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Wolf of Saturn Six spawn after mission end


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Twice now the Wolf of Saturn Six has spawned a few seconds after the mission complete screen was shown. The timing for both spawns felt very similar.

First time was on a mission in Mars (don't remember which mission node) when I was alone scanning items. The time was 27/03/19 6:37pm UTC+10 I think. The Steam screenshot labelled it as 20190327183735_1

The second time was a few minutes ago (04/04/19 ~3:45pm UTC +10) and the mission was a No-Shield mode Nightmare at Linea, Venus with three others. I can supply their IGNs if requested, but I'll keep them private for now.
I only have a screenshot of the one on Mars, I didn't think to screenshot it when it happened again.

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Neo sabotage mission, wolf spawns as i jump onto platform at extraction, AGAIN. This keeps happening, and its not like the wolf spawns frequently.
At this rate the Wolf of Saturn is a massive fail. We have an enemy that spawns randomly, can't be proc'd to spawn like stalker or other assassin bosses, and as Nightwave progresses the Wolf is meant to spawn more often than he has done. There is no point in having him spawn when mission is over.  😢

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