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Guys.. What if we had a Dwarf Warframe? Like, one ability include making a fissure in the ground, kind of like Frosts Ice wave that knocks over enemies etc. or a punch that create a steel hammer on his hand, that can not only use in combat, but instantly harvest minerals from deposits on Orb Vallis or the Plains of Eidolon.
and an ult that might put him in some sort of Mecha that can gather rocks etc. from the ground and hurl it on enemies. With weapons coming with the frame like throwing axes, Bagpipe that shoot laserbeams or something, Imagine the potential and fun it would be with a frame like that.


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38 minutes ago, Reican said:

Bagpipe that shoot laserbeams

What kind of dwarves are you looking at?


39 minutes ago, Reican said:

steel hammer on his hand that instantly harvest minerals from deposits on Orb Vallis or the Plains of Eidolon.

Creating niche content like this is not good because it forces players to use this warframe specifically for this activity.

40 minutes ago, Reican said:

put him in some sort of Mecha

I heard you like going into things. So now you can go into this warframe that goes into a machine to throw rocks.

Warframes are suppose to already amplify our abilities, so making a warframe that requires another thing to do something else is not a good idea. However, I like the mech idea, why don't the grineer or the corpus have moving mining drills that we can steal and  drive around. Something like the mech that Ridley rode in the Alien movie or the drill tanks in the grineer sabotage missions. ORRRR better yet, let us drive the thumpers. 

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Eh. Might as well throw in a Scottish accented ability casting vocals as well.

As for me, if we're going to have a Dwarf frame, I'd rather he lugs around a Dammaz Kron. When a Corpus Sniper shoots off his beard, an objective pops up: "20 Corpus Snipers must die for this wrong!" Complete and get a buff.

Edit: crap, I just babbled on about Warhammer again. Apologies.

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