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A New Item The " Extractor"


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hello all ! 


Firstly, sorry for my english (french people have never been good =)


 It is a suggestion for a new item : the Extractor. Maybe should i put this topic in "Improving Warframe" but I don t know where exactly, haha. Anyway, let me explain what is this monster !


How many people (& specially the beginners) put a forma or reactor on a weapon/warframe but then regret it !? What mess ! So i think, it would be very convenient if we can get back the items, that's the way of the "Extractor".


Some bad decision/regrets from Beginners can be fixed and for advanced player who are bored, they can take back the Forma/reactor and test them on others weapons.


Maybe we can get it in the market for 50K credits, or only by alerts...etc. 


Give me your opinions, reactions or suggestions ! it will be a pleasure to read :)

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This idea was around forums occasionaly and always was countered with big NO.


Reason is, if you can extract forma or potato you will never ever buy another one.

it could work if its only obtainable in an alert and when used then its gone, and in the market it can be bought for half of what reactor/catalyst cost, so more money to DE and way for people to save a bit of plat on potatoes

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it could work if its only obtainable in an alert and when used then its gone, and in the market it can be bought for half of what reactor/catalyst cost, so more money to DE and way for people to save a bit of plat on potatoes

Same problem persist here, if you can buy extractor for, lets say 10 plat, you will never buy potato or forma for 20 plat. Making extractor 75 plat on the other hand could work, because it would be worth to buy if you have more than potato and 2 formas in weapon.


Still it would hurt DE profits, so i am sure extractor will not be included in game.

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IF something like that would be added it would cost above 1 million each and not 50k. Would be a nice credit sink but i am still against removing any kind of Forma/Potatoe from weapons. If you use forma/potatoe on a weapon you just KNOW what you are doing. You know that a better weapon could come out. You know that you can't remove it. Imho there is no need for a removal tool.


To have alot of Forma and potatos is either something for paying players or free players with alot of time. If you play free but have not much time... too bad. Giving the opportunity to use one single potato or formas over and over again diminishes their worth and rarity so i must say: no.


Personally i don't find Forma or Potatoes hard to come by. Potatoes you only need 1 each and get some on a monthly basis.. sometimes even more. Forma can be farmed like Warframe BP's. As much as you find games in the recruit channel. No need to bring an extractor and if yes.. as i said... it will cost you ALOT of credits to keep it balanced.

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I did t think about the profit. But, well it's not a problem at all ! 



I think we should stop thinking that DE thinks only of profit. Admittedly, this is an important if not vital issue. But to attract more of Consumers and therefore profits, it is important to provide a good game, and it requires above all the comfort of a player and can get back a forma  is comfortable.
Now for the benefit of itself about the arrival of a extrateur I do not think there is loss , it is even the opposite. Thinking , who buys formas ?
1 - Of course, you do not have one , or rather you need to put on your weapons. So Extractor does not fit in " competition " with the forma , you are obliged to buy anyway.
2 - rather returned in the most interesting case : a player who has a lot of weapons with unnecessary forma, and would like to put on another weapon . Certainly, there is a loss if we look from a simple point of view: he could buy a forma for 20 plat rather 10 for the Extractor . But we must also remember those who are not ready to buy again news "expensive" forma . However, for those players who have a surplus of forma , there will be a less expensive way alertenative . This is look like a discount , and everyone knows it boost sales. The temptation for consumers to buy is greater ; that it costs less ( it feels privileged : i need this thing and it s cheaper cause i'm in a special situation  ) .
Certainly therefore , DE prefer that people throw their weapons and buy news forma. but it is not so simple when you think profit, we must also remember those who are not ready to redeem those formas and there would be more tempted to buy an extrator (if exist) rather than waste .
let' s think like a consumers : the newplayer who made ​​a small mistake will be tempted to buy, precisely for repairing. (for us, it s just 2 followings errors XD)
And for the advanced player ? Once we unlocked all the weapons finally we have our few favorite weapons , and once you have the proper formas number etc. . We STOP to buy . it's over. Why buy again formas for some useless weapons  ? But , Now if you have a surplus of formas and you can to buy for really less like 50% ? It can be interesting for those players.
And  for the rests of players it s really confortable to have it via alert or farming ...
PS. Sorry for my english, if anyone don t understand maybe I can explain... in French :D
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If DE is going with the Tiered guns/new guns are better than old guns method, than this type of idea should be seriously considered.


Forma? Maybe not. It's too personally tied to the gun/frame itself, and can be "farmed" from the void.


Reactors and Catalysts? Yes, but with strict limitations: High price tag, possibly resource-based, and it has to include the destruction of the item it's used on: Frame or Weapon.


It would keep DE honest in the sense that they cannot simply churn out a new gun every week with 5 more damage than the gun last week to force people who want to be the best to buy it and invest catalysts to get the most out of it.


Instead, they'll have to come up with tons of guns that are all fun to use and that make us want to hold onto them, love them, and switch between them whenever we want.

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