ( survival, defense). 

Second ( rescue) 

I love rescue mission and I use to play then a lot because they are fun with all the hacking and lazers and time to save the hostages, but once you know the way it becomes boring and no reason to play it. 

First idea to make it more fun is by making it hard, how? Adding more lazers , more sensors, more enemies sourding the hostages. That why will make us players to think and plan a strategy to make a move and save a hostage, better than just rushing it and get out with any effort. 

Second idea add more hostages, and that will make it challenging because you have to protect more hostages. 

Finally, you already have that idea but it is only in one place unfortunately. In the plains one of the bounty you have to save a hostage and once you got cought his/her coller have a short timer and then explode. I loved when you did this part because it is fun. Now imagine adding it to the regular rescue mission, once you unlock the door for the hostage, you will see the hostage have a coller on him, if the enemy spotted you the coller will have a short timer abd you have to deactivated every time they spot you. Can you imagine how hard, challenging, and fun is that. 

Third ( sabotage) 

one of my favorite missions when my rank was 3 or less, because it is fun, basically you are destroying a territory of an enemy. However, it needs some rework to make it more fun. It is only one idea but it will help a lot. Once you destroy the power supply or the engine, and the ship starts to fall or the facility here what will spice it up. I know that you put fire and somtimes ice, but imagine if you put explosives and things starts to explode in your way effecting your health and sheild, lights start to cut off, if it was freezing your mobility and your sheild start dropping and it becomes more hard to move. With all that having a timer before the ship or facility explode, so you have to get out on time with all the explosions and things happening. Also, some ships have gas so it might poison the air and make it hard to see but it will make people jump into it more fun who has a better timing to leave and stuff like that. 

Fourth (spy) 

spy missions are fun and challenging the only thing that I can ask is adding more varieties to the mission, more difficulty. Just like kuva palace spy missions those are amazing. 

survival and defense they are good for now because they are the most visited modes so no need for now. 

Now, I know you are saying that I am asking a lot and these are complex missions and challenging for new players and they probably will hate the game and leave and ou dont want that. So here is the solution. I brought division because I like one system they have which is world tiers. You reach a level you can change to a new world tier with higher difficulty and more challenging missions. So keep all your missions they same for world tier 1, and make world teir 2 for the people who wants challenging missions like I stated above. In that case you will balance between veterans and new players. Because veterans wants something new, tough, hard, and fun to come back to the game. While new player learning the game and be ready to enter a new world of challenging. 

I know your question is how to identfy when they can switch to a different world? You have a ranking system. In my opinion the best way to open world tier 2 is between rank 10 and 14. Cause most of the powerful weapons are opened by now and also you can equip ravens modes. 

I can call above end game content if you done this. But some people will disagree with me. What they one is raids. I know you had trials before and it went in maintenance mode, these kind of missions are fun and needs more thinking and strategy to achieve so I hope it will return one day. 

 ( PvP) 

I know warframe is not good with pvp modes and not a lot of players playing it but you can chabge that easily. By making it pvp pve, you already have a system called invasion which you support grinner or corpus , now imagine if you put teams of 10 each one chose a side and they capture places with npc player in the plains or fortuna. Just think about how massive and addicting can be. Also removing jamping around or limit the jumbs will help the pvp mode and raise it up because it will be fun to play it. 

Last thing

open world, fortuna is an amazing place to visit even the plains ( caves) but the problem it is empty I know you are working on ift but I can see that you left plains and now focusing more on fortuna and later another open world opens and same thing happens. If you want to attract people to play in these lands and not just farming, add more events each week an event happening, put missions in the caves, make places full with npc bases and stuff. You guys have the ablilty to do all of these and I know you can. 


 I always write short stuff to other companies, but because I love warframe so much I want it to succeed be a good example for all companies. So if you are reading this thank you and keep up the good work


best regards 






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16 minutes ago, (PS4)ZoooZ844 said:

Also removing jamping around or limit the jumbs will help the pvp mode and raise it up because it will be fun to play it. 

Remove one of the signature elements of the game to improve something that was never intended to be in the game in the first place.

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