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Ocucor Change Suggestions


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The main issue with the Ocucor as of now is the tendrils buffs resetting after every reloads (even reloads that got canceled out by melee weapons).

Instead here are some suggestions that can preserve the tendrils even longer on higher levels:

  1. Magazine into Battery: Like the Cycron, where ammo regenerates passively Tendril spawns upon kills like before.
  2. Ammo Upon Kill: Taking this from the Pyrana Prime a bit where you replenish some ammo upon killing enemies.
  3. Tendrils Expires on a Timer: Tendrils should expire in a progressive manner one-by-one, not all at once. Duration for each of the tendrils depends on how many are there:
  • 1 Tendril: 8 seconds
  • 2 Tendrils: 6 seconds
  • 3 & 4 Tendrils: 5 seconds

I know a general damage buff would help, but I feel that would be too generic. Thoughts on this?

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Are you sure the main issue isn't it only getting half the benefit from multishot mods that it should, with the tendrils not benefitting at all?

though those bugs existing certainly doesn't mean the gun couldn't use other mechanical improvements. Just that they should probably at least fix it first, unless they did without mentioning it in any patch notes.

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