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Kuva survival 2.0


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There are many options to optimize this mode.

Three to propose is: 

1. To make Kuva enemies drop Kuva to passively gain Kuva

2. Increase Kuva awarded for each siphon completed.

3. Although a survival variant this mode REALLY can use some turbo to bring in more Life Support towers and keep up Kuva gains. 

We appreciate the bandaid mod for the Kavats for the mean time and would like to see direct progress here.

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I agree that the Kuva-per-tower should increase a bit (250 makes even 3500 possible and still doesn't pass up Floods in terms of Kuva:time ratio), but Kuva Survival is already worth doing.

It's satisfying to land extra-big hauls of the stuff, and I find it less exhausting than running siphons repeatedly. Sub-optimal? Yeah.

More enjoyable? Also yeah. It'd be nice to have it spread to other tiles (still using Kuva enemies) as the Fortress moves for a change of scenery, though.

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