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Ember's World on fire and passive


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Ok no need to talk about the current state of Ember as we all know how that is going.

In my opinion her World on fire and her passive are the weak links in her kit.

The passive is irrelevant and almost impossible to proc, I don't know why passives like that are still allowed to exist. And her ult while having awesome thematic visuals is very boring.

Now, Ember lacks ability Synergy, Survivability and Scalingand that can be fixed. Here is my suggestion:

New Passive- Rising Pheonix

Every time ember kills an enemy affected by a heat proc, the enemy drops Embers. Upon pickup they grant health and energy regeneration per second which can be stacked up to x times.

Effect- Solves ember survivability issues and plays into the new ultimate changes which will make it more interactive. Also plays into her theme of being a Pheonix, I mean chicken.

New effect for World on Fire - Supernova

Ember essentially does the same thing she does now, except. Ember will take longer to reach 100%, and the damage and energy drain will be more severe.

When the heat reaches the 100% amount Ember will reach Supernova and all heat procs applied by her will cause True Damage. But, Supernova's energy drain is almost impossible to maintain and the only way to keep it going is to keep the amount of Ember stacks at max all the time. Even then you will need the help of energy orbs to keep it from dropping to 0.

Effect- Solves her scaling problem by adding some True damage into the mix and adds synergy with the rest of her kit and especially her passive.

How does it look?



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The energy drain already makes her not work without arcane energize. I would remove it, and definitely not amplify it if she has no way to give it to herself. Just make her passive grant armor ignore for fire damage within set distances: like within 5m you ignore 100% of armor, and scale that out to 20m when it starts at 1%.

Replace Fire Blast with Garuda's 1, except no shield, make it AoE fire damage, and give it some temporary DR. Now she can close the gap to use per passive and survive being aggressive at high level. This would change her archetype from passive DoT to active rushdown (actually fun instead of standing around). Then you can revert the WoF or do whatever with it.

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