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Display who is Hosting the match.


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With the recent changes to the Battle/Extract screen, their is no better time to address the HOST identifier issue.

As you know Warframe imploys a 4 person squad with one person holding the position of host and the other 3 being clients.

The host is very important, as their actions affect all the members of the squad. That said it should be commonplace for all the clients to be able to easily recognize who holds the position of host.

However this is furthest from the truth in Warframe where identifying the host is nigh impossible outside of the battle field.

Upon entering a match in a squad, one must then choose to show the names of the other participating players, then identify, by means of checking the tiny numbers beside their names, who has the #1. This is the only way currently, to identify a squad's host. while playing a mission.

Bering that in mind when encountering something as important as deciding weather or not to continue in a particular mission, it is important to be able to quickly identify the current host.

Consider you're playing a defense mission and you would like to continue playing after wave 20, but the defense target is very low on health, you identify that you can protect the target while it recovers health but one of your teammates does not want to continue the mission. It would be in the best interest of successfully completing the mission, that you rule out the possibility of the teammate who is leaving, being the host. If it is the host who leaves, the resultant Host migration may allow for enemies to attack the Defense target, while you are being Migrated, This can result in failure of the mission.

In the old extract page you still were capable of seeing the player list behind the extract screen's overlay and as such you could identify which player was rhe host, and decide weather or not you would continue the mission. The current extract screen, however blocks everything behind it. You cannot identify who is the host while on this screen.

It was brought to my attention that there is an identifier at the Battle/Extract Screen. That said my point still stands. I have played many hours of Warframe since the Battle/Extract Screen was changed, and I never noticed the icon. LG3Vh8s.jpg

The current crown like icon above the Glyph does not stand out enough and is easily overlooked.

In the past the system for identify the HOST was not perfect and the Battle/Extract Screen is a step in the right direction that said  importance of knowing who is hosting warrants revising the escape/pause menu to display Clearly who is Hosting, SO at any time weather During or Outside of a Mission one can easily discern this information from the Escaper/Pause menu.

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Your title and content are basically contradicting each other.

There are 2 ways the host is shown in-game, as you stated; there's the "1" next to their name in the top-right and now also the little crown.

I'm not trying to nit-pick here, because I do get what you're going for. Host migrations can suck but they are barely a problem in defense or relic-excavation or whatever where an extraction screen shows up every 5 rounds.

The issue is for survival or especially arbitrations. Getting a host migration during an arbitration only to see that you died when you load back in is a kicker. 

I'd say that for those gamemodes there needs to be an on-screen pop-up or something saying "host is at extract" or something similar, so you know to get somewhere safe, or also to go to extraction.

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3 hours ago, Dr_Shadox said:

Host is always number "1" no ?


3 hours ago, Els236 said:

Your title and content are basically contradicting each other.

There are 2 ways the host is shown in-game, as you stated; there's the "1" next to their name in the top-right and now also the little crown.

You both misinterpreted it. OP is talking about knowing who's hosting before the missions beginSo far the 2 and only ways of determining the host is when you're in the mission.

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