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Operation Mergers and its setbacks

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Operation Mergers and its setbacks


Operation Mergers released last week and DE worked hard on making the operation playable and enjoyable. Its been one of the most enjoyable operations and has revitalized my love for the game. As a veteran I have been playing this game for 5-6 years and what makes this operation enjoyable is the prospect of gaining immortality in the community and contributing to my hobby of running clans.

With that said I want to understand why there is no php leaderboards and how not having this effects the participating of players, members and clan management.

Participation of Players: 
Players that lack purpose and solo players focus themselves on being the best of the best by spending time min maxing their builds for events like this, with the lack of reward such as leaderboards they also lack the motivation to participate in the event which demoralizes DE's numbers on statistic sites such as steam.


Members and clan managment:

While there is incentives for participating clans to play the event, there is non for members. Sure weapons? 4k run is easy but without a leaderboard less members will go farther then that. Clans struggle to encourage members to participate in the game as it is and events are huge in the warframe clan community. Without leaderboards clans struggle to compete witheachother and clans struggle to incentivize members. Clans with a minimum participation such as mine also struggle to enforce our obligations without access to data on who has participated and who hasnt.


DE has a simple solution to increase there player retention, statistics and improve there game. I ask DE to please explain where there is no php so that I can have a answer for my clan and its members.

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Haven't had much of a problem getting our players to have a crack, we've been loving this event, going at it on the leaderboards. Just setup incentive on your discord, for example we have platinum prizes for the MVP's, discord recognition roles, that sort of thing. If your clan members aren't interested in that kind of thing, find something they are keen on. If they're not doing the event to enjoy it, chances are they aren't going to try anyway.

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