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Helmet System Overhaul


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There's been a lot of talk about making the helmets in Warframe purely aesthetic instead of certain helmets giving attribute bonus'.


What about a system somewhere in the middle, have the helmets be aesthetic so people can have the helmet that they like the most. But then take the attribute bonus' and turn them into a new kind of mod, so when you look at your Warframe's mods there would be another slot under the Aura slot just for the old Helmet attributes. You could call them Enhancements or something.


I think this system could work in the game, although I don't know how difficult it would be to implement. You could have each "Enhancement" Mod be upgradeable, but as the bonus increases so would the detriment.


It is just an idea but I like it :P, what do you guys think?


Thanks, LeighPouse

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My favourite suggestion about alt helmets and their stats was from this thread about creating a systems item for stat changing.




I'm not explaining it well go check it out for a better explanation.


I've also seen the suggestion of just adding vanity slots which I'd also be okay with.


I'm not a big fan of stuffing the stats into a mod because it just doesn't jive for me, plus I really don't want to pick through the pile of mods I have to get at the stat modifiers.

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