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Hotfix 10.0.5 + Hotfix 10.0.6

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Any eta on that annoying bug when you purchase something from the Clan's research stations, and then the UI will freeze after entering any section?


(Ie, get inside your clan, get to a research station, buy a blueprint.. in my case.. the fieldron... quit dojo and return to main game, click on market or anywhere.. the game "background" UI freeze, buttons seems to work but they do not get you anywhere, logout also gets you stuck in the "logging out").



I've found somewhat interesting gravity issues on the Reactor Alert, just look at that: http://i.imgur.com/drF4AaS.jpg or http://i.imgur.com/RNOrAnY.jpg

Maybe next updates will bring to us some new maps with inversed/messed up gravity? It'd be quite interesting.

Anyway, thanks a lot DE. You are unquestioned Masters of the Day.


This happens all the time when the host is laggy or in a crappy machine that cant handle the calculations easily.

Its easy to know the affected hosts (the way the money drops down and is picked up by your char is very very slow)

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