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How Come You Can No Longer Shoryuken With Kogake?


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Screw that crap. The Kogake is the only weapon in the game that allows you to face-kick whatever to death.


The closest you can be to Chuck Norris in-game. Let's not underestimate that.


And anyway, Kogake does not require a whole lot of materials and cash/effort. I mean it does not need 10 neurodes or prime components from Void or Stalker Blueprints or whatever.


Btw, the finishing move (punch-punch-punch-punch) on prone enemies is pretty cool and deals a fair share of damage, while the jump attack is better than most single-handed melee's.


IMHO remains the best non-heavy melee weapon around.

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That's the Hadouken. Shoryuken is the uppercut.


dang it. see? I dont rememberrrrrr


edit: and if we're talking about the upper cut, then i CAN do it. just did it yesterday from a slide attack

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